ICAO standards for official photo

The International Civil Aviation Organization’s mandatory guidelines are applicable to any machine readable travel and identification document. One of its main aims is to define legal requirements that resist ID photo and document falsification. Consequently, we have summarized ICAO standards for official photo taking, so that your photo gets approved with the first time and no unnecessary delays appear.

1. ICAO mandatory requirements enable automated control

For most national governments, it is of utmost importance to issue identification and other official documents in conformity with the ICAO standards for official photos. Airports around the world start introducing automated biometric gates boarding when passenger’s identity is verified by facial recognition and a passport scan.

2. The mandatory identification guidelines

In order to create an ID photo that conforms with the ICAO, please respect the following rules:

  • You must face square on and look directly at the camera with both eyes visible.
  • The image must be sharp, from the top of the head to the chin and from the nose to the ears.

A visual example:

For more information, click here.

3. Technical specifications for an infrared camera readable visa

  • Position your head in the center.
  • The lighting must be natural for the face to be recognizable (avoid all color balance modifications).
  • Choose a background in single color to create contrast with face and hair. For portrait photos in color, it is recommended to opt for a light blue or pale grey background.
  • The quality of the portrait should be at least comparable to the minimum acceptable quality for photographs (resolution comparable to 6-8 line pairs per millimeter).
  • The subject on the photo must be a representation of the holder in black and white or in true colors.

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