Get a Biometric ID card Photo in The US (Quickly & Cheaply)

When did getting an ID card photo become so difficult? Save yourself time and money by taking advantage of this article. Read about how to get a compliant US ID card photo.

Why take a photo by yourself at home?

You no longer need to wait in traffic or queues to get compliant ID card photos! You can get everything done just using a smartphone, with no professional equipment needed!

It’s cheaper and quicker to use a photo app like ‘Smartphone iD’, not to mention the government approval guarantee we offer.

How to take a photo?

Tired of waiting for other people to take your photo? Take your own ID card photos without any special equipment, just a smartphone. Don’t worry, it’s not too difficult. Simply follow the guidelines using our app ‘Smartphone iD’, and you’ll have a compliant ID card photo in no time!

What is the correct ID card Photo format?

US ID card photo standards have been a mystery, until now! Not only can you understand them clearly but you’ll benefit from them too. But there’s more. You don’t even need to worry about them when you’ve got help from our ID card photo app ‘Smartphone iD’.

For the correct format, your photo should be 2×2 inches,the file size should not exceed 240 kB, printed on professional-grade photographic paper for only 2.95$. 

Simply download and take certified photos without any professional equipment, just your smartphone!

Why do you need photo validation by an expert?

Are you worried about whether your ID card photo is good enough? Well, maybe you should be. There are strict requirements for photos to make them compliant with government guidelines.

It’s important to know your ID card photo follows these requirements. If not, your ID card application could be delayed or worse, rejected altogether.

That’s why we recommend using only professional services that use dual-certification methods (AI and biometric experts), like ours.

Why should you use the Smartphone iD app ?

Why stick to things of the past? There’s an easier way to get an ID card photo. Not only can you get a digital ID card photo for only 7.72$. You’ll be happy with our service, knowing it’s cheap and reliable. Making your ID card application is secure through our government approval guarantee. And to top it off, we’ll give you a full refund if your photo isn’t approved, but that’s unlikely!