Passport Prices in Canada (Get Yours Cheaply & Fast) in 2023

Submitting your passport application and taking your passport photo can be costly, but with the right tips, you can make this a smooth and affordable experience. In this article, we will, be discussing passport prices in Canada and where you can find the most affordable services. So, make sure to keep reading and find out all the helpful tips we have to offer.  

What are the passport prices in Canada?

The price of a passport photo will vary based on a few factors. For example, an adult will pay a different price than a child, and the time length of your passport will affect the final cost. Nonetheless, here is a list of these costs:

  • 5-year adult passport (16+) – $120
  • 10-year adult passport (16+) – $160
  • Child passport (under 16) – $57

That said, you will need to account for a few other costs of getting a passport photo. For example, you must submit a valid passport photo that meets government requirements. Smartphone iD is the best option for a low-cost passport photo that will not be denied during the inspection.

What are the baby passport prices in Canada?

A baby’s passport photo will fall under the “child passport” category and costs $57. Additionally, you will need to get your baby’s passport photo from a service provider that offers child photography. Not all photo studios, grocery chains, or pharmacies offer passport photo services for children. Here are some options:

Offers baby passport photos:

  • Shoppers Drug Mart
    • 5576 Yonge Street
    • 598 Sheppard Avenue West
    • 5095 Yonge Street Unity #A14
  • Photo Studios
    • 1525 Cornnwall Road #1
    • 1855 Dundas Street East
    • 2578 Bristol Cir #7
  • Smartphone iD (low-cost & quick times)

What is the price to renew a passport in Canada?

The cost of renewing a passport in Canada is the same as applying for your first passport. Therefore, you can refer to the prices that we have listed above. That said, a child cannot renew a passport but must resubmit an application if their passport gets lost, damaged or stolen.

Here is a table that demonstrates the cost of getting a passport photo from different service providers:

Service ProviderCost
Shoppers Drug Mart$22
Photo Studios$25 – $50
Smartphone iDLow cost

How to get a passport in Canada at a cheap price?

If you want a passport, you must collect and submit all the required documents for a successful application. For example, you may be asked to submit proof of identity, birth certificates, and a passport-sized photo.

People often face more prolonged and expensive passport applications due to having their photos denied by the passport office. Smartphone iD ensures that every photo taken using our app will meet government requirements and pass inspection on the first try at a low cost on the market .

How to get a passport photo in Canada fast?

The fastest way to get a passport photo is through a reputable service provider like Smartphone iD. By using a reputable service provider, you can avoid having the photo denied and needing to make multiple attempts in your application. Therefore, you can take an accepted passport photo on the first try and speed up the processing time.


The price to get a passport in Canada can range between $120 to $160 dollars, and it takes time to collect and submit all the documents. However, you can save money and time on your application using cheap and reputable apps like Smartphone iD. All you need to do is download Smartphone iD onto your mobile phone and let the app do the rest!

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