A Simple Yet Detailed Guide to Superstore Passport Photos

Superstore Passport Photos

Are you hoping to take your passport photo and start travelling the world? In this article, we will discuss superstore passport photos, and how you can go about getting yours today. Our goal is to help make applying for a passport and taking the photo as cheap and easy as possible. Keep reading to find out more!

Does the superstore offer passport photos?

Superstores in Canada do not offer to take passport photos, but you can have the photo printed at select locations. Therefore, if you would like to get a passport photo at Superstore, you will need to bring a photo already taken and have it printed at the store.

Which superstores offer passport photos in Canada?  

Superstores can be found in several major Canadian cities. Here are a few popular locations:

  • 350 Southeast Marine Drive, Vancouver, BC
  • 3132 Eglinton Avenue East, Scarborough, Ontario
  • 2150 Prince of Wales Drive, Regina, Saskatchewan
  • 7600 Boulevard Viau, Saint-Leonard, Quebec
  • 70 Shawville Boulevard Southeast, Calgary, Alberta
  • 3815 Grandview Highway, Vancouver, BC
  • 19800 Lougheed Highway, Pitt Meadows, BC
  • 3005 Hays Ridge Drive Southwest, Edmonton, Alberta
  • 3575 20 Avenue Northeast, Calgary, Alberta

Does superstore offer digital passport photos?

Superstore does not offer digital passport photos as they can only provide printing services. If you need a digital passport photo, we recommend downloading and using the Smartphone iD app. With Smartphone iD, you can easily take your passport photo from home and have the digital copy in your email inbox within minutes.

How to get your passport photo at Superstore?

Getting your passport photo printed at Superstore is an easy task if you follow the 3 steps that we have carefully outlined below:

  1. Download and take your passport photo using Smartphone iD. The app will adjust your photo to meet Passport Canada requirements.
  2. Receive a copy of your passport photo in your email inbox after taking it using the app.
  3. Find a local superstore in your area and have them print the photo at the store.

How much are passport photos at Superstore?

Printing a passport at a Canadian Superstore will cost only $0.19. However, you will need to verify that the Superstore in your area offers this service.

Costco is the most affordable option for printing a passport photo at $0.13, but you will need to have an annual membership that can cost anywhere from $60 to $120.

Alternatively, Smartphone iD offers users the option to have their passport photo professionally printed on high-quality paper and shipped to their home address.

What are the superstore for printing and photography working hours?

Superstore hours for printing and photography services will vary based on the store’s location and the day. For example, a Superstore in Vancouver may have the typical hours of 7:00 am to 11:00 pm but these times are likely different in Calgary. It is important to verify the hours of your superstore location online before going with your passport photo to have it printed. Check their online website for more information.

Comparison between Smartphone iD & Superstore

 Smartphone iDSuperstore
PriceLow Cost$0.17 (Printing only)
Digital PhotosYesNo
SpeedWithin MinutesVaries
Compliance CheckYesNo
Professional PrintingYesYes

Can’t find a superstore near you? Take your passport photo with your phone!

If you don’t have a superstore in your area, consider downloading the Smartphone iD app and taking your passport photo from home. Smartphone iD works with your mobile device to take perfect passport style photos that can even be professionally printed and shipped to your home address. Additionally, we will provide a compliance check using Ai technology to ensure that the photo meets the requirements outlined by Passport Canada.


In summary, superstore Canada is an excellent choice for having your passport photo printed but it does not offer passport photo services. You will need to use a service like Smartphone iD, which provides a compliance check using expert AI systems at a low cost.


Does Canadian Superstore offer digital passport photo services?

No, Canadian Superstore does not offer digital passport services. Try Smartphone iD to get your digital passport photo within minutes.

What forms of payment does Canadian Superstore accept for passport photo services?

Canadian Superstore will accept credit cards, cash, and visa cards when it comes to paying for their services.

Can I request a specific background colour for my passport photo at Canadian Superstore?

Canadian Superstore does not offer to take passport photos, you will need to provide them with a photo to be printed. The background will depend on the service provider you choose to take the picture with.

What is the turnaround time for receiving printed passport photos from Canadian superstore?

In most cases, you can have the printed passport photo ready on the same day. However, this may change based on the store location. We suggest calling ahead and asking your local store for their policy.

Can Canadian superstore provide passport photos for non-Canadian passports?

Canadian Superstore can print photos for any passport nationality, so long as you ensure the photo has already met that country’s requirements.

What should I do if I am not satisfied with my passport photo taken at Canadian Superstore?

Superstore does not take passport photos. We recommend using Smartphone iD to ensure you get a high-quality photo that exceeds your expectations for an affordable cost.

Does Canadian superstore offer any discount or promotions for passport photo services?

Canadian Superstore may offer discounts for its printing services, but you will need to research online or call ahead. Different provinces and their store locations may decide to offer varying promotions.

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