Does Passport Photo Booth Still Do The Job in 2023

Do you need a passport photo? There are plenty of options and service providers out there, but which one is right for you? In this article, we will discuss passport photo booth and whether they make a good option for having your photo taken.

Is taking a passport photo at a booth a good option?

Passport photo booths can be a good choice for someone looking to have their passport photo taken quickly. They can be found in many large cities and offer competitive prices. However, photo booths typically do not verify the photo and you may have some risk of a denied photo with no refunds available. We recommend trying Smartphone iD to take a photo from home with your mobile device.

Passport photo booths near me

Here are a few popular passport photo booth locations across Canada and in major cities:

  • 16 Esna Park Drive, Markham, Ontario
  • 1057 Steeles Avenue West, North York, Ontario
  • 4635 Regents Terrace Unit 49, Mississauga, Ontario
  • 360 Springbank Drive, London, Ontario
  • 1900 Walkers Line #10, Burlington, Ontario

We recommend conducting a quick search for other photo booths that might be in your area or use the Smartphone iD app and save time by taking an affordable passport photo from home.

Passport photo booth costs

Passport photo booths may range in cost based on the area that you are having the service performed. It can be estimated that you will pay anywhere from $10 to $20 for the photo to be taken. If you want a cheaper alternative, Smartphone iD is low cost and save you time by allowing your photo to be taken using a mobile device.

Do passport photo booths take baby photos?

Some passport photo booths may offer to take passport photos for your baby. However, it can be difficult to get your child to sit still for the photo, and you could risk having it rejected by Passport Canada. We recommend using Smartphone iD and taking your baby’s passport photo from the comfort of your home.

Comparison Between Booths & Smartphone iD

Smartphone iDPhoto Booth
Compliance checkYesNo
Must you visit an on-site locationNo, photo is taken from homeYes
Appointment needed?NoNo
Who takes the photo?You or a friend can take the photo with your phoneThe Booth
Do you get a digital photo?Yes, it will be emailed to your inboxNo
What is the estimated cost?Below market prices$10 to $20
Can you have the photo printed?Yes and posted to your homeYes
Do they provide 24/7 supportYesNo

No booths near you? Try Smartphone iD!

Don’t have any passport photo booths near you? Smartphone iD is always available and only a few clicks away. Download our app and have your passport photo ready within minutes. With Smartphone iD, your photo will be verified to ensure it meets government standard all for a cheap price!


We recommend using Smartphone iD over a typical photo booth. A photo booth may be able to deliver a good passport photo, but you have no way of guaranteeing that it will meet government standards. Whereas, Smartphone iD ensures that all photos are verified to check if they meet government requirements.