Where to get passport photos near me in Ireland (the 2023 full guide)

Where to get passport photos near me in Ireland

Are you looking for Where to get passport photos near me in Ireland? the Ireland Passport Office will not consider your application if you don’t present a passport photo that fits their requirements.

To save you the stress of looking for where to get the perfect passport photos in Ireland, we come up with this guide. Don’t hesitate to share with your friends. 

What Are the Common Passport Photo services In Ireland?

Getting a biometric photo in Ireland is quite easy. Check out some of the places you can get this service with ease.

Photo Booths

Photo booths are common passport photo providers. And you can find them at supermarkets and transportation hubs in Ireland. 

Although there are different brands to choose from, photo booths generally function in a similar way. After paying the required fee with your card or any other option available, select the type of picture you’d like to take (Passport Photo).

Then you will pose for the picture and pick it up when the machine prints it. With a decent price of €8, you can get passport photos using photo booths in Ireland. 

Photo Studio

Photo studios offer the best indoor passport photo services. The owners of Photo studios are professionals who understand Ireland’s passport photo requirements. Particularly, they’ve got skills on how to get the best picture quality using studio lights and the appropriate background. 

Passport Photo Apps

Do you know that you can create passport photos in the comfort of your room? Passport photo apps like Smartphone iD lets you create digital passport photos. Also, you can opt for the door-step hard copy delivery package.

Where to Get Passport Photos Near Me in Ireland?

There are quite a number of photo booths and stores to get passport photo in Ireland. Shoot Booth, Photo-Me, and DK photo lead the pack. 

You can ask your neighbors and friends for photo studios near you. But if you can’t seem to locate one, save yourself the worry and use passportphoto.ie to locate them. 

Moreover, the Smartphone iD app helps you get passport photo near me.

Irish Passport Photo Requirements

Taking a passport photo is no big deal, but it must meet the Passport Office requirements. Here’s what you should note before taking your Irish passport photo.

Hard Copy Requirements

  • Print your photo on high quality paper
  • Avoid doctoring your passport photo
  • The photo should not be more than 6 month old
  • The issuing authorities allow color pictures. But black and white pictures are preferable

Digital Copy Requirements

  • Avoid scanning passport photo
  • The photo size should not be larger than 9MB
  • No photo distortions and enhancements 
  • The passport photo must be in JPEG format
  • Irish Passport Photo Size
  • The acceptable dimensions in Ireland are 45-50mm in height and 35-38mm in width.

What Is The Passport Photo Price In Ireland?

Generally, passport photos in Ireland cost about €8-€10. Whether you will pay more or less depends on your location. 

However, bear in mind that you can get passport photo in Ireland for a lower price when you use the Smartphone iD app.

Where to Get Passport Size Photos Taken Near Me?

There are quite a good number of photo booths and studios (Fun Photo Booth, Selfie Box Ireland, Edge Photography etc.) to get passport size photos in Ireland. 

Although you can check out pharmacies and post offices near you if they offer passport photo services, you don’t need to go through such unnecessary stress. You can take a passport size photo on your phone with the Smartphone iD app. 

Where to Print out Digital Passport Photos in Ireland

If you are submitting passport photo hard copies, you’d need to print the digital version. We help you locate where to print your passport photos in Ireland. 

● Walsh’s Pharmacy offers a seamless passport printing service. €6.95 guarantees you a printed passport copy. 

● Photo-Me Booth also offers relatively affordable passport printing service. Pay €8 and get four quality passport photos. 

● Smartphone iD online printing services provide fast, reliable and seamless digital passport printing services and delivery to your doorstep.

Best Passport Photo Apps for Android & iOS

For Android

Passport Size Photo Maker

This app is for newbies and professionals alike. So, it doesn’t matter if you’ve got no photo editing skills. The tools and functions are easy to use. 

With the Passport Size Photo Maker, you can create a passport photo from an existing photo on your phone. In fact, it could be a selfie or a group photograph. The app allows you to crop and edit the picture. 

Additionally, you can enhance the photo to meet the passport requirements. The app comes with features that allow you to change the background, contrast and saturation.

One interesting feature of this app is that you can print different photo sizes on the same paper. So you can save some money. 

ID Photo App by Peace

ID Photo App by Peace affords you the leverage to create a passport photo that matches your preferred size. 

How do you use this app? If a picture exists in your phone already, you can upload such picture to the photo editor. Also, you can take a picture using your phone camera and edit it accordingly. 

If you prefer this app, you must be meticulous. Ensure that the edited photo meets the standards because an automatic photo checker does not come with the app. 

Passport ID Photo Maker Studio

The Passport ID Photo Maker Studio comes with free and premium plans. To enjoy the premium features like money saver, automatic background removal, you’ve got to make in-app purchase. 

The free plan however lets you enjoy the basic photo editing tools. 

Besides, what makes the Passport ID photo Maker Studio more appealing is the photographer’s guide. This feature helps you in taking a professional shot.

Create the passport photo, choose the preferred country (Ireland) and save it in the appropriate size. You can use the services of a reputable photo booth boot to print the passport.

For iOS

Passport Photo Booth

The Passport Photo Booth app lets you take the best shot. After taking a picture, you can use the editing tools to get the perfect photo. 

Then you can save the photo and request for printed copies. Here, you can select the size. Choose the 2″ x 2″ option and get about two printed passport photos for $6 (no shipping fees). 

Biometric Passport Photo

Create, format, save and print passport photos with Biometric Passport Photo. Select Ireland as the country of choice. Then you can request and get the soft copy through your email. You can also print the photo directly or use a photo booth.

For Android and iOS

Smartphone iD

No other photo app affords you the convenience and quick service that the Smartphone iD app offers. This app is compatible with android and iOS devices. And you can even access it anywhere and create passports for different countries. 

How this app works is pretty simple. You don’t have to be tech-savvy. Download the app and take a picture with your phone.

Thereafter, the AI software and the team will make sure that your passport photo is acceptable to the ICAO and Passport Office. 

How to Take Your Passport Photo with Your Phone At Home

Passport Photo with Your Phone At Home WITH SMARTPHONE Id APP

Creating a standard passport photo is now easier. You don’t necessarily have to go to a photo booth, likewise you don’t need heavy equipment to get the job done. Here are the top 5 ways to take a passport photo with your phone at home. 

Before taking your passport photo, verify that you are not looking extra. Jewelries, make ups, hats and sunglasses are prohibited.

Stand a few feet away from a white or off-white background, while ensuring that the room is well lit (preferably with natural light) and there’s no shadow.

Here are the steps to take your Ireland passport photo using the Smartphone iD app

1.Download ‘Smartphone iD’ on compatible phones, available on iOS and Android

2.Take a photo using the app, ‘Smartphone iD’ will guide you through the process

3.Select which country you want to produce a photo for

4.Select which document type you want the photo for (Passport, driving license, visa etc.)

5.Receive photos digitally via email, as soon as our experts approve them

6.Use these digital copies to print them yourself. Or,  you can use our printing service to have it printed on professional paper and delivered to your doorstep.


Getting a passport photo in Ireland is quite easy. There are walk-in studios and booths near you. But if you want to save time and money, Smartphone iD is your go-to app.

You simply need to take a picture with your phone. Our AI software and stand-by team will ensure compliance with the Passport Office requirements. 


Where Can I Get An Irish Passport Photo Taken?

You can use a photo booth, studio, or passport photo apps like Smartphone iD

What Is The Best Place To Get A Passport Photo?

Pharmacies, retail stores and post offices offer passport photo services. But photo apps are more convenient.

Do Booths Do Passport Photos In Ireland?

Absolutely! You can use photo booths to take your passport photos in Ireland.

Can I Take A Passport Photo At Home?

Of course, you can. The Smartphone iD app lets you take quality passport photos that meet the Passport Office demands at home.

Can You Wear Glasses In Passport Photo Ireland?
No. The authorities don’t allow prescription or sunglasses in passport photos

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