Where to get a cheap passport photo in Canada (affordable price)?

cheap passport photo Canada

A passport photo enables citizens to travel the world and request access to other countries. The passport photo needs update every few years to reflect any changes in appearance from its holder, in the case that you’re looking to have your passport photo taken at unbeatable prices1

In this article, we will discuss where to take and print a Canadian passport photo for the cheapest price and also share tips on how to take the photo by yourself at home!

Where can you have your passport photo taken in Canada?

Where can you have your passport photo taken in Canada

A store with an on-site photographer and a photography center, or by using the passport photo app Smartphone iD. Use your mobile device to search for nearby stores that offer passport services or download Smartphone iD from the app store.

With this in mind, we have compiled a list of 6 places you can go to take your passport photo in Canada. Included with each of these suggestions Is their approximate price and time commitment. 

6 places [cheap to expensive] to take your passport photo in Canada! (online & offline)

places to get passport photo in canada

The rank from most affordable to most expensive place to get your passport photo goes Smartphone iD, London Drugs, UPS store, Walmart, Shoppers Drug Mart, and finally Staples.

Online Places

  • Smartphone iD

The average person doesn’t have enough time during the day to make room for a passport photo session. the Smartphone iD app solves this problem , that allowing users to take passport photos from the comfort of their homes. 

On-site Places

  • London Drugs

London Drug’s photo center offers passport photo services and does not require an appointment. Generally, the photo costs approximately CAD 9.95 and takes anywhere from 15 to 20 minutes to print and receive it. London Drugs also guarantees $50 if the passport office doesn’t accept the photo. 

  • The UPS Store

The UPS takes passport photos at its participating locations. Make sure to call or visit the UPS location you choose first to ensure they offer this service. The approximate cost of getting a set of two passport photos will be CAD $12.00 and takes 15 to 20 minutes to be completed.

  • Walmart 

In all their Canadian locations, Walmart has a photo center that offers passport photo services. The approximate cost to have a passport photo taken is CAD 13.00. It takes anywhere from 10 to 15 minutes to take and print a passport photo at Walmart.

  • Shoppers Drug Mart

Shopper’s Drug Mart charges CAD 19.99 for a set of two passport photos. Firstly, check if the Shopper’s Drug Mart near you offers passport services as not all Shopper’s locations participate in these services. It takes approximately 15 to 20 minutes for the photo to be taken and printed.

  •  Staples

Staples is a well-known office supply chain that takes passport photos at its store locations. No appointment is required, and the photo is said to be ready in minutes. The cost of a passport photo at Staples is approximately CAD 21.99.

How much do passport photos cost in Canada?

A passport photo’s cost will depend on the selected store or service. The approximate cost is between $10.00 and CAD 15.00 if you choose an on-site photo appointment. Using the smartphone iD will result in lower costs. 

What are the cheap passport photo services for babies and children in Canada?

Babies and children are required to have passports before traveling or entering other countries. As a result, they will need to have their passport photo taken and submitted to the passport office same as adults.

Although, babies are awarded some flexibility and are not required to have their mouths fully closed for the passport photo. The price does not change for infants and children but remains the same. 

Services that offer Infant passport photos

  • London Drugs
  • Staples
  • Smartphone iD

SERVICES that don’t offer infant passport photos

  • Walmart

What is the easiest way to get passport photos of yourself?

The Smartphone iD app is the easiest and quickest method of taking a passport photo. The app is compatible with IOS and Android devices and downloaded on the Apple or Google Play store.

Smartphone iD provides easy-to-follow in-app instructions for taking the perfect passport photo. 

Here is how to take a passport photo at home using your mobile device:

#1: Download the Smartphone iD app from either Apple or Google Play Store

#2: Use your mobile device and the app’s instructions to take a photo

#3: Select the desired country for the passport. 

#4: Select the document type that you wish to receive. In this case, it will be a passport photo, but they also offer photos for driver’s licenses, visas, and more!

#5: Have the photos sent to your email after a thorough evaluation and editing process. The photos can then be printed at any photo printing store or have the app print copies and send them to your home address.

The Smartphone iD app will ensure that any passport photo taken will meet the passport office requirements. This includes having the photo verified and examined by the Civil Aviation Agency and making any necessary resizing or editing to fit the criteria. 

In summary, 

Canada has many stores and locations that offer cheap passport photo services. However, taking a passport photo at an on-site location will cost more than using a mobile app like Smartphone iD. 

The app provides the cheapest service and smallest time commitment by allowing users to take a passport or other licensing photo at home and contains guidance to get your photo approved.

This is especially helpful for children and babies that can’t sit still for the store’s photographer. Don’t wait to take your photo and download the app today!


How much are passport photos at Costco

A passport photo cannot be taken at Costco, Canada but can be printed for as little as $0.17 CAD.

Is Costco taking passport pictures?

Costco no longer offers on-site photography, but they do offer to print. Take your photo using Smartphone iD and order it from their site or print it at Costco for an affordable price.

Why do you need 2 passport pictures?

It is a requirement of the passport office to have your photos accepted. 

What should I wear for my passport photo?

It is best to wear clothes that contrast with the white background. Avoid wearing anything that covers the face unless for religious reasons. The Smartphone iD app will guide you through this process.

How do I know if my passport photo is acceptable?

It will be accepted by the passport office. The Smartphone iD will ensure that photos meet the passport requirements and have all photos verified by the International Civil Aviation Agency.

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