What You Should Know About International Driver’s Licence

Are you thinking about applying for an international driver’s license in 2023? We have written this article that outlines all the important steps and information that you will need to know before applying. We will also discuss using Smartphone iD to take an approved passport photo to save money and time in the application process. Keep reading to learn more about how you can get started today!

What is an international driver’s licence?

Are you a frequent traveller or going on a family vacation and might plan on renting a car? An IDP or International Driver’s Licence is a permit that recognizes your ability to drive and operate a vehicle in 150 countries worldwide. Many countries even require that you obtain an IDP before attempting to drive there.

An IDP can help give you peace of mind when driving in foreign countries, so you won’t need to worry about being fined on the road.

How old do you have to be to obtain an IDP?

To obtain an International Driving Permit, you must be 18 years old. Anyone under the age of 18 will not be able to obtain their permit. You will need to have passed a driving exam and have a licence to be eligible for the IDP.

 Who issues International Driving Permits in Canada?

The Canadian Automobile Association can issue international driving licenses in Canada. Upon applying for a permit, you will only be able to operate vehicles in the same class as your Canadian permit. The permit will only be valid for 1 year before it needs to be renewed.

How to apply for an IDP?

Applying for an International Driving Permit can be an easy and straight-forward process. Here are some steps outlining what needs to be done:

  1. Get Your Driver’s Licence

As previously noted, you will not be allowed to get an IDP in Canada if you do not already have a regular Canadian driver’s licence. Therefore, the first step is to pass your driver’s test and obtain a licence.

  • Submit an Online Application

You will need to submit an online application along with several documents before it can be processed and accepted. Visit the Canadian Automobile Association to download and print said document.

  • Obtain Your IDP

After you have submitted the document and it has been processed, you will receive your IDP, which will be valid for a total of 1 year.

 What are the required documents for an IDP?

You will be required to submit some personal information and documents to be accepted for an IDP. Here are a few of the required documents:

  • Filled out online form with birth date, full name, gender, address, etc
  • 2 Identical passport photos
  • A photocopy of the front and back of your Canadian driver’s licence

After collecting these documents, you can submit them and pay any fees needed to receive your international drivers permit.

 What is the cost of IDP?

Typically, it will cost $30 to receive your international drivers permit. You will also be required to provide a passport-sized photo, which can cost anywhere between $10 to $25. We recommend using Smartphone iD to get a passport photo for a cheap cost and quickly.

What is the processing time for an IDP?

The processing time for an International Driver’s Permit can vary based on whether you apply at a store or online. If you choose to apply at a store, you can expect to have the application processed within only a few hours. If you opt to apply online, it can take a few business days with shipping times.

We recommend using Smartphone iD to take your passport photos and speed up the processing time. We use AI-technology and a team of experts to verify each photo and ensure that it will pass inspection, speeding up the time it takes to have your application processed.

 How to get an approved passport photo for your IDP?

Getting an approved passport photo online has never been easier or cheaper with the use of Smartphone iD. Our app is both user-friendly and affordable for taking a passport photo that will be approved by providing a compliance check from a biometric expert using Ai tools. All you need to do is download the app and follow the instructions to have the perfect photo ready within minutes. Additionally, you can have the photo printed on high-quality paper and shipped to your home address. Don’t wait to get your passport photo but use Smartphone iD today!


An international driver’s permit is a worthwhile investment and can provide immeasurable benefits when it comes to travelling. The application process is easy and affordable if you know the right tips to follow. Don’t forget to use Smartphone iD for your passport photos, and benefit from our low prices and high-quality photos. Get started by downloading the app today!


What size photo do I need for Canada’s international driver’s license?

An IDP should be the same size as your typical passport photo, which is 50mm x 70mm. Use Smartphone iD to ensure that the photo is the correct size.

How long does it take to get an international driver’s license in Canada?

You can get your IDP within the same day by visiting your local store, or within a few days when applying online.

Is Canada an international driver’s license?

No, a Canadian driver’s license is not necessarily considered international. Instead, you should opt to apply for an IDP with the Automobile Association.

Can I have a picture of my driver’s license in Canada?

You can have your own photo taken to be used with your driver’s license. We recommend using our Smartphone iD app to take the perfect photo from home.

How much is an international driver’s license in Canada?

An international driver’s license will cost $30 in Canada.

How do I get an international driver’s license with a Canadian license?

You will need to apply for your IDP by visiting a Canadian Automobile Association office or submitting an online application.