Passport Photos in Windsor a How to 2023 guide

Passport Photos in Windsor

Have you been searching “passport photos in Windsor?” recently but can’t figure out the best way to get it done? Well, we have put together, an excellent guide on how to have your photo taken for an affordable cost and by the fastest means possible.

Where to get passport photos in Windsor?

Windsor is a great place to get a passport photo taken and there are plenty of options for places that offer this service:

  1. Walmart: The infamous superstore has an in-store photography centre that takes passport photos for interested visitors.
    1. 2355 160 Street
    1. 7100 Tecumseh Road East
    1. 3120 Dougall Avenue
  2. Shoppers Drug Mart: Shoppers offers more than just pharmaceuticals but also photo services at a select amount of their physical locations.
    1. 500 Tecumseh Road East
    1. 4835 Wyandotte Street East
    1. 3950 Dougall Avenue Unit #2
  3. Photo Booth: These photo booths are a great place to take a quick passport photo but make sure to choose one that offers the correct service.
    1. 2227 Dandurand Avenue
    1. 3190 Elmwood Crescent
    1. 1636 Tecumseh Road West
  4. Photo Studios: Local photo studios are managed by professional photographers and offer passport photo services for a moderate cost.
    1. 1664 Wyandotte Street West
    1. 4259 Roseland Drive East
    1. 3667 Tecumseh Road East
  5. Smartphone iD:  A high advanced app for taking approved passport or visa ID photos at a low cost.

Where to get digital passport photos in Windsor?

Digital passport photos can be taken in a select amount of physical locations. Here are a few of the options you have to get a digital copy of your passport photo.

Shopper’s Drug Mart

  • 500 Tecumseh Road
    • 3950 Dougall Avenue Unit #2
    • 4835 Wyandotte Street
    • 1675 Wyandotte Street


  • 3120 Dougall Avenue
    • 7100 Tecumseh Road

Smartphone iD

Smartphone iD offers digital passport photos at a low-cost and quickly. If you are concerned about getting your passport photo accepted by government offices, then don’t worry because Smartphone iD provides expert Ai verification to ensure all photos are compliant with government guidelines.

What are the cheap places to consider?

Numerous places in Windsor offer passport photo services, however, it can be trick to find the cheapest options. Here are the most affordable options that we could find:

  • Shopper’s Drug Mart: $22
  • Walmart: $13
  • Smartphone iD: Low cost

Smartphone iD app is the lowest-cost option for having a passport photo taken and ensures that photo are printed on high-quality paper before being shipped to your home address.

How to get passport photos in Windsor online?

Using a paid tool versus a free tool is a tricky decision, but it is always best to opt for a paid tool. A free tool will not provide a compliance check like a paid tool will, and you might not have your photo accepted by government offices.

Helpful tools to consider using for Passport photos online in Windsor

Using free tools


  This online tool offers free passport photos to all its users. However, they will not provide a compliance check. Therefore, you cannot be guaranteed that the photo will meet all the government requirements.

Passport Photo ID (Android/iOS)

 This is another free online tool that can be used to take a passport photo. However, you will encounter the same issue and they will not guarantee a compliance check and the photo passes inspection. 

Using Reasonable Price Tools

Smartphone iD

Get certified photos, verified by our biometrics experts, with digital (email) or printed delivery. We offer a great competitive price and a money-back guarantee.

 No background removal, but you can create most identification document photos with this website.

 Either use a webcam or upload your photo to resize it via this website. You can reposition your photo using the keyboard and zoom function. Once finished, you can download your photo.

What are the Passport Photo Requirements

Here are a few of the guidelines that the Canadian government requires you to meet for an acceptable passport photo:

  1. A clear and in-focus image.
  2. Neutral facial expression. (don’t smile)
  3. Consistent lighting and no shadow or glare over your face.
  4. An unaltered photo that represents your authentic appearance.
  5. The photo is less than 12 months old.
  6. Your eyes must be visible in the photo. (avoid sunglasses or glasses)
  7. Head covering for religious reasons can be worn.

The Smartphone iD app ensures that all photos taken will meet these restrictions through its in-app guide.  

Size requirement

  1. The photo must have a width of 50 mm or 2 inches
  2. The photo must be 70 mm or 2 ¾ inches high
  3. The height of your face must be between 31 mm or 1 ¼ inches and 36 mm or 1 7/16
  4. The photo should be 420 x 540 pixels

Where to get a baby passport photo in Windsor

baby passport photo in Windsor

A baby passport photo is not always offered by all photo service providers. It is important to book an appointment or call ahead to ensure they offer this service. Nonetheless, here are a few stores that WILL and WILL NOT offer the service.

Stores that offer baby passport photos

  • Shopper’s Drug Mart
    • 500 Tecumseh Road
    • 3950 Dougall Avenue Unit #2
    • 4835 Wyandotte Street
    • 1675 Wyandotte Street
  • Photo Studios (Book an appointment)
    • 1664 Wyandotte Street West
    • 4259 Roseland Drive East
    • 3667 Tecumseh Road East
    • 3215 Tecumseh Road

Stores that don’t offer baby passport photos

  • Walmart
    • 2355 160 Street
    • 7100 Tecumseh Road East
    • 3120 Dougall Avenue

Here are some online services that offer baby passport photos

  • Smartphone iD (IOS and Android)

Where to print a passport photo in Windsor

If you want to print a passport photo in Windsor, you need to visit a store that offers printing services. A great example of this is Costco or Staples. These two chain stores allow customers to have photos printed at a reasonable cost. However, the Smartphone iD app allows users to take a passport photo from their home and will ship professionally printed photos on high-quality paper to your home address. Therefore, you will not need to leave your home for the photo to be taken and printed.

How to take your passport photo in Windsor with your phone

How to take your passport photo in Windsor with your phone

Smartphone iD presents an easy-to-use in-app guide that helps users to take the perfect passport photo. If you are looking for a passport photo near me in Windsor, Smartphone iD would be your best option.

Here is an easy step-by-step guide on how to get started!

#1: Download the app.

#2: Select the country for the document.

#3: Choose a document type.

#4: Follow the in-app instructions.

#5: Receive the photo.

If you want the fastest way to take your passport photo, you should use the Smartphone iD app. It is low-cost and quick; you only need to download the app and let it do the rest!


Don’t go through the trouble of having your photo taken at a pharmacy chain like Shoppers or Walmart. Instead, opt to use an app like Smartphone iD to conveniently take the photo from home and for a low cost. If you are excited about traveling, then skip long wait times and download the app today!  


How much is a passport photo in Canada?

A passport photo will vary in price based on where you have the service performed. The cheapest option is to use the Smartphone iD app.

Can I take a passport photo with my phone, Canada?

Yes, the Smartphone iD app lets users take a passport photo using their phone and from their own homes.

What should I wear for Canadian passport photo?

It is better to wear darker clothing that will contrast with the light-coloured background. Additionally, make sure to avoid wearing anything that covers your face. Headwear is allowed but only for religious reasons.

Is an iPhone photo ok for passport?

A photo taken on an iPhone will be accepted by passport offices if it meets all their requirements. It is better to use Smartphone iD to ensure that the photo meets these guidelines before submitting the image.

Can you smile in passport photo Canada?

No, you must keep a neutral facial expression for your passport photo. Smartphone iD will provide you with the details of how to look and act for the photo.

How strict are Canadian passport photos?

Canada is very strict on the requirements to have a photo validated. The Smartphone iD app will outline these guidelines and help you to ensure that they are met for the photo.

Can you show your teeth in a passport photo?

No, you must keep a neutral expression for the passport photo.

How much does Walmart Canada charge for passport photos?

Walmart will charge roughly $13 for a passport photo. A lower-cost option is to download and use the Smartphone iD app.

What color shirt should I wear for a passport photo?

It is better to wear a darker-coloured shirt that stands out in front of the light-coloured background.

Is U.S passport photo same as Canada?

No, the U.S. passport photo is slightly smaller than its Canadian equivalent. The Smartphone iD app allows user to select the country for the document and then fits the guidelines to meet hat country’s restrictions.

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