Canada Passport Photo Online: What to know before getting it done in 2023

Canada Passport Photo Online

There are many options for taking a Canada passport photo online, but we want to make sure you make the right choice. Therefore, this article will provide some helpful tips and tricks for taking the perfect photo from home.

Is taking a Canada passport photo online a good choice

Yes! There are many benefits to taking a Canadian passport photo online and using an app or photo generator.

Here are three reasons to take a passport photo online:

  • Save Time: Online passport photo services are often much faster than an onsite photographer, and you won’t need to wait for an appointment.
  • Location: Online passport photo services are used through the internet and a mobile phone, so you will not need to transport yourself to a participating store.
  • Save Money: Generally, passport photo apps and online services are less costly, and you will save money.

How to get a Canadian passport photo online

There are many options for getting a Canada passport-size photo online, but here are two of the most popular methods. We will provide these details in the section below.

Using Passport Photo Generator

IdPhoto4you ( free)

 This is an example of a free passport photo generator that allows users to take their passport photo online. All you need to do is upload a photo, and they will reconfigure it to meet the passport dimensions. It is important to note that no compliance check is included.


 A similar platform to iDphoto4you provides online passport photo services. However, they also do not provide a compliance check.


 An online photo generator that allows users to take passport photos from the web. It does not come with a compliance check, so be warned that your photo could risk being denied by the passport office.

Using Passport Photo App

Smartphone iD

The app is low-cost and compatible with Android or IOS devices. In addition, it ensures that photos will meet government requirements through Ai verification by a team of experts.

Passport ID Photo Maker App

An app that is available on IOS to help users take their passport photo using a mobile phone. The app has competitive prices and will provide a compliance check.


FotoCarnet is another app that can be used to take passport photos on a mobile app. It is higher in price but provides a compliance check with the photo taken.

Online passport photo size requirement

  1. The photo must have a width of 50 mm or 2 inches
  2. The photo must be 70 mm or 2 ¾ inches high
  3. The height of your face must be between 31 mm or 1 ¼ inches and 36 mm or 1 7/16
  4. The photo should be 420 x 540 pixels

What criteria to look at (when choosing the right passport photo provider)

compliance check

The main criteria to look for when choosing a passport photo provider is if they include a compliance check. A compliance check will ensure that the photo meets government requirements and will pass inspection.For example, a free online tool will not provide a compliance check, which means you risk having your passport photo denied by the inspection office.


The cost of a passport photo app is a significant criterion to look at when looking to have your picture taken. It is important to choose an app that is both affordable but still provides adequate service and a compliance check.

App Downloads

App downloads are a good indicator of the popularity of the app you are considering using. If the app has more downloads, it is more likely to succeed in the task it claims to do.

Photo Quality

Does the app take good photos? If the app edits photos to be blurry or takes blurry photos, it will not be accepted by the passport office.


Customer support is essential for a good app that wants to take passport photos. If you have an issue with the technology or something has gone wrong with the photo, it is crucial to be able to reach out to someone for help.

Money Back

Money back is a great way to ensure that your photo will meet the inspection’s requirements. An app that provides money back is confident in its ability to take good-quality passport photos.

Digital Code

Digital codes are a new feature of passport photos and help to ensure the user’s identity. Not all onsite photographers offering passport services can produce digital codes. If this is a requirement by your government, you want to find an app that allows this feature.

Smartphone iD is the best choice for anyone looking to take their passport photo because it meets all the criteria described above. It ensures high-quality photos & money back, provides a digital code, has 24-hour customer support, and has proven credibility as a passport photo app.

What is the cost of taking a Canadian passport photo online

The cost of taking a passport photo online varies based on the service provider. The cheapest app that includes a compliance check is Smartphone iD, which can be downloaded on Google Play or the Apple store.  

In addition, the Smartphone iD app works from your home and offers to print the photo on high-quality paper before shipping it to your desired address.

How to print a Canadian passport photo online

The Smartphone iD app allows users to have their passport photo printed and shipped to their home address. The photo is printed on high-quality paper by a professional to ensure it will pass government inspection. The photo is sent immediately and will arrive at your desired address quickly.

How to take a passport photo online with your phone

Taking your passport photo online can be challenging if you choose the wrong service provider. Therefore, an app like Smartphone iD makes the process easy as it provides an in-app guide to help customers take pictures.

Here is how to get started using Smartphone iD:

  1. Download the app using Google Play or the Apple store
  2. Choose Canada as the country
  3. Choose a Passport as the document
  4. Follow the in-app guide
  5. Receive the photo

All you need to do is download Smartphone iD and let the app do the rest! It does not get easier than that!


If you want to avoid having a bad experience trying to take a passport in Canada online, then select a reputable service provider that provides a compliance check with each photo taken. Smartphone iD is the best option for anyone looking for a low-cost app that is easy to use and ensures all pictures taken follow government guidelines.


How do I resize a photo to passport size?

The best way to resize your passport photo is by taking the photo with Smartphone iD and then having the app resize it for you.

What is the best online passport photo service?

The best online passport service is Smartphone iD. They offer a low-cost option and provide in-app verification to ensure that the photo meets government requirements.

Is a phone photo good enough for a passport?

Yes, a photo taken from your phone will work for a passport photo if it meets all the requirements. We suggest using the Smartphone iD app because it includes a guide to meeting these restrictions.

Can you use a mobile phone for a passport photo?

Yes, the Smartphone iD can work with Android and iPhone devices. It can be downloaded from the respective store and used to take your passport photo at an affordable cost.

Is there a free passport photo app?

Yes, there exists some free passport photo apps. However, they will not offer a compliance check, and you risk having the photo denied by the passport office. Instead, consider a low-cost app like Smartphone iD to take photos.

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