Gain an Understanding of Passport Photo Processing in 2023

Passport Photo Processing Canada

Passport photo processing is an important step in your passport application in Canada. Although it typically can be an expensive process, there are steps you can take to save money and speed up the time it takes to get the job done. Keep reading to learn more about photo processing and how you can get started today.

 What are the basic steps for passport photo processing?

Here are the general steps that are involved in processing a passport photo:

  1. Figure out the requirements for the photo.

These requirements may include the photo’s size, any background colours used, head position, dress code, and more.

  • Take the passport photo.

You have several options to go about taking a passport photo. The more expensive option is to use a regular service provider like London Drugs or Walmart to have your photo taken. Alternatively, you use your phone and Smartphone iD for taking a high-quality picture from home.  

  • Print the photo.

In many cases, you application will require the photo to be submitted physically or digitally. Smartphone iD offers both these options when using our app. You will have your passport photo emailed to your inbox within minutes and given the opportunity to have your passport photo printed and mailed to your home address.

  • Submit the passport photo with your application.  

Attach your passport photo, either digitally or physically to your application.

  • Wait for approval.

After submitting your application with the attached photo, you will need to wait for approval from Passport Canada. The processing time will vary based on the plan you chose and other factors.

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Did you know that all these steps can be avoided? Using Smartphone iD enables you to have your photo processed in a matter of minutes. Our biometric experts and Ai verification tools ensure each photo taken meets all guidelines and will be accepted by Passport Canada. All of this is done quickly and at a low cost.

Where can your process your passport photo in Canada?

Passport photo can be processed by several service providers, both online and digitally. Some physical options include pharmacies, superstores, and photo studios. Online options include passport photo apps, like Smartphone iD.

How long do passport photos take to develop?

The time it takes to process and develop a photo will depend on the service provider you have chosen to use. For example, service providers like pharmacies, superstores, and photo studios can take anywhere from a few hours to days.

Alternatively, an online app like Smartphone iD will have your photo processed, developed, and sent to your email within minutes. We recommend using Smartphone iD if you are looking for a low cost and quick passport photo option.

What are the passport photo requirements?

Getting an approved passport photo can be difficult considering all the requirements that must be met. Here is a list of some things to know about taking a passport photo:

Photo Specification

  • You must submit 2 identical passport photos
  • You must maintain a neutral expression
  • Photo must accurately reflect your appearance
  • Show natural skin tone

Photo Size

  • Passport photo should be 500 mm wide by 70 mm high
  • Height of your face must measure between 31 mm and 36 mm from your chin to top of head

Photo Quality

  • Photo must be of a high-quality
  • The photo should be printed on professional grade paper

What is the cost of passport photo processing?

The cost of passport photo processing will vary based on the service provider used. For example, using a pharmacy or superstore will cost significantly more than using an online alternative. Smartphone iD is a reputable app that currently offers the lowest price point for having a high-quality passport photo processed.

Tips to get an approved passport photo!

Here are some tips for getting an approved passport photo in Canada:

  • Maintain a neutral facial expression.
  • Wear dark coloured clothing that contrasts the light-coloured background.
  • Avoid wearing glasses or accessories that might block your face or create a glare.
  • Don’t wear makeup that changes your natural skin tone
  • Ensure your hair is not covering your face

These are only a few tips to taking a successful passport photo. We recommend using Smartphone iD that provides and easy to follow guide and will verify to ensure that each photo taken meets all the Passport Canada guidelines. All you need to do is download the app, and let it do the rest!

Process your passport photo with Smartphone iD at a low cost!

Smartphone iD is a mobile app that offers users the opportunity to take high-quality passport photo from home. Using biometric experts and Ai-verification, we can guarantee that your passport photo will pass inspection on the first attempt or get your money back! Our low costs and quick turnover time makes us the best choice for getting the passport photo you desire.  


In summary, having your passport photo processed is made easy using Smartphone iD. Other service providers like pharmacies, superstores, and photo studios can’t offer the same low prices and quick turnover time we can provide. Get started today by downloading our app and have your perfect passport photo ready in minutes.

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