All you need to know about eVisa for Canada

The eVisa was introduced in 2013 and, the electronic system has majorly sped up the visa application process for trips to Canada. Eligible citizens are needed to complete the Canadian online e Visa application form. This form allows you to travel to Canada as often as you wish for short visits (for about six months at a time). Many individuals get their e Visa approval within minutes. However, the processing duration can take 24 hours or more if asked to submit supporting documents. The application cost CAD 7.

Which countries can request eVisa for Canada and how to apply

About 70 countries can apply for the Canadian e Visa to travel to Canada. Applying for an e Visa is a simple procedure. It is best to get an eVisa before booking the flight to Canada. You need a passport and credit or debit card ready. Use the online form to apply. Pay $7CAD after completing the form. You will get an email about your e Visa application.

Which documents do you need to prepare when requesting an eVisa for Canada?

Applicants are required to have a valid passport. You will also need a current email address for receiving the e Visa. Lastly, a credit or debit card for payment is required. There may be additional requirements needed to support your application, depending on your nationality. You do not need a passport photo for an e Visa.

What are photo requirements for other Visa types in Canada?

A visa Photo Size: 45 mm x 35 mm. Black and white colour is acceptable and taken in the last six months. The background of the photo should be plain white or light-coloured

Attach an approved passport photo to your Visa application

An important part when building your file : a passport photo that will be accepted by the administration in Canada and won’t slow down your Visa process.

By using our app you can create in comfort from home 100% valid passport photos because we use double conformity control (artificial intelligence + real human control).

With unlimited trails create your perfect photo! After our control your digital photos will be sent to your email and if you choose – to your home printed on a professional approved paper.

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