The Complete 2023 Guide to Passport Photo Price in Canada

passport photo price Canada

In this article, we will dive into passport photo price, and what options you can choose from when looking to get a passport photo. If you are applying for a passport in Canada, you may be curious how to get your photo taken for an affordable price and in a timely manner. Learn some tips and tricks by reading the full article below.

What is the passport photo price in Canada?

Passport photo prices in Canada will vary based on the service provider. For example, pharmacies, superstores, post offices, and photo studios all offer passport photo services at different price points. Generally, using an online alternative like Smartphone iD will be the cheapest and most convenient option.

1- Shopper’s passport photo price

Shoppers is a local drug store with locations across Canada. You can expect to pay roughly $22 for a passport photo at one of their store locations.

2- London Drugs passport photo price

Like Shoppers, London Drugs is another popular pharmacy with locations all across Canada. Typically, a passport photo at London Drugs will cost $12.

3- Walmart passport photo price Canada

Walmart is a large superstore that sells everything from groceries to electronics. Additionally, they have an onsite photographer to take your passport photos. You can expect to pay $13.

4- Costco passport photo price 

As of 2021, Costco no longer offers passport photo services. You can have your photo printed for $0.17 but you will need to have a membership that costs $60 annually.

5- Staples passport photos price

Staples is a popular office department store that offers passport photos at each of their locations. It will cost approximately $22.

6- Jean Coutu passport photo price

Jean Coutu is a Canadian drug store with locations in numerous Canadian provinces. They offer passport photo services for $14.

7- Pro passport photo price

Pro passport photo studios specialize in taking passport photos for Canadians. They will charge approximately $15 for a photo to be taken.


Canadian Automobile Association or CAA, also provide passport photos to be looking to have theirs taken. You can expect to pay approximately $15 depending on your membership status with the company.


Alberta Automobile Association is another company that offers passport photos to Albertan residents and members. A non-member can expect to pay $18, and a member will pay $15.


The popular American retail chain, Walgreens will offer passport photos at their store locations. The average cost for a passport photo is $17.

11- Photo studios PASSPORT PHOTO PRICE

The cost of a passport photo at a photo studio will vary based on your province and the business. For example, one studio may charge $50 for a passport photo, and another less than $20. It is important to call ahead and ask for their rate.


Post offices like UPS or FedEx offer passport photo services at select locations. Typically, you will be charged $12 for the service.

13- Online (Smartphone iD)

Smartphone iD is a reputable app that enables you to take a passport photo from the comfort of your home. The app is cheap and efficient, using AI verification to ensure the photo passes inspection, saving you time and money.

How to determine between price and value?

When looking to take a passport photo in Canada, it is important to consider both the price and quality of the photo. Using a reputable app like Smartphone iD makes it easy to take a passport photo for a low cost and maintain high-quality.

Are baby passport photo prices the same as adults?

Baby passport photos will cost the same as an adult, but some service providers will not offer baby passport photo services. For example, Walmart does not offer passport photos for babies, as it is harder to take and infant’s picture. We recommend using the Smartphone iD app to take your child’s photo from the comfort of your home.

Which passport photo provider should you choose?

Smartphone iD is the optimal choice for anyone looking to save money and have their passport photo ready in minutes. We use AI technology to verify each photo and ensure that it meets the guidelines determined by Passport Canada. Therefore, you won’t need to worry about a denied application and elongated waiting period to get your passport accepted.

What is the price to print a digital passport photo in Canada?

The cost of printing a digital passport photo in Canada will vary based on the service provider. Costco offers the least expensive printing fee of $0.17 for a passport photo. However, to use this service, you will need a Costco membership that can range from $60 – $120 per year. Smartphone iD is the next cheapest option and prints your passport photo on high-quality paper that is delivered to your home address.  

How take your passport photo with your phone at a cheap price?

Smartphone iD can be downloaded onto your mobile device and used easily by following our step-by-step guide. All you need to do is download the app and let us do the rest! Additionally, we offer competitive and low-cost prices, making it affordable for anyone to get their passport photo without having to leave home.  


Don’t wait to get your passport photo. Look at the prices we’ve listed above and choose a service provider that works best for you. If you’re looking for a low-cost and convenient option, we recommend using Smartphone iD!

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