Canada Visa for Ireland Citizens 2023 (Everything You Should Know)

Do you hold an Irish passport and looking forward to travelling to Canada? This piece is definitely for you. We talk about the requirements of Canadian visa for Irish citizens. Likewise, you will get to know whether Irish citizens can visit Canada without a visa.

Do Ireland Citizens Need A Visa To Canada?

If you are Irish and you’d like to visit Canada, you need not worry about getting a visa from the Canadian embassy. Indeed, Irish citizens enjoy a special immigration status in Canada.

Although Canada operates a visa-free policy for Irish citizens, you need to get a Canadian visa waiver before you can be allowed to legally stay in Canada. This visa waiver document is called the Canadian electronic travel authorization program (eTA) or the Canadian tourist visa waiver.

This document saves Irish travellers the rigors of getting paperwork done for Canadian visa.

Canada Visa For Ireland Citizens Requirements

Irish citizens visiting Canada are expected to possess a passport valid for at least six months. And the validity period usually begins from the day of commencement of the trip.

If you are purchasing an eTA from the Canadian government website, it takes that you need a credit card to carry out the transaction.

Other supporting documents you may need depending on the type of Canadian visa you’d like to get include:

  • Approved Passport photographs
  • Proof of financial means
  • Proof of paid Canada visa fees
  • Clean bill of health
  • Proof of clean criminal record.
  • Letter of support or invitation to Canada (If you were invited to Canada)
  • Proof that you will return to Ireland when your Canadian visa expires
  • Identity and Civil Status Documents.
  • Document stating your purpose of visit to Canada

How to Apply For a Canadian Visa in Ireland?

The very first step to take when applying for Canadian visa in Ireland is to fill out the visa application form on the Canadian government’s website. After submitting the form, you can pay for the application via credit card.

Bear in mind that a Canadian visa may take up to three working days to process. So you should ensure to make your application on time.

Cost of Canadian Visa

The Canadian visa is not expensive. The processing fee is about 100CAD.

Also, you can get the Electronic Travel Authorization document if you’ve got just 7CAD to spare.

How to Take an Approved Canada Visa Photo Cheaply & Quickly

The Canadian visa is easy to get if you provide the required documents including quality visa photos. Therefore, we endorse the Smartphone iD app to help you create approved visa photos for your Canadian visa application at a cheap price.

You can follow this guide to use the app:

Step #1: Download the app. It can be downloaded from the Apple of Android store.

Step #2: Select the country for the document. Ex: Ireland

Step #3: Select the document type. Ex: visa

Step #4: Take the photo using your device and the in-app instructions.

Step #5: Have the photo emailed or printed and shipped to your home.

Smartphone iD is not only easy-to-use, but it also provides expert verification, in-app sizing and editing, and affordable prices! If you want to fastest way to take your passport photo, you should opt to use the Smartphone iD app.


Getting a Canadian visa means you can legally travel to Canada multiple times within a 5-year window. But to enjoy this status, you need to submit approved visa photos to the issuing authorities.

Thus, you should not hesitate to download Smartphone iD and maximize this cheap app for your visa photo needs.


Do Irish Passport Holders Need a Visa to Go to Canada?

No. Irish citizens can visit Canada with an Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA)

How Much Is Canadian Visa?

Canadian visa costs about 62 USD

How Long Is Canadian Visa Valid For?

Canadian visa is valid for 5 years from the date of issue or when your passport expires

How Long Does It Take To Get A Canada Visa For Irish Citizens?

You can get the Canadian eTA in few minutes if you submit the required documents

How Much Is the Canadian eTA?

The Canadian eTA costs just 7CA

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