Where To Get Pharmacy Passport Photos Near Me In Ireland (2024 guide)

Pharmacy Passport Photos Near Me In Ireland

Are you looking to get Pharmacy passport photos Near me in your location in Ireland? You’ve probably heard about some pharmacies that offer such services but you can’t seem to trust their photographers. Worry less. You are in luck today.

This article talks about the pharmacies to get passport photos near you in Ireland.

Last update:3/16/2024

Where To Get Pharmacy Passport Photos Near Me in Ireland

Perhaps you are aware of pharmacies that offer passport photo services, but they are far away from you. You need not break a sweat to get your passport photos. Here are pharmacies near you in Ireland to get your passport photos.

1. Killeagh Pharmacy

For Cork residents, Killeagh Pharmacy offers a range of passport photo services. You can get digital copies of your passport photos. Likewise, you can pay for printed copies.  To use Killeagh Pharmacy passport photo services, you can go to Main Street, Killeagh Tel/Fax Co. Cork.

2. Green Park Pharmacy

Get your passport photos in Dublin at Greek Park Pharmacy. You will get passport photos that meet the Ireland Passport requirements within a short period of time.

Check out Greek Pharmacy at Green Park Shopping Centre, St John’s Dr, Dublin 22, D22 X020, Ireland.

3. Doyles Pharmacy Clontarf

Doyles Pharmacy has been serving Clotarf residents for over 7 decades. They don’t only offer efficient passport photo service; their customer service is also great.

Doyles Pharmacy is at Clontarf East, Dublin 3, D03 VW59, Ireland.

4. Hickey’s Pharmacy

You can create passport photos that meet the necessary specifications when you opt for Hickey’s pharmacy. They’ve got professional photographers that will meet your demands. Hickey’s Pharmacy has a passport photo studio at 21 Grafton Street, Dublin 2, Co. Dublin, Republic of Ireland. 

5..Burnett’s Pharmacy

Experience an amazing customer service by getting your passport photo at Burnett’s pharmacy. They are located at 42 George’s Street Lower, Dún Laoghaire, Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin, A96 X2Y8, Ireland.

What Are the Cheapest Pharmacy to Take Passport Photos

Getting passport photos from pharmacies can be quite expensive. And this is because their primary service is pharmaceutical services.

To make things easier for you, we’ve researched Ireland pharmacies offering cheap passport photo services. You can even print your passport photo instantly at their photo kiosks.

  • Delany’s Pharmacy – 45 Johnstown, Waterford
  • Mcgorisks Pharmacy – Unit 53, Athlone Towncentre, Co. Westmeath
  • Pharmacy First Plus –  Riverstown
  • Carrolls Pharmacy, 24 Ballybricken, Co. Waterford
  • O’connor’s Pharmacy, 4/6 Bath Ave, Dublin 4, D04 V8n8, Ireland

Where to Get Pharmacy Passport Photos in Dublin

You might be experiencing some difficulties on which pharmacies to get your passport photo in Dublin. You can opt for the passport photo option of these pharmacies:

1. Long Mile Road Pharmacy

Long Mile Road Pharmacy offers both online and on-site passport photo services for Dublin residents. In addition to helping you meet the Passport Office requirements, you get about 6 photos for just €10.

1. Healy’s Pharmacy

Healy’s Pharmacy provides quick passport photo services. If you need a digital copy, the team will ensure that you get it right in your mail. And you can also get the hard copy.

Customer satisfaction tops the table in this pharmacy.

3. Burnett’s Pharmacy

Burnett’s Pharmacy probably has the best pharmacy photography team in Ireland. The photographers here are not only friendly and efficient. Their professionalism is enviable. You can rely on them for quality passport photos in Dublin.

Which Pharmacies Do Digital Passport Photo In Ireland?

Here a list of Pharmacy offers digital passport photo services you may come across in your area :

1. Leavy’s Pharmacy

Leavy’s Pharmacy offers digital passport photo services in Ireland. They are a participating photo provider who will take your photo and email the digital copy to you. You will even get a unique code to make your Ireland passport online application.

Check this pharmacy at 94 Clanbrassil Street, Dundalk, Co. Louth, Ireland.

2. Cunningham’s Pharmacy 

At Cunningham’s Pharmacy, you only have to wait a few minutes to get your digital passport photo. They are also a participating photo provider that will give you a unique code to apply for your Irish passport online.

Cunningham’s Pharmacy location is at 2a Block C River Village, Monksland.

3. Miriam Leech

Miriam Leech provides digital passport services for both adults and infants.  They are well known for reducing the time customers have to wait to get their digital passport photos.

Miriam Leech Located at 43 Ranelagh, Dublin, D06 CD27, Ireland,

4. Firgrove Life Pharmacy

This family-owned pharmacy offers a wide range of passport photo services. You can create passport photos or request for adjustments to yoir digital photos. Further, you can print yor passport photo at Fingrove Pharmacy.

Go to Cork, Cornfields, Curraheen Road T12 Y9KT, Bishopstown to use Firgrove Life Pharmacy’s passport services.

5. Newtown Pharmacy

This is the perfect option for your passport photo needs. Apart from the impressive passport photo services, you get to enjoy discounts on multiple photos taken.

This pharmacy is at Londis Shopping Centre Co. Cork.

6. Molloys Lifestyle Pharmacy

Mooloys Lifestyle is a dynamic pharmacy that majors also in passport photo services. You can get digital passport photos for yourself or baby at this pharmacy.

All you’ve got to do is go to Garden St, Ballina, Co. Mayo, Ireland

What to Choose Pharmacy, Photo Booth or App?

What to Choose Pharmacy, Photo Booth or App

You can get your Ireland passport photos from Pharmacies, Photo Booths, or Apps. It all depends on your budget and preference.

1. Pharmacies

If pharmacies are your choice, you should take your passport photo at Skehard Pharmacy. Apart from the impressive customer service, they are a well-established pharmacy. More so, the atmosphere in this pharmacy is friendly. Check out Skehard Pharmacy at Skehard Road, Blackrock, Cork.

2. Photo Booths

Photo Booths are cost efficient and time saving. The booth’s system guides you through the process to take quality passport photos.

You can use Photo-Me photo booths to create your passport photo in Ireland. The booth is located at Tesco, Baggot Street Lower, Dublin.

3. Passport photo Apps

Pharmacies and photo booths are great. But what if there’s an easier way to take your passport photo? You can create passport photos with photo apps like Smartphone iD.

Download the app and take a picture. The AI system and Smartphone iD experts team will ensure it complies with the standards.

Take Your Passport Photo At Home Using Your Phone

Before taking your passport photo at home, there are some guidelines to follow and equipment to put in place.

  • You need a smartphone, camera support system, proper lighting, and appropriate background.  
  • With respect to lighting, the best source is natural lighting. You should find a room or space in your house where there is natural lighting that can illuminate your face.
  • You may want to resort to your camera flash for adequate lighting. Note that using the flash on your camera will result in red eyes, shadows, and reflection on the glasses. And these are elements that can cause the rejection of passport photos.
  • The Ireland Passport Office accepts passport photos with plain white or light grey background color. So your passport background should be in terms with this requirement.
  • You can sit or stand behind a white wall. But if there’s no white or light grey wall in your house, you can tape white cloth or paper to the wall.
  • When positioning yourself, you should stand about half or one meter away from the background. The closer you are to the background, the more likely shadows are bound to appear in the picture. This is as a result of frontal lighting.
  • Passport pictures must not be blurry. And to prevent your pictures from appearing blurry, the phone must be held steady. You can ask a friend to help you take the pictures. Likewise, tripods are a great assist for taking passport photos.
  • Finally, you should be conscious of your passport photo frame. Headshots are the common requirements. The authorities expect you to take a picture showing your shoulders up.

Easy guide on taking passport  photo using Smartphone iD

#1: Download the app. It can be downloaded from the Apple of Android store.

#2: Select the country for the document. Ex: Ireland

#3: Select the document type. Ex: Passport

#4: Take the photo using your device and the in-app instructions.

#5: Have the photo emailed or printed and shipped to your home.

Smartphone iD is not only easy-to-use, but it also provides expert verification, in-app sizing and editing, and affordable prices! If you want to fastest way to take your passport photo, you should opt to use the Smartphone iD app.


Photography studios and photo booths are not the only options to get your passport photo in Ireland. Pharmacies are also great in this wise.

But before opting to get your passport photo at a pharmacy, you should try to ask around about their reputation. Ensure that they’ve got the skillset to help you with approved passport photos in Ireland.

Apart from pharmacies, the Smartphone iD app is a fantastic alternative to get your approved Ireland passport photo. In addition to the AI system verifying your photo, the stand-by team also double-checks to ensure that the photos meet the required specifications. And you get to enjoy a money-back guarantee and 24/7 support.


Do Pharmacies Do Digital Passport Photos?

Yes. You can conveniently get your passport photos at pharmacies in Ireland

Are Chemists Doing Passport Photos?

Chemists add passport photos to the range of services they render

Are Boots Doing Passport Photos?

Boots are a popular choice for people looking to get passport photos

Do Boots Do Passport Photos Ireland?

Boots in Ireland let you create passport photos at affordable price

Does Tesco Have A Passport Photo Machine?

Of course! Tesco offers passport photo printing service in addition to helping you create digital passport photos.

Where Can I Get Digital Photo For My Passport Taken?

You can get your digital passport photo at booths, photo studios, or pharmacies

Can I Take Passport Photo With My Phone?

Photo apps like Smartphone iD provide cheap and seamless passport photo service