A Conclusive Guide to Taking Passport Photo in Surrey in 2023

Passport Photo in Surrey

Do you need a passport photo in Surrey? Getting your passport is a crucial for anyone that wants to travel and explore the world. It also works as a useful piece of government photo identification. In this article, we will be discussing all the steps that go into getting your passport photo from Surrey, Canada. Additionally, we will discuss Smartphone iD, and why you should opt to use our affordable and efficient app for taking your passport photo from home.

Where to get passport photo in Surrey?

Surrey is full of different stores and service providers that allow for passport photos to be taken. Here is a list with the locations of a few locations you may choose to visit when having the picture taken in Surrey.

  1. Walmart: A large chain superstore with an in-store photography center for taking passport photos.
    1. 10153 King George Boulevard
    1. 2355 160 Street
    1. 1000 Guildford Town Centre
    1. 12451 88 Avenue
  2. Shoppers Drug Mart: Shoppers offers more than just pharmaceuticals and groceries but also photo services at select physical locations.
    1. 7322 King George Boulevard
    1. 15966 108 Avenue Unit 107
    1. 8962 152 Street
    1. 10153 King George Boulevard
    1. 7538 120 Street
  3. Smartphone iD:  We provide a high-advanced app that enables users to take low-cost passport photos without needing to leave their home or book an appointment with some of the other service providers available.

What are the cheapest options for a passport photo in Surrey?

Surrey has tons of different stores and service providers that offer passport photos in a range of different prices. Below, we have provided a list form the most to least expensive stores available based on the locations we provided in the section above.

  • Shopper’s Drug Mart: $22
  • Walmart: $13
  • Smartphone iD: Low cost

Smartphone iD is not only the most affordable option for taking the photo, but you will also save time by not having to drive to get the photo taken.  

How to get a passport photo in Surrey online?

Typically, you will be provided with two options when it comes to taking your passport photo online. You can opt to use either a paid or free passport photo tool. It is important to be warned that a free tool will not provide a compliance check, making it likely the photo is denied by Passport Canada when submitted. If you want to avoid this risk, make sure to use a paid and affordable option, like Smartphone iD.

Different Tools for taking a passport photo online in Surrey

Free Tools

idphoto4you: idphoto4you is a free online passport photo tool that can be used to take your picture. Please note that they do not provide a compliance check.

Passport Photo ID (Android/iOS): Passport Photo ID is another free app for taking a passport photo, but they do not provide a compliance check.

Affordable Tools

Smartphone iD: Get certified photos, verified by our biometrics experts, with digital (email) or printed delivery. Smartphone iD offers extremely competitive prices and excellent quality photos.
persofoto.com: Use a webcam or import a photo to be resized using the app and downloaded to your phone or computer.

Where to get a baby passport photo in Surrey?

If you have a baby that needs to get a passport photo, we recommend choosing from one of the options that we will outline below. It is important to be warned that not all passport service providers also allow for baby passport photos. Nonetheless, here are a few viable options:

Stores that offer baby passport photos:

  • Shopper’s Drug Mart
    • 7322 King George Boulevard
    • 15966 108 Avenue Unit 107
    • 8962 152 Street
    • 10153 King George Boulevard
    • 7538 120 Street

Stores that don’t offer baby passport photos:

  • Walmart
    • 10153 King George Boulevard
    • 2355 160 Street
    • 1000 Guildford Town Centre
    • 12451 88 Avenue

Here are some online services that offer baby passport photos:

  • Smartphone iD (IOS and Android)

Where to print a passport photo in Surrey?

If you need to have your passport photo printed for the application, you will want to find a store that offers photo printing. For example, Staples will take your passport photo and print it in-store. Alternatively, Smartphone iD enables users to take their passport photo from home and have it printed on high-quality paper and shipped directly to your home address.


We have outlined a number of service providers, like Walmart and Shoppers Drug Mart that offer passport photo services at their store locations. However, in doing so, you will likely be paying higher fees and required to wait for the photo to be taken and printed at the store. Whereas, Smartphone iD offers you to take the passport photo from the comfort of your home and have the photo printed and shipped to you, with a quick turnover time.

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