A 2023 Guide to the Passport Renewal Process in Canada

It can take a significant amount of time to get your passport, so once you do, it is vital to renew it before its expiration. Therefore, this article provides some helpful tips and tricks for renewing a passport in Canada. Additionally, we will give some tips to speed up the renewal process, like taking your passport photo using Smartphone iD to ensure inspection offices accept the photo.

How to get your passport renewed in Canada?

Having your passport renewed in Canada can be done through an online portal or by visiting one of the Canadian passport offices. In doing so, you will need to provide several official documents, book an appointment with the office, and pay a fee for processing.

Additionally, it is essential to note that children under 16 cannot renew their passports but will need to reapply for a new passport. You might need to apply to renew your Canadian passport because your current one was stolen, damaged, or is close to expiry.

What are the required documents to renew a passport in Canada?

You will be happy to note that renewing a passport is less challenging than applying for a new one, and you will not need to provide documents like proof of citizenship. However, you will need to provide the following documents at your appointment:

  • Complete an online form
  • Provide 2 references
  • Provide 2 identical passport photos
  • Provide your most recent passport

How long does it take to have your passport renewed?

The time it takes to process a passport in Canada will depend on your chosen service. For example, the Canadian government offers urgent, express, and standard plans. Here is the estimated processing time for each service:

Urgent: The next day

Express: 2 – 9 days

Standard: 10 to 20 days

With that in mind, the processing time can be slowed if you fail to deliver the relevant documents or provide a passport photo that doesn’t meet the government requirements. We recommend using a reputable app like Smartphone iD that is also affordable to take a passport photo that will pass inspection.

What is the cost to renew a passport?

The cost of renewing a Canadian passport photo will be roughly $120. This cost can go up based on your chosen plan and how long you are willing to wait to receive the passport. If you want to save money on your passport renewal process, we recommend using a cheap and reputable app like Smartphone iD to take your passport photo.

 How to get a passport photo fast and cheaply?

You can have your passport photo taken at a local grocery store, photo studio, pharmacy, or various other places, but the most affordable option is to use Smartphone iD. Our app is a reputable and cheap service that allows users to take a passport photo from home. Additionally, you can have the photo professionally printed and shipped to your home address.


You will need to apply for a new one if your passport is nearing expiry or has been lost during your travels. We recommend collecting all the required documents and taking your passport photo using Smartphone iD if you want to save money and speed up the processing time.

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