All you need to know about Visa for China

Anyone who wishes to visit the people’s republic of China needs to obtain a visa unless they come from the visa-exempted countries. The Chinese Embassy and consulate will process a regular visa application completed with all the required documents for four business days. The fees will differ between 30 to 140 USD. The costs vary depending on the number of entries, nationality, type of visa and country where you apply.

Which Countries Can Request Visa For China And How To Apply?

There is a long list of countries that are eligible to apply for a Chinese visa. The visa is obligatory official permission non-citizens need to have to travel in China. However, countries like Singapore, United Arab Emirates, Japan and many others can enter the country without visas. Their stay without visas can go from fifteen to ninety days. Application for a visa for China includes different required documents, support materials and fees submitted through the Chinese Visa Application Centre.

Which Documents You Need To Prepare When Requesting Visa For China?

All applicants need to prepare a set of documents to qualify for a visa. Some of the documents are basic and required, no matter the visa you are applying for, like a passport photo. Supporting documents vary from one type of visa to another. Some of the essential documents you have to prepare are:

  • Passport ( with at least six months validity remaining).
  • Photo.
  • Visa application form.
  • Proof of residence or legal stay.
  • Previous Chinese visa or passport (only applicable to former Chinese citizens).

Some of the supporting documents include a photocopy and original Admission letter for a student visa. There is also an alien employment licence for a work visa; ensure you check the list of the supporting documents to prepare adequately.

What Are The Visa Photo Requirements For China?

According to the regulations, one passport photo is required when applying for a visa to China. The following details have to be correct for the photo to be accepted.

  • Coloured photo with a white or off-white background.
  • The size should be 33mmX48mm for a paper photo.
  • JPEG format image with the size between 40 KB to 120 KB for a digital photo.
  • Taken in the last six months.
  • No smiling, neutral expression.
  • It should be clear with high resolution without any damages and not blurry.

Attach an approved passport photo to your Visa application

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