How to Get a Photo for US Passport Application Online?

How to Get a Digital Photo for an American Passport?

To take a photo for a passport of any kind, whether from America or another country, you simply need to download the Smartphone iD app. Smartphone iD works better than a photo booth that you’d find at any instore passport photo service, because the expert checks if the photo is good while a photo booth doesn’t. It’s better than automated software! What’s more is that you benefit from being in the comfort of your own home.

The process of downloading the app takes about 5 seconds and you will be guided to use the service via helpful prompts. The digital images can be printed in the event that a person is applying with a hard copy and not online. The app also comes with a background editing feature that comes in handy if you don’t have a plain white background at home or if there is a shadow behind you. Read on to learn more about digital passport photo for US application online.

Where to Get Passport Photos?

If you’re looking for an awesome passport photo service, it’s a great plan to take your own photo from the peace and quiet of your home. Smartphone iD is an awesome app designed to assist you in taking compliant photos in just a few simple steps. The app is programmed with the dimensions of any country for all official verified photographs.

By using Smartphone iD, you can take your time getting the perfect shot, optimizing the chances of getting a successful passport photo. The app also saves time and energy as you don’t need to go instore.

The correct template can be ordered by post or printed any time. Lastly, Smartphone iD is priced super competitively, making it a high quality and affordable option!

With Smartphone iD, you no longer need to

  • Struggle with unreliable passport photo apps
  • Adjust or modify the photograph yourself
  • Waste fuel and time traveling instore
  • Think about opening hours – our app works 24/7

What to Wear for US Passport Photo?

You are going to have to look at your passport photograph for at least the next 10 years, so you’re going to want to look your best the day that you take it. Fortunately, these days you can take your passport photos from home, but there are certain requirements for what can and can’t be worn in a passport picture.

Here’s what you may not wear in your passport photo:

  • Spectacles
  • Uniform including camouflage attire
  • Head coverings or hats (however there are a few exceptions for medical or religious reasons)
  • Earbuds or headphones
  • Jewelry obscuring the face in any way
  • Clothes that match the background
  • You must have clothes on your upper body ( cannot be shirtless)

The government prefers casual clothing for passport photos but this doesn’t mean you needn’t care about what you’re wearing. Your passport photo is often used as an employee identification document, and so it’s a good idea to keep your attire at least semi professional. It’s recommended to wear shirts, sweaters or dresses – just be sure to pay attention to the neckline, which is sure to appear in the end photograph. If you’re only wearing a boob-tube, you’re going to look naked.

Can You Smile in a Passport Photo?

It is mandatory to look directly into the camera with a neutral expression, you are not allowed to smile at all. Just remember to stand up tall, roll your shoulders back, relax and you’ll do great!

What Size Should the Photo be for Passport Application Online?

The photo should be :

  • The photograph must be in full colour at 24 bits per pixel
  • Within sRGB color space (digital camera output).
  • Minimum of 600 by 600 pixels, with a maximum of 1200 by 1200 pixels.
  • Minimum of 54 kilobytes and less than 10 megabytes.

Here are a few other things to be aware of:

  • The photograph should be very clear, depicting the full face from a front-on view with open eyes. 
  • There should be enough space around the head to allow for cropping.
  • It needs to be in JPEG file format.
  • The photo needs to have a higher resolution and mustn’t be grainy, pixelated or compressed.
  • The compression ratio needs to be  20:1 or less. You need to set your camera to the highest quality so that the photographs keeps it’s resolution and clarity. When emailing or saving your picture, select the setting of the highest quality (large file size). Do not digitally manipulate or edit your photograph.
  • A plain background that is either white or off-white with no shadows.

How to Upload a Digital Photo?

Anyone renewing their passport online (or applying for a new one online) needs to upload a digital photograph. Here are the steps you need to follow to successfully upload your photo:

  • Before starting your application, have your passport photograph taken.
  • You can use Smartphone iD to take a government-compliant photo at home, or you can ask a loved one to take your picture. There are also other options including delivery companies, pharmacies and retail outlets to consider
  • Remember to have your photo checked professionally before submitting it if possible
  • Follow the necessary requirements for digital photos that are listed below.
  • Do not take photos of already printed photos or scan printed photos.

How Exactly Does the Government’s Photo Tool Work?

Upon uploading your photograph, the government’s photo tool will:

  • Size and crop the picture
  • Perform a quality check
  • Accept or reject the photo
  • Provide a reason for acceptance or rejection

After the tool has accepted a photograph, a Department of State’s employee perform a final review of the picture to confirm compliance with the necessary requirements.

On the other hand, if the tool has rejected a photograph, a message detailing the reasoning will appear.

Digital Photo Checker for the American Passport Online?

If you wish to have your photo checked before submitting, you can use the Smartphone iD app. Every photo is validated by an experienced expert before it is sent to your email. Simply download the app from the Google play store or Apple store and it is ready to use immediately.

The app assists users in taking compliant photographs for all countries using customized templates for the different regions requirements. This means that by using the app your photos are guaranteed to be accepted by local authorities.

After you have taken your own picture, Smartphone iD will send two different types of photo formats to your email – one that can be used directly and one in “plaquette” style. It is also possible to order printed versions through the app and these will be delivered to your door.

With Smartphone iD, you can use the digital photo an unlimited number of times, for student cards, company profiles and much more. What’s more is that the app is one of the cheapest solutions for passport photos in the whole of America.

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