Visiting a passport photo studio is an excellent choice! (for getting an approved photo in Canada)

passport photo studio in Canada

Does your passport photo need to be renewed? Are you considering getting your passport photo taken at a photo studio? 

In this article, we will provide an easy-to-follow guide that answers all your questions about getting a passport photo taken at a photo studio.

Do passport photo studios take good-quality pictures? (to get approved)

Generally, passport photo studios are usually owned by or hired professional photographers capable of taking high-quality photos.  Therefore, if you decide to have your passport photo taken at a studio, you will be guaranteed a professional-grade photo.

Although, a photo studio will require that you make an appointment to have the picture taken, and they may charge more expensive fees than a local retail store or using an app like Smartphone iD.

What are the best photo studios for getting your passport photos in Canada?

If you are looking to find the best studio to take your passport photo, then look at the three options that we have provided below! These Canadian photo studios offer passport services at affordable prices!

  1. Photo Stop

This is a photo studio chain in Edmonton that will provide Canadian passport photos. They are a one-stop shop that offers ID, Visa, Passport, Immigration photos, and more!

  1. Pro Image Studio

Pro Image Studio is the ideal choice for individuals looking to get a passport photo for their child. All babies and infants can book an appointment for their professional picture.

  1. Photo-60 Studio

If you are looking for a convenient and professional photo studio, then Photo-60 is a great choice! They have several locations across Canada that will offer passport or other ID photos. 

How to find a passport studio near me?

passport studio near me in Canada

If you want your picture taken at a photo studio in Canada near you, then the best way to find a location near you is to search on Google. Follow these easy steps:

  1. Open Google or another search engine 
  2. Type in Photo Studio – near me
  3. Choose the closest location and call them to book an appointment 

Following these steps should lead to a selection of photo studios that are in your area. 

Will a photo studio near me take a passport-size photo?

passport photo studio near me

The passport offices will require that any photo submitted meets its size requirements. For a Canadian passport, you will need an image with a 50 mm width and 70 mm high.  

If you tell the photo studio that you are taking a passport photo, then they should be able to adjust the camera to take a picture that meets the requirements. You can also print out a copy of the instructions and bring them to the photographer. 

What is the estimated price of taking your passport photo at a photo studio?

Generally,the cost of getting your passport photo at a photo studio will vary significantly based on your location and the studio you choose to have the image taken. It can range from $10 to $100. 

However, it’s important to note that a photo studio will likely charge higher fees than a retail store like Walmart or London Drugs. However, the cheapest option is downloading and using the Smartphone iD app. 

Does a photo studio print a good-quality passport photo?

Yes, if you choose to have your passport photo taken at a local photo studio, you can expect to be presented with a high-quality image. Their photographers are professionals and use advanced cameras to get crystal-clear images. 

Is taking your passport photo at a studio in Calgary a good choice? (Will it provide an accepted image?)

Generally yes, if you decide to have your passport photo taken at a studio in Calgary, it will likely be accepted by the passport offices. The photographer will know to capture an image that fits the size requirements and leaves no shadows on your face. 

That being said, you need to let the photographer know the reason for the photo and that it will be submitted in a passport application. 

Does the Passport ID photo maker studio app provide expert verification of the taken photo?

The Passport ID photo maker studio is an online app that allows its users to take their passport photo at home using their smartphones. However, it does not provide expert verification of the image taken and does not guarantee that The passport offices will accept it. 

That being said, the Smartphone iD app also allows users to take a passport photo from home and ensures expert verification of the image taken.

Therefore, you can be confident that it will be accepted by the passport office upon submission. If the photo is not accepted, then they offer a money-back guarantee. 

How can I find a visa photo studio near me?

If you have already found a photo studio that will take your passport photo, then it can be assumed they will also offer visa photo services. You can find one of these studios by searching on Google, Safari, Firefox, or another popular search engine. 

However, it’s essential to note the requirements a visa photo might have and inform your photographer of the reason for the picture being taken. They can then help you meet the requirements set out by the visa office. 

A comparison between passport photo studio and Smartphone iD’s services

Smartphone iDPhoto Studio
Is there a need to go to an on-site location?No, the photo can be taken from home.Yes
Appointment needed?NoYes
Who takes the photo?You or a friend can take the photo using your mobile device.An employee
Do you get a digital photo?Yes, it will be emailed to your inbox.yes, with an additional fee
Do you get a printed photo?Yes, you can opt to have the photo printed and posted to your home.Yes
What is the estimated cost?Below market prices$15 – $30
Can you get a passport photo or visa photo for other countries?Yes, you can select the desired country for the photo.No
Do they provide 24/7 support?YesNo, you must go during store hours. 

How to take a passport photo using your home?

The fastest and most affordable way of taking a passport photo is by using the Smartphone iD app. You can download Smartphone iD on either the Apple or Google Play store as it is compatible with both IOS and Android Devices. 

Here is a quick step-by-step process for using the app:

1: Download the app from the Apple or Google Play Store.

2: Choose ‘Canada’ as the desired location.

3: Choose ‘Passport’ as the desired document.

4: Follow the in-app instructions to take the photo.

5: Have the photo emailed or printed and shipped to your house.

The Smartphone iD will guarantee that your photo is evaluated by experts so that it meets any of the requirements set out by the passport office. They will ensure the photo meets all the criteria set by the Canadian passport office. 

In summary

If you want to get your passport photo taken at a photo studio, you will need to be prepared to book an appointment and pay a higher fee.

However, if you want your passport photo taken in the most accessible and affordable way, you can use the Smartphone iD app and take your photo at home.


What is the best way to take a passport photo?

The best way to take a passport photo is by using the Smartphone iD app. This app can be downloaded and used by IOS or Android devices. 

Can I take my own picture for a passport photo?

Yes, the Smartphone iD app is an easy-to-use and affordable app for taking passport, visa, or other document photos. The app can be used from the comfort of your own home.

Where can I get a passport photo taken in Canada?

You can have your passport photo taken at retail chains like Walmart, London Drugs, Shopper’s Drug Mart or the Smartphone iD app for the best experience. 

Can you take a passport photo at home in Canada?

Yes, the Smartphone iD app lets a user take a passport photo from home. The app can be used in Canada for Canadian passports.

Does Costco still do passport photos?

No, Costco no longer offers on-site photography services. Therefore, the cheapest option is to use Smartphone iD.

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