Everything You Should Know to Get Successful Passport photos in Seattle (2023 guide)

 Passport photos in Seattle

Having trouble getting an approved Passport photo? Not only do you need a compliant Passport photo for success in your application, but you need it to be identified when entering a country abroad. In this article, we’ll show you how to get approved Passport photos in Seattle. Remember, if you decide to go with a professional photo service, your application is more likely to be approved.

Where to Get Passport Photos in Seattle

You’ll make your life so much easier if you get a compliant Passport photo in Seattle for your Passport application. When travelling, a Passport is key to keeping you safe abroad as well as being an identification document. Using a professional Passport photo service will save you time and money in the long run!

Through careful research, we’ve compiled below all you need to know about getting a compliant Passport photo in Seattle.

Locations to get a United States Passport photo in Seattle

  • Convenience/Retail Stores 
    • UPS: book an appointment online and get your photo taken in-store, includes two photos
    • FedEx: only certain locations will offer Passport photo taking, so make sure to find out in advance if your local FedEx can take Passport photos in Seattle
  • Pharmacies: 
    • Bartell’s: find a store online and book an appointment for your photo to be taken in-store
    • Walgreens Photo: get your photo taken in-store with a one-hour appointment, includes two photos
    • CVS Photo: in select locations, you can get your photo taken in-store, which includes two photos
  • Photo Booths: This can be a cheap option to get your Passport photo taken in Seattle if you can find an unoccupied booth!
  • Photo Studios: If you can get an appointment, this can be a good option. Though it can be on the expensive side!
  • Smartphone iD: We can offer expert checks (AI, biometric experts) for your United States Passport photos, as well as a professional printing service if required. We’ve designed our app to be convenient, secure and cheap.

Where to Get Digital Passport Photo Seattle

A compliant digital Passport photo in Seattle is one of the most important steps in the application process. Professional services are the most likely to provide you with a compliant photo as they know everything about the US requirements for Passport photos. Your application could be rejected or the processing could be delayed if you fail to get a compliant Passport photo.

Choose ‘Smartphone iD’ to conveniently get pre-approved Passport photos on the go.

Not all professional services provide AI checks as well as checks completed by biometric experts. With ‘Smartphone iD’ you’ll get all this and more!

Where to get digital Passport photos in Seattle

Photo Studio: A photo studio is a good place to get digital Passport photos. If you can get an appointment, this could work for you. It’s usually more expensive than most other options!

Smartphone iD: We can offer expert checks (AI, biometric experts) for your US Passport photos, as well as a professional printing service if required. We’ve designed our app to be convenient, secure and cheap.

Cheap Places to Consider to Get a Passport Photo

If you’re a deal hunter, we’ve got some great ideas on where to get cheap Passport photos. Whether you want to go into town or stay at home, take a look at the cheap places for Passport photos in Seattle.

For US Passport photos in Seattle

  • Adonis Photography: Located at SPACES Offices, 1201 2nd Ave. You can get compliant US Passport photos using this service.
  • Rainier Copy and Print: The location is at 4536 University Way NE. You can receive compliant US Passport photos through this service.

Other Cheap Passport photo options in Seattle

  • Smartphone iD: We can offer expert checks (AI, biometric experts) for your United States Passport photos, as well as a professional printing service if required. We’ve designed our app to be convenient, secure and cheap.
  • Staples: Only in participating stores, your picture will be taken in-store and you’ll receive two copies
  • Walmart: Get your photo taken by a Walmart associate, it’s cheap and you get two copies.

Why leave home when you can get compliant Passport photos with just a smartphone, no professional equipment necessary!

Using ‘Smartphone iD’ you can take pre-approved Passport photos, guided fully, by the app. We’ll make sure they comply with national requirements through our AI software and biometrics team. Taking the hassle out of the Passport photo process!

How to Get a Passport Photo in Seattle Online

Getting your Passport photos doesn’t have to be old-fashioned anymore! Say goodbye to the photo booth and photography studio. With our app ‘Smartphone iD’, you can easily take pre-approved Passport photos at your own leisure. You’ll get increased flexibility in an ever-busy world, so you can get a high-quality Passport photo from home without the need for anything but a smartphone.

Helpful tools to consider using for Passport photos online in Seattle:

Using free tools

  • tsg.phototool.state.gov/photo: This is the official Department of State’s photo tool. You can use this to see examples of compliant photos. You can also upload your photo for automatic cropping. There is no photo compliance check, however.
  • Passport Photo ID (Android/iOS): A free tool you can use to edit your US Passport photos. There isn’t a compliance check though. You can take a photo or upload one to be able to edit them through the app.

Using Reasonable Price Tools

  • Smartphone iD: Get certified photos, verified by our biometrics experts, with digital (email) or printed delivery. We offer a great competitive price and a money-back guarantee.
  • www.123passportphoto.com: No background removal, but you can create most identification document photos with this website.
  • persofoto.com: Either use a webcam or upload your photo to resize it via this website. You can reposition your photo using the keyboard and zoom function. Once finished, you can download your photo.

Passport Photo Requirements

Have you complied with all the Passport photo requirements? In the US, the government requires that you follow them, otherwise, your Passport application will likely get rejected or delayed. You can get a helping hand with these requirements though.

Using our ‘Smartphone iD’ app you can have all photo compliance issues handled by our smart software. We check your photos with AI and our team of biometric experts, so there’s no question whether your Passport photo will be accepted by the US government.

Photo Quality

  • If you take your own photo, the photo must be sharp with no visible pixels or printing errors.
  • You mustn’t have red eye in the photo
  • Provide two identical, less than six-month-old color prints for your application
  • No cosmetic retouching is permitted (such as removal of background, moles, wrinkles or scars).

Your Appearance

  • Ensure your face is entirely visible in the photo
  • No deep shadows or glaring lights should obscure your face
  • Head coverings and hats are forbidden except for medical or religious reasons
  • Jewellery is not allowed to be worn
  • Avoid wearing uniforms or colours that match the background colour

Your Posture

  • Keep a neutral expression for the photo
  • Face the camera directly on and center yourself in the frame
  • Make sure your eyes are clearly visible


To get a US Passport photo you can use, you should follow the Passport photo dimensions that are required by the US government.

US Passport photo Size Requirements

  • A United States Passport photo must be 2 inches x 2 inches in size
  • In the Passport photo, your head must be centred and between 1 inch and 1.4 inches in size

Need a quick way to get compliant Passport photos without any special tech, just your phone? Use our ‘Smartphone iD’ app. Our zero-hassle software will make sure you’ve got compliant Passport photos in no time.

Where to Get a Baby Passport Photo in Seattle

Baby Passport Photo in Seattle

Baby Passport photos are no match for ‘Smartphone iD’! Using the app is convenient as you can take compliant photos whenever it suits your little one. That means no more photo booths and photography appointments!

We check all baby Passport photos with our team of biometrics experts as well as using AI software for dual certification.

Make sure to follow the baby Passport photo requirements.

United States Baby Passport Photo Requirements

Baby’s Appearance

  • Ensure your baby’s face is entirely visible in the photo
  • No deep shadows or glaring lights should obscure your baby’s face
  • Head coverings and hats are forbidden except for medical or religious reasons
  • No other person should be visible in the photo
  • Make sure no objects (pacifiers) are obscuring the baby’s face

Baby’s Posture

  • Ensure your baby faces the camera directly on and center your baby in the frame
  • It is acceptable if the baby’s eyes are not open or partially open.
  • Make sure the baby has a neutral expression

Common places to get a baby Passport photo in Seattle

  • Walmart Photo Center: You can get an associate to take a photo of your baby for a Passport. Includes two photos.
  • Walgreens Photo: get your baby’s photo taken in-store with a one-hour appointment, includes two photos
  • Photo Studio: Most photo studios are set up for US baby Passport photos.
  • Smartphone iD App: Get pre-approved US Passport photos at the tap of a button. It’s convenient and easy to use our Passport photo app. Even better, there’s nothing to lose because we can guarantee government approval or we’ll send you a full refund.

Where to Print a Passport Photo in Seattle

Got compliant Passport photos? Then you’re ready to start printing now!Just make sure you choose a service that provides high-grade photographic paper!

If you need a printed Passport photo in Seattle, then try these methods:

  • Walmart Photo Center Printing: Walmart offers a photo printing service for $0.09 USD per printed photo (minimum 30 prints). You can get two United States Passport photos per ‘4 x 6 inch’ printing template.
  • Passport Photo Appointment Printing: Most convenience stores and pharmacies only offer to take your photo for you and then print it, usually at a high cost! You can find participating locations using their online store locator.
    • Places like UPS and FedEx can print out Passport photos though you’ll have to find participating stores in Seattle
  • Photo Studio Printing: This can be quite expensive and you need to find time to get an appointment! They’ll be able to print photos once they’ve taken them for you.
  • Smartphone iD Printing: When you choose our printing service, you can get United States Passport photos on professional-grade photographic paper. The app is convenient as you can use it wherever you are.
    • Using ‘Smartphone iD’, get digital copies of pre-approved United States Passport photos for competitive prices, and print them out wherever you like.

Take Your Passport Photo in Seattle With Your Phone

Take Your Passport Photo in Seattle With Your Phone

It’s really easy to take Passport photos in Seattle using ‘Smartphone iD’

Try our 6-step guide to start taking pre-approved Passport photos today!

  1. Download ‘Smartphone iD’ on compatible phones, available on iOS and Android
  2. Take a photo using the app, ‘Smartphone iD’ will guide you through the process
  3. Select which country you want to produce a photo for, US in this case
  4. Select which document type you want the photo for (Passport, driving license, visa etc.)
  5. Receive photos digitally via email, as soon as our AI and experts approve them
  6. Use these digital copies to print them yourself. Or, you can use our printing service, to make it even easier


Do you need a guaranteed certified Passport photo in Seattle? Part of that is following the requirements from the United States government for Passport photos. Such as appearance, size, posture as well as photo quality and printing quality.

Whilst baby Passport photos can be a bit stressful, ‘Smartphone iD‘ makes them a breeze! All while you’re enjoying the comfort of your home. Don’t worry about the requirements as we’ll take care of it.

Don’t make Passport photos difficult for yourself, so why not use ‘Smartphone iD’?


Where is the best place to take Passport photos?

The best place is the place that is most convenient for you! Perhaps that’s right from your living room? Use ‘Smartphone iD’ to get pre-approved Passport photos with ease. They’re cheap too!

Can I take my own picture for a Passport photo?

You definitely can! You don’t even need professional equipment, just a smartphone and a Passport photo app like ‘Smartphone iD’.

Are Walgreens Passport photos free?

Walgreens Passport photos are not free. They cost between $15-20 USD.

Where can I get a digital photo for my Passport taken?

You can get a digital photo taken with ‘Smartphone iD’. Scroll up to find the steps to start today.

How can I make sure my Passport photo is good?

You can make sure you Passport photo is acceptable by following the US requirements or using a Passport photo app that makes sure your photo is compliant like ‘Smartphone iD’.

Why do Passport photos get rejected?

Passport photos get rejected when they’re not up to standard. That’s why we recommend using a professional service that uses AI software checks as well as biometrics personnel, like ours!

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