How much passport photos cost?

Driver’s licence, national id card, medical card, visas for traveling, other official documents with photo identification. Between various photo booths and professional photographers, getting passport photos of every document for all the family members can become an unnecessarily pricey process! We did a little bit of a research and explored how much passport photos cost by different providers and what are their pros and cons…

When it comes to applying for documents, often we ask ourselves: What dimensions do I need? Is the resolution of the photo good enough? How important can it be? Do I need to print it out? Maybe I can send it digitally?

Make savings and find the solution that works for you!

What’s the price of passport photo in photo booth?

The price varies from country to country, but in the UK you can get 5 printed passport photos for £5-6, in Germany for 6€, in the US $15 for two 2”x2” passport photos and so on.. Once you have found the ATM machine, got your small change, found the photo booth, undergone the pressure of getting it right in 3 tries, you can finally receive your printed photos.

But with countries switching to online applications, maybe you didn’t need a printed photo! And if you have gone through all that trouble and receive no digital format option.. We’d say it wasn’t the smartest choice.

Another important issue to mention: if you need a passport photo for your baby, photo booths are definitely the wrong choice, as no other body is allowed to be seen in the passport photo.

Additionally, maybe photo booth isn’t the safest option at the moment at all because areas are not disinfected after every use.

Passport photo cost at a professional studio?

Passport photos that are done by a professional photographer will cost more, but you have a better chance that it will conform to the requirements.

The average price for 4 photos should be between 6 and 12 € in France. In England the minimum price starts at £6 and in the US – 20$ (for 2 passport photos).

But before making an appointment for your baby’s passport photo, be sure to check that the photographer is equipped and willing to do it because many don’t.

What are the prices if you do it online?

With increasing presence of government service online, more and more online tools offer their artificial intelligence softwares. Next to lower prices, another important advantage is that you can do it from the comfort of your home. The process is easier and faster.

Automated photo adjustment delivers valid passport photos in almost all cases. But there is still a small percentage of unaccepted result. Do you want to leave that to chance? We think not! This is why Smartphone iD combines artificial intelligence with real human control. How well it works? Smartphone iD has been delivering official passport photos to French government for the last 4 years and our photos have NEVER been declined!

The price varies from 1.99€ to 4.99€ depending on the country. The exact price will be shown in your country currency, for example an UK passport photo costs £3.49, almost half the price of what photo booth offers.

Our App offers the correct format for every country and every document around the globe.

If needed, you can also add your signature, and decide whether you want to receive them by post or only in digital format.

Please consult the tips before taking the photo, so the process of receiving your perfect photo is faster. 🙂

To recap :

Using online softwares is the fastest, cheapest and easiest tool, but be aware that it is a fully automated process and might not work (except for Smartphone iD app that uses mixed double control).

Professional photographer will almost certainly create a valid format, but it will be more costly and time consuming.

When taking into consideration the current pandemic and baby photos, photo booths and photographers will be not the most practical and safest option.

So here you are, now that you know price related and unrelated pros and cons, choose the option that works for you! Consult the FAQ if you have more questions, or contact us directly through the contact form.

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