ISIC Card in Ireland a How to 2023 Guide

Are you a full-time student at college or university? You have probably heard that having an ISIC Card grants you access to freebies. Today, we shed more light on how you can get ISIC Card in Ireland. The article also contains some benefits of having ISIC Card.

What Is ISIC Card

The ISIC Card is called the International Student Identity Card. This card serves two basic functions.

For one, the ISIC Card is a means of identity recognized in over 130 countries in the world verifying that you are a student. In Ireland, the ISIC Card is accepted by most schools and some of the top partners include University College Dublin and Cork English College.

On the other side of the divide, the ISIC Card allows student holders to enjoy a wide range of benefits and discounts on travels, excursions, food, accommodation, etc.

So for instance, you can pay lesser amount for flight tickets if you have a valid ISIC Card.

Benefits of ISIC Card

You might be wondering about the buzz around an ISIC Card. What exactly are the benefits of having an ISIC Card and how can you leverage your ISIC Card as a student?

  • ISIC Card is proof of your studentship in a college or university.
  • You get to enjoy discounts on airlines, trains and ferries bookings round the clock when you use the ISIC Card. This saves you some bucks.
  • You also get to enjoy benefits when you visit museums and cultural sites numbering about 2,800 in the world.
  • If you have an ISIC Card, you can go to bars, restaurants, or fun spots and us their facilities at discounted prices.
  • There are over 150,000 student discounts that you get to enjoy with ISIC Card.

The Required Documents for ISIC Card Application

Full-time students in Ireland can apply for an ISIC Card. Check out the documents to submit when making your application for an ISIC Card.

  • Submit digital copy of your photo
  • Your digital photo should be in jpeg or jpg format
  • Ensure that the background is white or blue
  • Submit scanned copy of your university or students identity card. you can also upload an official enrollment letter. Such documents serve as proof of your student status.
  • Additional proof of your identity, such as Driving Licence or National Identity Card
  • If you are below the age of 16, you can submit a scanned copy of your Insurance card or birth certificate. Also, such applicant must submit their legal representative’s ID card or Passport

How to Get ISIC Card in Ireland

Getting an ISIC Card in Ireland is a piece of cake. The most important thing is to have the required documents for your application.

You can apply for ISIC Card in Ireland online or at an ISIC office near you.

How to Get ISIC Card Online In Ireland

You can apply for an ISIC Card online on the ISIC website. After accessing the platform, select your country and follow other stipulated steps on the website. You will fill a form and upload the necessary documents.

How to Get ISIC Card in Person in Ireland

Getting an ISIC card in person in Ireland is similar to applying online. The difference here is that you need to go to an ISIC office in your locality. However, you must provide the necessary documents when required by the authorities and pay the application fee too.

ISIC Card Discounts

There are so many discounts to enjoy when you have an ISIC Card. You can enjoy freebies and discounts on these items below:

  • Airline travels
  • Bus rides
  • Train
  • Tours and activities like skydiving, skiing, etc.
  • Restaurants
  • Tourism

You can enjoy up to 15%-20% discounts on the items above.

How Long Is An ISIC Card Valid

According to the rules, the ISIC card is valid according to the study cycle of the country where the holder got the ISIC card. And this cycle is usually a period of 12 months in most countries.

So it is safe to say that the ISIC card is valid for 12 months.

ISIC Card Photo Size in Ireland

Before submitting your ISIC card photo to the authorities for processing, you must be cocksure that your photo meets the requirements.

ISIC card standard photo size is 35×45 mm. that is such photo should be 35mm in width and 45mm in height.

How to Get ISIC Card Photo in Ireland

If you want to get verified ISIC card photo in Ireland, photo studios, booths and photo apps offer their services in this regard.  Let’s check them out.

1. Photo Studios

Photo studios are a popular choice to get passport photos for ISIC card in Ireland. Just inform the experts at the studio that you’d like to get standard photo for ISIC card. They will surely meet your demands.

Top photo studios in Ireland include Fuji Foto Finish Cork at 14 Penrose Quay, Victorian Quarter, Cork, T23 PCX7, Ireland and PhotoCare Imaging LTD at 31 Abbey Street Lower, North City, Dublin, D01 DK07, Ireland.

2. Photo Booths

Get passport photo for your ISIC card at a photo booth near you. When you enter the booth, indicate the kind of photo you are looking to get (ISIC passport photo in this case. You will get the digital or printed copies on request.

3. Smartphone iD

Your best shot at getting verified ISIC Card photo is Smartphone iD.  The app is the best photo generator you can find around. It is cheap and you can also create and get your passport photo in a short while.

We are aware of the requirements of a standard ISIC card photo and our goal is to help you meet the specifications.All you need do is to download the Smartphone iD app and take a photo. The app will do the rest for you. The AI and our biometrics team will verify the photo and ensure that it meets the requirements. You can then request for delivery of your photo via email or home address.

Take Your ISIC Photograph with Your Phone

You are required to support your ISIC Card application with an approved photo.

At your end, ensure to follow the requirements of ISIC card and opt for Smartphone iD to create your ISIC card photo. We assure you that you will get valid ISIC photo in your email address within a minute.


College comes with a lot of expenses. But you can recoup a good percentage of your costs using an ISIC card.

Remember to submit a photograph the meets the specifications. And we strongly recommend a photo generator like Smartphone iD. Download the app now and create verified photos.


Can I Renew My ISIC Card When It Expires?

Yes. You can renew your ISIC card online or at an ISIC centre

Can I Get Discounts On Airlines With ISIC Card?

Airlines offer discounts to students with valid ISIC card

How Can I Get Approved Photo for ISIC Card?

You can create verified ISIC card photo on Smartphone iD

Who Can Get ISIC Card?

Only full-time students can use ISIC card

What Is The Standard Background Of ISIC Card Photo?

Your photo background should be white or blue

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