How to Get a Visa Photo in Ireland 2023 Full Guide

 Visa Photo in Ireland

When applying for an Irish visa, you are required to submit crucial documents. Among these documents are two identical passport photos and a visa photo.In this article, you will learn how to get a visa photo in Ireland. We also add the Ireland visa photo requirements.

Where to Get Visa Photo in Ireland

You can get a visa photo in Ireland in person or online. It all depends on your preference or availability. Here are some of the places you can get your visa photo in Ireland.

1. Photo Studios

Photo studios are set up by professionals with solid experience. When you get to such studios, tell the persons in charge that you’d like to take visa photo.

These professional photographers are aware of Ireland’s visa photo requirements and they’d deliver accordingly.You can visit Frank Gavin Photography and Edge Photography for the best services.

2. Photo Booths

Many people opt for photo booths because they don’t want to waste time waiting for their turn at photography studios. In Ireland, you can get visa photo at photo booths like Photogogo and Smile Photobooth. And if you want to locate more photo booths, you can use

3.Smartphone iD App

This list is incomplete without the Smartphone iD app. The app is built to allow you create visa photos and it is compatible with Android and iOS smartphone.

 After taking the picture using the  app. There’s an verification with AI system & a team of expert  in place to fit your photo to the Ireland visa photo requirements.

How to Get a Visa Photo Online?

If you are not cut out for the idea of going to a photography studio to get your visa photo, there are online tools to achieve the same result.

There are two options on the table if you want to get a visa photo online. The first method is via visa photo generator and the second option is via visa photo app.

FREE alternatives (online generator & app)


Idphoto4you is trusted by more than 11 million users. With this tool, you can create Ireland visa photo for free. Once you have accessed the website, “Ireland” should be your choice country. Further, select “Visa Photo” as the photo type. Go ahead to create the photo and download when you are satisfied with the result.

Passport ID Photo Maker Studio App

The Passport ID Photo Maker Studio App is designed for Android users. Users can create Ireland visa photo for free. And you get to use additional features and effects for free.

On the 123passportphoto website, you can create ultra-high resolution Ireland visa photos. When you upload a picture, this tool changes the background, thereby making it acceptable to the Ireland visa issuing officials.

Smartphone iD App

You can create visa photo online with the Smartphone iD app. After uploading a picture to the app, the AI software crops and aligns it to the required visa photo background and dimensions. You can enjoy these features for just a token.

 Ireland Visa Photo Requirements

Before setting out to take your Irish visa photo, you should put these requirements into consideration.

  • The dimension of the photo should be between 45-50mm in height. While the width should be 35-38mm width.
  • Ensure that the visa photo captures not only your face. The top of your head and shoulder top should also show conspicuously.
  • It is equally important that your face occupies not less than 70% of the photo
  • There should be a distance from the top of the picture to the top of your head. There should be a distance of at least 3mm in this wise.
  •  The photo background must be plain white. Where this is impossible, you can use light-grey background. But ensure that there are no patterns or shadows in the background.
  • The photo must be coloured.
  • The visa photo must be recent. You shouldn’t submit a photo older than six months
  • Be sure that both pictures are identical. Submitting two unidentical passport photos suggests to the officials that they are dealing with two different individuals. And the chances are that they will not consider your application.

Other Requirements

  • Irish visa officials place premium on picture quality. So you should be sure that your photo is of good quality. There should be no over or under-exposure, no red eye, and color balance should be perfect. 
  • The applicant’s face must be distinct from the background.
  • It is best that the camera is at your eye level when you want to take the photo. This is to ensure that your head is at the center of the picture. Likewise, both sides of your face should be conspicuous.
  • Spot a neutral facial expression. The authorities will reject your photo if you are smiling, frowning, or squinting. To achieve to neutral facial expression, relax your face when taking the visa photo.
  • Don’t use sunglasses in your photo.
  • If you are using prescribed glasses, the frames should not be thick and they shouldn’t obscure your eyes.
  • Close your mouth and keep your eyes open
  • Hair should not be falling on your eyes, face or forehead
  • You shouldn’t use head coverings. But if it is for religious purpose, you can use such coverings.
  • If you’ve got scars, red eye or birthmarks on your body, do not attempt to remove them through editing. 

Ireland Visa Photo Requirements for Young Children

If you are coming to Ireland with your child or newborn, the authorities expect you to make a separate visa application for them. By implication, you’d have to submit visa photos of your child.

 Worthy of note are the following requirements for Irish children’s visa photo

  • Your face must not be in the picture with your child. Only the child’s face is required
  • Elements like toys should not be in the picture
  • Ensure your kid wears a neutral expression
  • Ensure that they are not covering their face with their hands or any object
  • Your newborn’s eyes should be open
  • Their mouth should be closed

Size of Visa Photo in Ireland

Your Ireland visa photo must measure 35 mm x 45 mm. And on top of this, it must be 715 pixels wide and 951 pixels tall.

What Is the Price of Ireland Visa Photo?

Visa photos have almost the same requirements with passport photos. Hence, you can get your visa photo with €8- €10.Consider using smartphone iD app to get an approved visa photo for a low cost.

Take Your Visa Photo At Home Using Your Phone

Visa Photo At Home Using Your Phone and smartphone id app

You can take a visa photo using your android or iOS device. Download our visa photo apps Smartphone iD. The photo is processed and validated by the AI software and Smartphone iD tech team.

Here is how to use the app to take your visa photo

  • Download ‘Smartphone iD app’ on compatible phones, available on iOS and Android.
  • Take a photo using the app, ‘Smartphone iD’ will guide you through the process.
  • Select which country you want to produce a photo for.
  • Select which document type you want the photo for (Passport, driving license, visa etc.).
  • Receive photos digitally via email, as soon as our experts approve them.
  • Use these digital copies to print them yourself. you can use our printing service to have it printed on professional paper and delivered to your doorstep.


Taking a visa photo in Ireland that meets the requirements is easy when you use an app that handles all for you. The Smartphone iD app double checks your visa photo by both an AI system and expert 24/7 support. And on top of this is a money-back guarantee if  for any reason your photo is rejected. 

Download the Smartphone iD app now and let’s handle the rest!

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