Getting Your Photo Taken at a Passport Photo Center

Passport Photo Center

Are you wanting to travel but need to renew your passport and submit an application? In this article, we will discuss some tips to get your photo taken at a passport photo center in Canada. Additionally, we will discuss some alternatives options, like Smartphone iD for taking a cheap and high-quality photo from home.

Which Passport Photo Center to Consider in Canada

There are several passport photo centers across Canada that offer photo services. We recommend searching for a passport photo center near me in your preferred search engine, such as Google, Safari, or Firefox. Some of the locations you might come across are the Scarborough Passport Photo Centre or North York Passport Photo Centre.

If you cannot find a passport photo center in your area, we recommend using Smartphone iD to take a passport photo from home with your smartphone device. It is cost efficient and can have your photo ready in minutes.

The Price of Taking Your Photo at a Passport Photo Center

The cost of taking your photo at a passport photo center may vary based on the location, but you can expect to pay an average of $10 to $20 for your photo to be taken and printed.

What Are Some Cheap Alternatives to a Passport Photo Center

Here are a few of the cheap alternatives you may consider using instead of a Passport Photo Center:

  • Pro Passport Photo: $10
  • London Drugs: $9.95
  • Smartphone iD: Low Cost

Smartphone iD is generally the cheapest option with the fastest turnover time. We enable you to take a passport photo from home and using your smartphone device. From there, you can also opt to have the photo printed using high-quality paper and shipped directly to your home address.

Passport Photo Center vs Smartphone iD

 Smartphone iDPro Passport Photo
PriceLow Cost$10 to $20
Digital PhotosYesNo
SpeedWithin MinutesVaries


Taking your passport photo does not need to be complicated or costly, with an app like Smartphone iD, taking your passport photo can be done with a quick click of the button. Avoid the annoying wait times and save money by taking your passport photo from home. We guarantee the photo with pass inspection after our AI-verification process or get your money back, Don’t wait and take your passport photo with Smartphone iD today!

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