How to Apply For ESTA Visa from Ireland to USA

ESTA Visa Ireland to USA

Are you an Irish citizen looking to travel to the United States? You should be aware that you don’t need to apply for a visa to legally migrate to USA. This article tells you what you need to know about  ESTA visa from Ireland to USA .

What Is ESTA Visa?

ESTA is an electronic travel authorization system that screens applicants for eligibility to travel to the United States via the Visa Waiver Program (VWP). During screening, the applicant’s nationality is considered as well as other background information.

If you pass the ESTA screening, the officials will grant you an ESTA visa, and this enables you to enter into the United States of America without hassles.

Other Things to Know About ESTA Visa

After getting your ESTA visa and landing in the United States, the Customs and Border Protection Officers will subject you to further screening and you need to prove your eligibilty for the Visa Waiver Program. Thus, getting an ESTA visa does not automatically qualify you for entry or admissibility into the United States.

Additionally, you should note that holders of ESTA visa are subject to the following conditions:

  • You cannot change your immigration status
  • Holders of ESTA visa cannot request to extend their stay in USA
  • Your request to change status to permanent resident will not be granted. The only exception in this case is stipulated under section 245(c)(4) of the Immigration and Nationality Act

Can Citizens of Ireland Travel to the USA with ESTA

Before a country’s citizens can travel to the United States with ESTA visa, the home country must have subscribed to the Visa Waiver Program. Thankfully, Ireland has been in this partnership since 1995. And what this means is that Irish citizens can travel to USA with ESTA visa

When to Apply For Esta Visa to USA

Irish citizens can apply for ESTA visa at any time before you journey to the United States. However, we recommend that you make your application the moment you decide to visit the United States. You should not wait until you have purchased your travel ticket.

How to Apply For Esta Visa from Ireland to USA?

You can apply for ESTA visa online. There is an existing structure and guidelines to follow. Applicants are expected to supply information on passport details, medical history, and prior convictions, among other relevant information.

It is crucial that you supply accurate information when making ESTA visa application. Doing otherwise may result in your application being denied.

Also, an approved ESTA visa automatically links to your passport electronically, and the validity is two years or when your passport expires.

ESTA Visa Requirements

Before applying for ESTA visa, the United States authorities expect you to possess certain documents and also meet some conditions. These requirements are stipulated below:

  • Your home country must be eligible and participating in the Visa Waiver Program
  • Valid passport-sized photos
  • You must possess a valid visa issued in your home country
  • Applicants must submit documents proving their home address
  • Valid phone number
  • Valid email address
  • Emergency contacts

Cost of ESTA Visa in Ireland

If you are applying for ESTA visa in Ireland, you will pay about $21. And this fee guarantees seamless application unlike the rigorous process of applying for regular visa.

ESTA Visa from Ireland to USA Processing Time

ESTA visa processing time is incredible. You can get your application approved in just a few hours. Isn’t that fantastic?

While you can get ESTA visa within a moment’s notice, it is best that you apply for ESTA visa immediately you decide to go to the United States. Submit your application not less than 72 prior to take off.

How Long Is An Esta Valid For?

Once your ESTA visa application is granted, you can enjoy the benefits for two years starting from the day it is granted.

Likewise, if your passport expires within the two-year window, ESTA expires with the passport.

How To Take Your Esta Visa Photo Cheap & Quick?

Applicants looking to get ESTA visa are required to submit recent and quality photos. To save you the troubles of getting valid ESTA visa photo, Smartphone iD comes to your aid. The app is quite easy to use and you will get your photo verified and delivered to your home or email address at a cheap price.

Follow these steps on how to use Smartphone iD:

Step #1: Download the app. It can be downloaded from the Apple of Android store.

Step #2: Select the country for the document. Ex: USA

Step #3: Select the document type. Ex: Visa

Step #4: Take the photo using your device and the in-app instructions.

Step #5: Have the photo emailed or printed and shipped to your home.

Smartphone iD is not only easy-to-use, but it also provides expert verification, in-app sizing and editing, and affordable prices! If you want to fastest way to take your passport photo, you should opt to use the Smartphone iD app.


ESTA visa saves you time and money required to apply for regular visa into the United States. And this is why you cannot afford not to meet the requirements such as valid passport photo.

Download Smartphone iD immediately and rest assured that you will get approved ESTA visa photos.


What Can I Do If My ESTA Is Declined?

You can make fresh application for ESTA visa

Can I Renew ESTA Visa?

No. You need to make fresh application when your ESTA visa expires

Is ESTA Application Fast?

Yes. You can get ESTA within a few hours

Can My Kid Travel With Me Without ESTA?

You can apply for ESTA on your child’s behalf

Where Can I Get ESTA Visa Photo In Ireland?

Smartphone iD is the cheapest option to get approved ESTA visa photo in Ireland

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