What is a digital nomad visa?

Citizens who can work anywhere in the world face a legal dilemma. Where to pay taxes, where to live and many other issues. Hope you will find all your answers about digital nomad visa in this article.

What does a digital nomad visa allow you?

Digital nomad visas are travel authorizations that legalize the status of workers on the move. Like tourist visas, they are easy to obtain. They allow long stays.This lifestyle allows them to be location-independent and to travel to places while working and earn an income!

Digital nomads often work in the tech industry or in other fields that allow for remote work, such as writing, consulting, or teaching. Many digital nomads are drawn to the freedom and flexibility that this lifestyle offers, as well as the opportunity to experience different cultures and ways of life

The digital nomad visa allows its holder to work during their stay in the country, provided they do so independently and remotely. The worker must prove that he is a digital nomad and that he can financially support himself for the duration of his stay abroad. This can be done by providing financial documents such as account statements and invoices.

How does a digital nomad visa function?

Each country issuing digital nomad visas has its own policies and regulations.  Some allow eligible citizens to apply online. Others require submitting the application in person to the embassy or consulate.

As a general rule, the requester needs:

  • A valid passport that meets the requirements;
  • Proof of regular income abroad.

Not everyone is eligible for a digital nomad visa, even if the person can prove they are working remotely. Eligibility depends on several other factors, including:

  • The nationality of the applicant;
  • History of applicants visa applications;
  • If the applicant is considered to be a threat to the safety or health of the country of destination.

Which contries offer digital nomad visa?

Countries that offer digital nomad visa In Europe:

  • Germany : There are 2 types of visas for self-employed workers (German Freelance “Freiberufler” Visa): one for artists and another for professionals.
  • Czech republic: offers a special business visa (visa zivno or zivnostenské opravneni) which digital nomads can benefit from. The request must be made in person at the consulate or embassy. The processing time is significantly longer than that of tourist visas, 90 to 120 days.
  • Portugal: temporary resident visa that can be used by the self-employed and entrepreneurs. It allows its holder to stay in the country for more than a year.
  • Norway: member of the Schengen area, has set up a single visa for digital nomads who wish to settle. The visa remains valid for the entire life of the traveler. Another type is – the Independent Contractor visa – for self-employed individuals who work on a project for a Norwegian business.
  • Estonia: it is possible to have a visa which has been specially designed for digital nomads. There are two types: is the Schegen C-visa (short stay visa) and the long visa (long stay).
  • Croatia: In addition to health insurance, employment and sufficient funds, the campaign ‘Croatia your new office” will additionally require background checks and a rent contract. However, it is well worth it because Crotia offers tax examptions. The length of the visa is one year.
  • Greece: Is working on a 1 year long visa that you can request online. And it is planned to tax only 50% of your income.
  • Iceland: Visa is intended for stay that is longer than 6 months. They must prove that they have employment, enough founds and health insurance.
  • Italy: Since January, 2020 many digital nomads have chosen Italy as their country of stay because 70% detaxation of all income generated is offered.

Countries that offer digital nomad visa outside Europe:

  • Anguilla
  • Antigua & Barbuda
  • Australia
  • Barbados
  • Bermuda
  • Cayman Islands
  • Colombia
  • Costa Rica
  • Curaçao
  • Dominica
  • Dubai
  • Georgia
  • Indonesia
  • Mexico
  • Mauritius
  • Thailand

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