The Full- 2023 Guide to Getting a Dubai Visa in Canada

Dubai Visa in Canada

Have you wanted to visit or live in Dubai? If so, we will dive into getting a Dubai visa in Canada and the steps you must take to make it happen. Getting a visa for Dubai can be easy if you are well-prepared and use an easy app like Smartphone iD to take the ID photo. Nonetheless, keep reading to find out more!

Do Canadians need a visa for Dubai

Any Canadian wishing to visit or live in Dubai will need a visa. However, this visa will depend on the length of your stay. For example, Canadians are allowed a one-month visit without applying for an official visa.

How to apply for Dubai visa from Canada

A one-month visa only requires that you arrive at the Dubai airport and have your passport stamped by a government official. You will then be allowed to stay in Dubai for 30 days.

If you want to spend more time in Dubai or have a specialized visa, you must apply through an online portal at The applications require several government documents and proof of identity. After collecting these documents, you can visit the website and input all the required information to apply for a visa.

 What is a prearranged visa

Prearranged UAE visas are for visitors looking to stay for longer than 30 days, want to enter the country multiple times, or still need to meet the passport requirements. There are several prearranged visa options you can choose from:

  • Tourist – single entry / 30 days (US$90)
  • Tourist – multiple entries / 30 days (US$136)
  • 48-hour (US$10)
  • Tourist – single entry / 60 days (US$177)
  • 96-hour (US$30)
  • Tourist – multiple entry / 60 days (US$231)

Can I get my visa on arrival?

Yes, if you hold a Canadian passport and only wish to stay in Dubai for 30 days, you can receive a visa upon arrival at the airport. They will simply stamp your passport, and you can enjoy the beauty of Dubai. However, you will need to apply for an official visa if you want to stay longer.

What documents are required

Several documents and requirements must be met to apply for a Canadian Dubai visa. This includes:

  1. Colour photograph of the applicant
  2. Colour copy of your passport
  3. Completion of the application form
  4. Copy of your Emirates ticket

The photo is essential to your application process and should be high-quality. We recommend using Smartphone iD as it provides high-quality images from your home for a low cost.

What are the expected costs

The costs of a trip to Dubai will depend on your flight fare, accommodation, ID photo, and if you need an official visa. You can expect to pay upwards of $200 USD for a long-term tourist visa, or no payment is required if you visit for under 30 days.

What is the processing time

The processing time for a Dubai visa is approximately 3 to 4 working days. It is best to send your application in advance to ensure you can get your visa on time.

Additionally, if your visa requires a photo, it is crucial to ensure that the photo meets government requirements. Otherwise, you risk having it rejected. Smartphone iD ensures all photos taken meet government requirements and provides Ai verification by a team of experts. Therefore, you can be confident that a photo taken using Smartphone iD will pass inspection.

How to take your passport photograph for your Dubai visa with your phone

If your visa requires a passport or ID photograph, you should start by downloading the Smartphone iD app from the Apple or Google Play store. Following this, the app will guide how to take the perfect photo using your mobile device.

It is a low-cost app and provides expert verification to guarantee that any photo taken will pass inspection and ensure your visa arrives on time.


In summary, Canadians that want to visit Dubai for an extended period of time will need to collect the required documents and pictures to apply. Smartphone iD is the best choice for taking ID/Passport photos that meet government guidelines. Therefore, you can rest assured that your photo will pass inspection and your visa will be accepted. Have fun on your trip to Dubai!


Can I take a visa photo on my phone?

Yes, the Smartphone iD app lets users take a visa photo from home using their smartphone device. It is both affordable and efficient.

Can I smile in visa photo

No, you must retain a neutral expression for your visa photo. Smartphone iD’s in-app guide will help ensure you take the perfect photo.

What should I wear for a visa photo

It’s best to wear darker clothes that contrast with the white-coloured background. Smartphone iD’s in-app guide will help ensure you take the perfect photo.

Can we go to Dubai without a visa

No, everyone needs a visa to visit Dubai. However, Canadians are eligible for a 30-day visa upon entry to the country, which will be given after landing.

Is Dubai visa on arrival free

Yes, the Dubai 30-day traveller visa is free for Canadians.

Can I get Dubai visa same day

It depends on the type of visa you are trying to get. A Canadian 30-day tourist visa will be given once landing in Dubai on the same day. Other types of visas will take 4-6 days before you hear back.

What do Canadians need to enter Dubai

Canadians will need a valid passport to enter Dubai. It is essential to ensure that the photo for your passport if recent. Smartphone iD can help you to take a proper passport photo from your mobile phone.

Which countries can I visit with a Canadian PR card

The countries you can visit with a Canadian PR card can be found by visiting the Canadian government website. That being said, Canada has some restrictions on how long or when you can leave the country with PR.

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