Where To Get International Driving Permit In Ireland 2023 Guide

 International Driving Permit In Ireland

Do you want to explore other countries outside the European Union? You should be aware that the authorities expect you to possess an international driving permit in Ireland to drive in these countries. More so, no foreign car rental agency will let you drive their car without international driving permit.

So where can you get an international driving permit in Ireland? This article provides a clear answer to your question. You will also learn what international driving permit is all about.

What Is International Driving Permit?

An international driving permit is a document that shows that you are eligible to drive outside your home country. It contains similar information on your national driving license. But the difference is that you can only use it in foreign countries without any driving test or further applications.

Additionally, the international driving permit translates your Irish driver’s license into 10 languages including English, French, Spanish, German, Russian, Italian, Chinese, Swedish, Arabic and Portuguese.

If you are getting an international driving permit in Ireland, there are two major types to request for.

The 1949 Convention International Driving Permit

This driving permit is more recent. If you check around the world, you will discover it has wide acceptance and recognition among several countries.

The 1926 Convention International Driving Permit

This permit is recognized in countries such as Brazil, Iraq, Nigeria, Burundi, and Somalia.

Where to Get International Driving Permit in Ireland?

You can get international driving permit online, in person or by mail. If you are applying online, the process takes 10-15 minutes. So it’s not a difficult task at all. Likewise, it takes about 30 minutes to get an international driving permit in person.

Unlike the online and in-person applications, getting IDP by mail may take a longer period of time. This is usually due to how busy the application center is, among other similar factors. To this end, we recommend that you apply for your IED online.

Irrespective of the method of application, you should get your IDP from an authorized dealer. Such authorized dealers are usually automobile associations that can help you with Irish passport photos.

What Countries Require an International Driving Permit?

Perhaps you are travelling to countries outside the European Union, it is important to have an international driving permit. Refusal to provide one when required by law enforcement agents may lead to serious sanctions like fines and even deportation in severe cases.

On the other hand, you don’t need an international driving permit if you are visiting a country within the European Union. A European License will suffice in this instance.

About The International Driving Permit Application Form

All applicants are required to get the International Driving Permit application form. But more importantly, ensure to get this form from accredited agents.

After getting the application form, you should provide information about your title, first name and surname. Further, information such as date of birth, home address, email address and mobile number must be provided.

If you examine the form closely, you will discover an area where you are expected to choose the type of IDP you’d like to get. The 1949 and 1926 International Driving Permit cost the same fee.

Documents needed for International Driving Permit in Ireland

Before submitting your International Driving Permit application form, you must attach some supporting documents.

  • Submit a valid copy of your current Irish Driving License
  • A passport photo with your signature on the back
  • If you are applying with a non-Irish driving license, attach a copy of a household bill within the last 3 months
  • Pay the applicable fee of €15 by cheque or postal order

Who Can Apply For International Driving Permit in Ireland?

Who Can Apply For International Driving Permit in Ireland

Two categories of people can apply for the IDP in Ireland. If you are an Irish citizen with a valid driving license, authorized dealers will process IDP application.

Also, persons holding an EU/EEA license other than those issued in Ireland can get an International Driving Permit. If you belong to the category, you must be a permanent resident of Ireland.

To prove that you are eligible for IDP, you must submit a copy of a domestic dating not later than 3 months. And such bill must show your residence address.

On the IDP application form, there’s a section that contains a declaration of residency. Ensure to sign there and include the appropriate date.

Perhaps you are confused on what “Normal Residency” means in Ireland. Let’s get to it immediately.

Normal Residency applies to people who live for not less than 185 days in Ireland in each calendar year. And such residency could be for personal or occupational reasons.

For persons with personal ties in Ireland and occupational ties in a foreign country, you are no less normal residents of Ireland. You only need to return to Ireland regularly.

No one will deny you the normal residency status on account of working abroad or attending a foreign university fir a specific period of time.  

 The categories of people that will not be granted an IDP.

  • If your driving license expires in 6 months from the date of application
  • You’ve not passed your driving test
  • You have a learner’s permit

How to Take Your Passport-Sized Photo with Your Phone ( for IDP Application)

Take Your Passport-Sized Photo with Your Phone ( for IDP Application)

You need two copies of passport sized photos for you IDP application. If you want to get passport photos with ease, the Smartphone iD app is your best shot.

After downloading the app on a compatible android or iOS device, take a photo on the app. Then select the document type you want to make the passport sized photo for.

After the AI and stand-by experts verify the photos, you will get them via email.


International Driving License is not similar to International Driving Permit. Tricksters have devised this terminology to defraud unsuspecting victims. Therefore, you should be wary not to request for IDP from unauthorized persons.

When applying for your International Driving Permit, you will submit two copies of passport sized photos. And to speed up the process, you can take approved passport photo via Smartphone iD.


Can I Drive In A Foreign Country Without IDP?

No. The IDP validates your driving proficiency

Where Can I Get IDP In Ireland?

You can get an International Driving Permit from authorized dealers in Ireland

How Much Is An International Driving Permit (IDP)?

International Driving Permit costs about €15 in Ireland

How Many Passport Photo Copies Do You Need For International Driving Permit?

You need two copies of passport sized photos for your IDP application

Can I Take Passport Photo For IDP With My Phone?

Yes. You can take passport photo with the Smartphone iD app