How to Find Passport Photo Booth Near me in Ireland ( 2023 guide)

Passport Photo Booth Near me in Ireland

Passport photo booths are a cheaper alternative to photo studios However, it is not uncommon for Ireland residents to experience difficulties in discovering photo booths in the city. In this article, we walk you through the process of locating a passport photo booth near me in Ireland. We hope that you find this article helpful.

Is A Passport Photo Booth in Ireland A Good Choice?

Passport photo booths are popular in Ireland. There’s rarely a city where you won’t find a good passport photo booth near you to take a passport photograph.

But you might want to ask, is passport photo booth the best choice for you? Will you get quality passport photo from booths? Hey, we’ve got answers to your worries. Check out some of the features you’d enjoy when you opt for passport photo booth in Ireland.

State-Of-The-Art Technology

Passport photo booths in Ireland guarantee you good photos. At most booths, you’d discover they are fitted with quality cameras. These are professional cameras that take high-definition passport photograph.

Apart from the professional cameras, Ireland photo booths have high-quality prints.

User-friendly Interface

Passport photo booth in Ireland are not only responsive but also user-friendly. There is no complexity. And you don’t have to be a professional to use photo booths. Right on the screen, you will see the step-by-step process. Just click on the next stage and you’d have a nice experience in the booth.


One of the most important elements of a passport photo is the background. You don’t need to worry about photo background when you use photo booth near me in Ireland. These booths come with green screens. So, you can change the background to the acceptable white color. \

How to Find Passport Photo Booth near Me Ireland?

Photo Booths are all over Ireland. But locating them can be a big deal when you don’t know where to look.

You can save time and money by using online tools to locate photo booths in Ireland Additionally, some photo booths and their locations in Ireland are:

  •        Photo Me Pod – located at Dublin, Ireland
  •         Photogogo – located at Dublin, Ireland
  •        Photo-Me – located at Stillorgan Shopping Centre, Stillorgan, Dublin.

Passport Photo Booth Dublin

You should bear in mind that photo booths are largely cheaper than professional studios. More so, you can control the process in photo booths. You don’t have to book a session with professional photographers.

Photo booths can be typically found at busy areas like post offices, train stations, shopping malls and company buildings like Tesco. Here’s a list of Tesco addresses in Ireland

  •         Crumlin Express 10-10a Saint Agnes Road, Dublin, Ireland
  •     Baggot Street Lower Express 15 Lower Baggot Street, Dublin, Ireland
  •       Ranelagh Express 113 -115 Sanford Road, Dublin, Ireland
  •        Pearse Street Express 152 – 160 Pearse Street, Dublin, Ireland
  •     Druncondra Express 22 Upper Drumcondra Road, Dublin, Ireland

In addition to the above locations, you can visit other traditional photo Booths in Dublin. Here’s a list of photo booth locations in Dublin, Ireland.

Passport Photo Booth Requirements

There are no rigorous requirements to use passport photo booths in Ireland. What you need do is enter a booth of your preferred choice, pay the required fee with your card or any other means requested. Follow the process on the screen and take your passport photo.

The ICAO has laid down a list of mandatory specifications that your passport photos should adhere to.

  1. It must be taken under proper brightness and contrast. There should be no shadow in the background.
  2. The photo must be sharp in focus.
  3. Note that while clicking the image, your face must be centered. Try to maintain a neutral expression throughout the process.
  4. Don’t close your eyes. If you wear glasses, wear only regular glasses with a simple frame. Don’t wear any sunglasses or tinted glasses.
  5. Don’t excessively widen your eyes, you should look natural in the photo.
  6. Note that smiling is forbidden.
  7. Do not wear noticeable jewelry.
  8. The skin tone must be natural. Avoid using excessive makeup or applying a dark foundation.
  9. Try to have photo taken in natural daylight.
  10. Make sure that your hair don’t cover your face.
  11. Except for religious reasons, the head must not be covered by anything. Even due to religious reasons, cover your head in such a way that the head to chin area is visible in given measures. Both sides of the face must be visible.

What Is The Price Of Passport Photo Booth In Ireland?

Price Of Passport Photo Booth

Passport photo booths are the cheaper alternative in Ireland. For a passport photo in Ireland, you will pay about €8-€10. But why pay such money when you there’s an option that offers the same quality. Passport photo booths cost between €5 and €6.

Online Alternatives to Passport Photo Booth (Free & Paid Tool)

The paradigm shift from analogue to digital technology has led to the emergence of online tools for passport photos. In the present age, no one has to drive or walk some distance to passport photo booth near me. You can now create a passport photo online using website passport photo generator or online app.

We bring you up to speed with some of the alternatives to passport photo booths in Ireland.

1. FREE alternatives (Online Generator & App)

Users around the world have created more than 11 million photos with this online tool. It is free and pretty easy to use. Once you are on the website, select Ireland as the desired country and passport photo as the type of photo you’d like to create. Then select the size and go ahead to make the photo.


Persofoto is a perfect tool to create Ireland passport photo. Perhaps you have a picture you’d like to use on your device, upload it and use Free persofoto tools to edit it. You’d be amazed at the result.  

 Passport ID Photo Maker Studio App

The Passport ID Photo Maker Studio App is compatible with only Android devices. It comes with photo effects and editing tools to help you create passport photo that meet the Ireland Passport Office requirements.

2. Paid Online Alternatives

Create ultra-high resolution 35 x 45 mm digital passport photos on After taking a picture or uploading it on the website, the background is enhanced to suit Ireland authorities’ passport photos requirements.

This tool is reputed for helping to create appropriate passport photos. Of course, you can use the basic functions without paying a dime. But you need to pay some money to enjoy the advanced functions.

Upload your photo, align and crop it. Thereafter, you can download the digital copy.

Smartphone iD App

Creating passport photos with your phone is easy with the Smartphone iD app. After taking a picture or uploading it, the AI software and the Smartphone iD team will verify to ensure that it suits the requirements. Moreover, you can request for delivery of the photo by post if you want hard copy.

Take Your Passport Photo At Home Using Your Phone

Take Your Passport Photo At Home Using Your Phone and smartphone iD APP

The world is moving quickly and you should tag along. You no longer have to sit or stand in front of a photographer getting instructions about your posture. You can create passport photos at home with your phone. 

How to Use the Smartphone iD App

  1. Download ‘Smartphone iD app’ on compatible phones, available on iOS and Android
  2. Take a photo using the app, ‘Smartphone iD’ will guide you through the process
  3. Select which country you want to produce a photo for
  4. Select which document type you want the photo for (Passport, driving license, visa etc.)
  5. Receive photos digitally via email, as soon as our experts approve them
  6. Use these digital copies to print them yourself. you can use our printing service to have it printed on professional paper and delivered to your doorstep.


Passport photo booths are generally user-friendly. The interface is simple and easy to navigate. Just bear in mind that not all of them can fulfill the specification for an Irish passport photo.

However, when you use the Smartphone iD app, you can rest assured that your passport photo will meet the Irish passport requirements.

Download the Smartphone iD app and create a verified Ireland Passport photo immediately!


Does Tesco Have a Passport Photo Booth?

Yes. You can get your passport photo at any Tesco outlet in Ireland

Where Can I Find a Photo Me Booth?

You can locate Photo Me at A4 Alexander House, Dublin, Ireland

Do Booths Do Passport Photos?

Yes. Booths are designed in such manner that you can take passport photos yourself.

Can I take passport photos on my phone?

You can take passport photos on your Android or iOS device

Is It Cheaper To Take Passport Photo on My Phone?

Taking passport photo on your phone is cheaper than using photography studio or booth

Where Is It Cheapest To Get Passport Photo From?

Smartphone iD app offers the cheapest passport photo services

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