How easy is getting ESN Card in Ireland (2 Tips to Follow)

ESN Card in Ireland

Are you aware that you can enjoy massive discounts on your purchases and services as an international student? The ESN Card does the magic for over 150,000 students yearly.

This article is a comprehensive review of ESN Cards. We provide you details on what you stand to gain using ESN card. Also, we guide you on how to get ESN Card in Ireland.

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What Is An ESN Card

The ESN Card is a membership card for Erasmus students which grant them access to over 1,500 discounts. This card is designed strictly for rendering assists to Erasmus students during their exchange program.  Additionally, you get to access and enjoy all ESN’s events.

An important detail to note here is that the ESN Card only allows you to enjoy discounts in Europe. The benefits do not extend to other continents.

ESN Card Eligibility (Who Can Get ESN Card)

A recurrent question among international students is that who can get an ESN Card. the following are the persons who are entitled to a valid ESN Card

  • Erasmus+ students
  • Erasmus+ trainees
  • International incoming students or trainees on a mobility program, other than Erasmus+
  • International undergraduate or postgraduate full degree students
  • European Solidarity Corps (ESC) participants
  • ESN buddies, volunteers and alumni

Perhaps you are a student and playing active role in the ESN mobility program, you can enjoy the benefits and discounts that come with the ESN card.

Just ensure that you help with the administrative and supporting tasks in your local ESN section.

What Are the Benefits of ESN Card

Having an ESN Card comes with quite a number of benefits. Here are some of the advantages:

  • You get to enjoy discounts on travels, housing, bars, food etc.
  • You can access several events for free
  • You can go on trips, attend parties, and engage in other activities at discounted rates

What Are The Required Documents To Apply For ESN Card

When applying for an ESN Card in Ireland, you must make sure to put some documents in place.  Failure to submit these documents upon request at your local ESN section means your application for ESN Card will not be considered.

Check out the required documents for ESN Card below:

  • A printed colour passport photo
  • A valid ID card
  • Proof of your mobility status (You can tender documents like Acceptance Letter,  Learning Agreement, Training Agreement, etc.)

Where to Get Approved Passport Photo for ESN Card

If you are worried about where to get your approved passport photo in Ireland for ESN Card, we’ve got you. Make your choice from the options below.

Photo Studios

Photo studios usually have skilled experts who are aware of the requirements of passport photo for ESN card. Go to a photo studio near you and let them know you are looking to get passport photo for your ESN card.

Check out Photogogo at 11-14 Abbey Street Upper, North City, Dublin 1, D01 VOC1, Ireland.  Mark Nixon Studio is also at 62a Clontarf Rd, Clontarf, Dublin, D03 X6X9, Ireland.


Pharmacies offer great passport photo services in Ireland. They’ve got photo booths and employees who will help you take passport photos that the specifications for ESN card.

Pharmacies to get approved passport photo for your ESN card include Hickey’s Pharmacy & Photo Centre at  10 Liberty Square, Thurles Townparks, Thurles, Co. Tipperary, E41 X343, Ireland and Burnett’s Pharmacy at 42 George’s Street Lower, Dún Laoghaire, Dun Laoghaire, Co. Dublin, A96 X2Y8, Ireland.

Smartphone iD

Smartphone iD is the fastest and most reliable option to create valid passport photos for your ESN card. All you have to do is download the app, take a photo and let the AI and biometrics team do the rest for you.

We will verify your photo and ensure it meets the requirements. And what’s more? You get to enjoy these features at a cheap price.

You can request for delivery of your passport photo via email or doorstep delivery.

How to Get ESN Card

ESN Cards are easy to get. The first step is to confirm that there is an ESN section near your receiving institution.After confirming that there is an ESN section in your area, gather the required documents and approach the officials for an ESN Card. They will attend to you politely and tell you what next to do.

ESN Card Discounts

Parts of the benefits of ESN Card include discounts and special deals. You can enjoy some of the best offers in Europe on the following:

  • Travels around Europe
  • Accommodation
  • Educational Resource
  • subscriptions to magazines
  • tech and electronics
  • Culture and Leisure
  • Sports ( like gym memberships)
  • Training courses
  • Foods and drinks
  • Concerts, Festivals, and Events
  • Health and Beauty
  • Premium Services

Cost of ESN Card in Ireland

Although ESN Cards are cheap, their prices are not fixed. The price depends largely on the benefits to enjoy in the region.So you may need to go to request for the price that the ESN section around your university of destination charges for ESN Cards.

How to Take Your ESN Card Photo with Your Phone

Before taking your ESN Card photo, you must put certain things in place.

You should ensure that the lighting in your room is good. And your background should also be white or light grey.

Further, set your phone on a tripod to take the photo or use a friend’s help. But ensure to wear a neutral expression in your passport photo.

If you want to get a valid ESN photo in your email, ensure to adhere to the requirements of ESN card and use Smartphone iD to create your passport photo.


Getting an ESN Card is simple. But the most important element in your application is the valid passport photo. We strongly recommend that you use Smartphone iD to create your ESN Card passport photo.


How Long Can I Enjoy Discounts Using ESN Card?

The ESN Card is valid for 12 months

Is There An Age Limit For ESN Cards?

No. Age is not a criterion for ESN Card

Can I Get Replacement For My Lost ESN Card?

Yes. Speak to a representative at the ESN section near you

Can A Friend Use My ESN Card?

No. Only the registered holder of ESN Card can use it

Can I Renew My ESN Card?

Absolutely! ESN Cards are renewable as long as you are still eligible to get one

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