Get Irish Driving Licence (Quickly And Cheaply) With These 2023 Tips

If you want to drive in Ireland, you must have a Driving Licence. This article tells you more on how to get Irish Driving Licence and you will also get to know the required documents for your application.

How to Apply Irish Driving Licence

If you want to apply for Irish Driving Licence, there are two methods. On one hand, you can make your application online. And on the other hand, you can get your Irish Driving Licence in person. Let’s examine both options in details.

How to Apply For Irish Driving Licence Online

Online application for Irish Driving Licence saves you time and many efforts. The process is safe and secure. So you don’t need to worry that your details might be compromised.

Here’s the process to get your Irish Driving Licence online.

  • The first step is to create a verified MyGovID account. Then ensure that your Public Services Card is valid.
  • If you don’t have a verified MyGovID account, you need to create one without further delay.
  • To create MyGovID account, you can access
  • After creating MyGovID account, you need to upload a copy of your Public Services Card.
  • To get a Public Services Card, you can make application online or visit the Intreo office in your locality.
  • When your MyGovID account is verified and your Public Services Card is ready, you can proceed in your online application for an Irish Driving Licence.

Other Required Documents to Apply For Irish Driving Licence Online

  • Upload your medical report
  • Upload document that proves your Ireland address (If your current address is different from the one stated in your Public Services Card)
  • If you are not from the European Union or a citizen of the European Economic Area, you should upload proof that you are resident in Ireland
  • If you are professional Irish driver, you must upload your Certificate of Professional Competence.
  • Pay application fee of €55

How to Apply For Irish Driving Licence in Person

If you prefer to apply for Irish Driving Licence in person, here’s the process.

  • Book an appointment at an NDLS centre near your (We’ve got 34 NDLS in Ireland).
  • Bear in mind that the officials will not attend to you if you have not secured an appointment
  • Submit the supporting documents such as proof of identity
  • Pay the required fees

Required Documents for Irish Driving Licence

Application for Irish Driving Licence is usually seamless if you have a Public Services Card. the card provides enough information about the applicant. But if you don’t have a PSC, yu must submit the following:

  • Photo ID
  • Proof of PPS number
  • Evidence of current address

Other required documents depending on the type of Licence include:

  • Valid Learner permit
  • Current Driving Licence (If you are carrying a foreign licence)
  • Driving Licence Medical Report Form
  • Driving Licence Eyesight Report Form
  • Certificate of Professional Competence (CPC) 
  • Garda Declaration form (If you want a replacement for your lost, damaged or stolen licence)

Irish Driving Licence Photo Requirement

Before submitting photo for your Irish Driving Licence, there are certain specifications you should note.

  • The size of Irish Driving Licence photo should be 35mm and 45mm in width and height respectively
  • Photo resolution should be 600 dpi
  • Photo must not be more than 6 months old. The authorities want a true representation of your current appearance. So failure to comply with this requirement means your application will not be processed
  • Colour photo is highly recommended
  • There must be no reflections on your photo and shadows are frowned at. So ensure that the lighting is good and there are no shadows
  • Your head and shoulders should take about 70-80 % of the photo
  • Facial expression must be neutral. Don’t frown or smile in the photo. Ensure that your face muscles are relaxed.
  • Background must be white or light grey. Elements like patterns, objects, or shadows are not allowed
  • Don’t wear glasses in your Irish Driving Licence photo
  • You can wear head coverings for religious purposes only. Don’t use fashion caps or hats.  
  • Avoid using headphones in Irish Driving Licence photo

Where to Take ID Photo for Your Irish Driving Licence

You can take ID photo for your Irish Driving Licence at photo studios or booths. They’ve got the skills and equipment to help you meet the requirements.

However, cost and convenience are factors to consider when choosing where to take Irish Driving Licence ID photo. Thus, we recommend Smartphone ID. When you download the app, take a photo and let the app do the rest for you.

Verification is done by the AI and biometrics team to ensure that your photo meets the requirements. You can the request for delivery of your photo via email or home address.

How to Get Your Irish Driving Licence Fast

Many Irish citizens and residents want to get their Driving Licence quickly. Luckily, this is possible if you make application online or book an appointment at a National Driver Licence Service (NDLS) center in your locality.

Irrespective of your preferred option, you should ensure to submit a valid photo for your Irish Driving Licence. Smartphone iD comes to your aid in this wise. Download the app, take a photo and let the app and biometrics team do the rest.

Cost of Irish Driving Licence

  • When making your application for an Irish Driving Licence, you need to pay the required fee. And it is worthy of mention that there are different categories of Irish Driving Licence with varying costs.
  • If you are getting a ten-year Irish Driving Licence, you will pay €55
  • Five-year bus or truck driving Irish Driving Licence costs €55
  • Three-year Irish Driving Licence is €35
  • One-year driving licence also costs about €35
  • Aged persons enjoy special status in Ireland. You can get Irish Driving Licence for free if you are above the age of 70 years

Take ID Photo for Your Driver’s Licence with Your Phone

Issuing authorities of the Irish Driving Licence expect you to submit an ID photo when making your application.

To get a verified ID photo, you will need to do only few things

  • Take off accessories (like glasses)
  • Make sure light falls evenly on face and there is no shadow
  • Neutral face expression
  • Camera should be at the eye level
  • Take your photo with your phone and smartphone ID app

Following the app guidelines will get you a valid id photo within a minute in your email or few days to your door.


You can apply for your Irish Driving Licence online or in person. But what stands out is that you must provide an approved ID photo that meets the specifications of the issuing authorities.

We therefore strongly recommend that you download Smartphone iD to get verified ID photo for your Irish Driving Licence.


Can I Get Irish Driving Licence Online?

Yes.  Just visit the NDLS website

How Much Is Irish Driving Licence?

Irish Driving Licence costs about €55 for a 10-year licence

Can I Smile In Irish Driving Licence Photo?

No. You should wear a neutral expression in Irish Driving Licence photo

How Long Is The Irish Driving Licence Valid?

The maximum validity period of Irish Driving Licence is 10 years

Can I Replace My Lost Irish Driving Licence?

Yes.  Visit the NDLS website or NDLS office near you to get replacement for your lost, damaged or stolen Driving Licence

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