How to Apply For a New Passport in Ireland in 2023

Do you want to get a new Irish passport but you don’t know how to go about it? Today is your lucky day. We bring you up to speed with the process of applying for a new passport in Ireland. And you also get to know the documents required by the issuing authorities for Irish passport.

How to Apply For a New Passport in Ireland?

The application process for a new Irish passport is flexible. You can request a passport via the following ways:

Online (via Passport Online)

  • To apply for Irish passport online, you can use the Passport Online service
  • After accessing the platform, fill out your details and ensure they are accurate
  • Applicants are required to pay for Irish passport application with credit or debit card
  • After completing the online application, you need to verify your identity. To this end, you should print the identity verification form  
  • Perhaps you are staying in Ireland, the identity verification form must be signed by a Garda Síochána member
  • Applicants living outside Ireland can verify their identity with the help of a witness. And such witness must belong to one of the occupations listed on the Passport Online website
  • Note that you are required to send valid copies of some documents to the Passport Service
  • After completing your application, print the application cover page to know the required documents to be submitted to Passport Service
  • When sending your documents to the Passport Service, it is crucial to use a reliable postal service. We recommend submitting your documents to the Irish Embassy near you

By post (via Post Passport)

Applicants can also apply for Irish passport by post. You are required to get the APS 1 form at a Garda station or post office in your locality.

Applying In Person

The third option to get a new Irish passport is to apply in person. However, it is best that you use either of the two ways stated above to get Irish passport. This is because new applications are quite complex to process at the public counter. For example, applicants must verify that their documents are genuine. And you also need to prove Irish citizenship.

Thus, you should apply for new Irish passport in person if you are living in a foreign country where Passport Online or Post Passport services are not available.

Required Documents to Apply For New Irish Passport

The Passport Office is meticulous in discharging their duties. They will not process your application save you provide the following documents:

  • Valid copy of your Public Services Card
  • You can provide a government-issued ID card if you don’t have a Public Services Card
  • Valid copy of your birth certificate
  • Marriage or civil partnership certificate
  • Document proving your Irish address
  • Document stating your name
  • Your civil marriage or civil partnership certificate (if you have changed your surname)

Additional Required Documents to Apply For New Irish Passport

Applicants Born Abroad To a Parent Born In Ireland

  • You must provide your parent’s Irish birth certificate
  • In some cases, the authorities might request for your parents’ civil marriage certificate

Naturalized Irish Citizens

  • If you got your Irish citizenship through naturalization, you must provide valid copy of your naturalization certificate
  • Your foreign passport may also be requested by the issuing authorities

Adopted Irish Citizens

  • You must provide your adoptive Irish parent’s birth certificate or Irish passport
  • Submit a valid copy of your adoption certificate
  • If you were adopted in a foreign country, you need to submit a certificate of entry in the Register of Intercountry Adoptions
  • Applicants that have changed their surname must submit their civil marriage or partnership certificate

Citizenship via Foreign Birth Register

  • If you acquired your Irish citizenship through foreign birth register, you should submit your foreign passport
  • You must also provide your foreign birth registration certificate

Post-Nuptial Citizenship 

You should submit your post-nuptial certificate issued before 30 November, 2005

It is worthy of mention that this list of documents is not exhaustive. The Passport Office can request additional documents depending on the circumstance surrounding your application

Cost of Irish Passport Application

If you want to get a new Irish passport, you can request for the 34-page 10-year passport or the large 66-page 10-year passport

Let’s check out the price of each Irish passport type

Standard 34-Page 10-Year Passport

Type Of Service CostAdditional Cost
Passport online service€75You need to pay an additional postage fee of €15 if you live in a foreign country
Irish passport via post€80 Additional fee of €9.50 for one (1) application, and €16 for family application up to four (4) passports

Large 66-Page 10-Year Passport

Type of service CostAdditional cost
Passport online service€105You need to pay an additional postage fee of €15 if you live in a foreign country
Irish passport via post€110 Additional fee of €9.50 for one (1) application, and €16 for family application up to four (4) passports

Processing Time for New Irish Passport Application

Irish passport processing time differs according to the mode of application. If you apply for Irish passport online, it takes about 20 business days to process your application

Applicants looking to get Irish passport via post might need to wait for about 8 weeks before their application is processed.

Where to Get an Approved Passport Photo In Ireland (Cheap & Fast)?

Irish passport applicants are expected to submit approved passport photo in addition to other relevant documents. We recommend Smartphone iD to get your verified passport photo.

Here’s how to use the app:

Step #1: Download the app. It can be downloaded from the Apple of Android store.

Step #2: Select the country for the document. Ex: Ireland

Step #3: Select the document type. Ex: Baby passport photo

Step #4: Take the photo using your device and the in-app instructions.

Step #5: Have the photo emailed or printed and shipped to your home.

Smartphone iD is not only easy-to-use, but it also provides expert verification, in-app sizing and editing, and affordable prices! If you want to fastest way to take your passport photo, you should opt to use the Smartphone iD app.

Summary – How to Get Your New Passport Fast?

So as not to be delayed when travelling outside Ireland, you can request for Irish passport via the Passport Express service. You can rest assured that you will get your passport within 10 working days.

Likewise, ensure that your passport photo meets the requirements by downloading Smartphone iD now!


How Can I Get New Passport In Ireland?

You can apply for Irish passport online, by post or in person

Where Can I Get Passport Photo In Ireland?

Download Smartphone iD to get cheap and verified passport photo

How Much Is New Irish Passport?

New Irish passport costs about €75

Is It Faster To Apply For Irish Passport Online?

Yes. It takes about 20 working days to process Irish passport

How Will I Receive My New Irish Passport?

Ireland residents can get Irish passport via Express post

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