Where To Get Boots Passport Photos In Ireland (2023 guide)

Boots Passport Photos in Ireland

Do you want to take your Ireland passport photo in a boot, but you don’t know where to locate them? This article solves the puzzle.Check out where you can get boots passport photos in Ireland.

Where to Get Boots Passport Photos in Ireland

Irrespective of your location in Ireland, there are boots around you where you can take passport photos. Take note of the following Ireland boots.

  • Fun Photo Booth, D6 Bawnogue Enterprise Centre Clondalkin Dublin 22, Republic of Ireland
  • Photo-Me, An Post Douglas Village Shopping Centre, Douglas, Cork, T12 N472, Ireland
  • Selfie Box Ireland, 5 River Close Killiney Dublin Republic of Ireland
  • Photo-Me, The Grafton Mall, Grand Parade, Centre, Cork, T12 PXR5, Ireland
  • O’Sullivan’s Pharmacy Wilton, Unit 5/6A Wilton Shopping Centre, Sarsfield Rd, Wilton, Cork, T12 YA24, Ireland
  • The Bigger Picture Cork City, 70 N Main St, Centre, Cork, T12 CP8K, Ireland
  • Kodak Express Wilton, University Hall Industrial Estate, Sarsfield Rd, Wilton, Cork, Ireland

Boots Passport Photo Requirements

You don’t want to submit passport photos that will be rejected by the Passport Office. Hence, you should follow these guidelines strictly when creating your passport photo.

  • Keep your head straight
  • Ensure photo background is plain white
  • There should be no reflection of patterns or shadows
  • Don’t submit photos older than 6 months
  • Photo can be black and white or colored
  • Do not smile in the photo. It is not a social media post.
  • Ensure your eyes are visible and not obscured
  • Ears should be visible
  • Picture should not be blurry
  • Headgears are allowed for religious purpose only
  • Glasses should not obscure your face
  • Sun glasses and dark shades are not allowed
  • Don’t wear white cloths to avoid your cloth matching with the background
  • If you are wearing beards, ensure it is part of your everyday look

Boots Passport Photos Size

The standard Ireland passport photo size is 35-38mm in width and 45-50mm in height. And it is equally important that it is not less than 715 pixels in width and 951 pixels tall. Such passport photo must be in JPEG format.

Can you Take your Baby Passport Photo at Boots

Boots are a great choice to take baby passport photos. But you may encounter some difficulties when taking your baby to a boot near you. For one, babies could be a handful. Likewise, they might feel uncomfortable in an unfamiliar environment and you might not be able to pacify them nor get their attention for passport photos.

To this end, we recommend that you use Smartphone iD our online passport photo tool that allows you to take passport photo from the comfort of your home.

Cost of Boots Passport Photos in Ireland

Cost of Boots Passport Photos in Ireland

Boots are cheaper to use in Ireland. If you have about €8-€10, you can create Irish passport photos conveniently. But bear in mind that this price is not static. Some boots may charge more depending on other services that are rendered.

Boots Passport Photos Near Me

Looking for a passport photo boot near you in Ireland can be frustrating when you can’t locate the exact address. To make this easy for you, you should use the boot locator tool. It is quite easy and simple to use.

Perhaps you still experience difficulties in locating a boot near you; the Smartphone iD app comes to your rescue. This is the easiest option to get passport photo boots near you.

Comparison between Boots and Smartphone iD App

Comparison between Boots and Smartphone iD App

You might wonder if boots have a lot of advantages over the Smartphone iD app. Of course, boots are fantastic for passport photos. But they are in no way close to the benefits you get to enjoy on the Smartphone iD app.

Let’s compare the duo.

 Smartphone iDPhoto Boots  
Is there a need to go to an on-site location?No, the photo can be taken from home.Yes 
Appointment needed?NoYes 
Who takes the photo?You or a friend can take the photo using your mobile device.An employee 
Do you get a digital photo?Yes, it will be emailed to your inbox.yes, with an additional fee 
Do you get a printed photo?Yes, you can opt to have the photo printed and posted to your home.Yes 
What is the estimated cost?Below market prices$15 – $30 
Can you get a passport photo or visa photo for other countries?Yes, you can select the desired country for the photo.No 
Do they provide 24/7 support?YesNo, you must go during store hours.  

Take Your Passport Photo At Home Using Phone

You can create passport photos in your room without going to a booth or photo studio. The Smartphone iD app makes this possible.

If you’ve got an android or iOS device, download the app from Google or Apple Play Store respectively.

Select ‘Ireland’ as the choice location after opening the app and choose ‘Passport’ as the desired document.

After taking the photo, the app does verification and the technical team also checks that it meets the Passport Office requirements.


Boots are great if you don’t want to explore photo studios and pharmacies for your Ireland passport photo needs. They are simple and easy to use.

But if you want a cheaper alternative to Boots, you should download the Smartphone iD app. In addition to helping you create passport photos that meet the requirements, you can get digital passport photo copies in a few minutes.


 Do Boots do baby passport photos?

Yes, you can take a baby passport photo at Boots, but you should know that taking your baby to a Boots passport photo booth can be pretty stressful, so we would recommend you take the photos from home by using Smartphone iD app.

Can I Smile In Passport Photo?

No. You should maintain a neutral expression in passport photo

Do I Need an Appointment on Smartphone iD?

You don’t need an appointment to create passport photo using Smartphone iD

How Much Does Passport Photo Boot Cost?

You can take passport photo at boot with €8-€10

Can I Get Digital Passport Photo At Boot?

Yes. You can create digital passport photo at a boot near you

Can I Take Passport Photo At Home?

You can take passport photo at home with Smartphone iD app