How to Apply for a Passport Card in Ireland?

Ireland’s Passport Card

Your passport card is an official document issued as proof of your Irish citizenship. It permits its holders the right to return to the country of citizenship and the right to assistance while abroad.

Furthermore, your Irish passport card allows you visa-free travel or visa on arrival access to 190 countries and territories since it is ranked 7th on the Guide Passport Ranking Index (GPRI). 

If you are wondering about how to apply for a passport card in Ireland, this article has got you covered. 

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Who is eligible for an Irish passport card?

Adults of 18 years or above are eligible for the Irish passport application. If your previously issued passport was recently expired (or not yet expired), it is qualified for passport renewal. For minors of 18 years and below, you will need to get both parents’ or guardian(s) written consent.

List of documents required

You will be required to submit several necessary documents as proof of your Irish passport card application.

  1. Proof of Name (drivers license, national Id card)
  2. Full civil birth certificate (Original)
  3. Proof of Address (bank statements, utility bills, government correspondence forms)
  4. Photo identification document (Public services card)
  5. Evidence of Irish citizenship ( national Id card, social security card, certified copy of drivers license)
  6. Civil marriage certificate or civil partnership certificate (for surname change)
List of documents required

Based on the type of citizenship, additional documents will be needed for the passport application. For example, 

  1. If you are born on the island of Ireland and are a current resident.
  2. If you are born on the island of Ireland and reside abroad.
  3. If you gained Irish citizenship through post-nuptial citizenship.
  4. If you are born on foreign land and adopted by an Irish citizen.

For more detailed information, we recommend contacting the official website.

What is the application procedure for the Irish passport card?

You can apply for your passport card in Ireland in two ways – online and via post. Depending upon the circumstances, you can choose either of these.


You can apply for the passport online through the Passport Online service that is available throughout Northern Ireland, Great Britain, the EU, EEU, and Switzerland. It can be renewed from anywhere around the world through the Passport Online service. 


A post provides Passport Express service. For this, you will be required to fill out the APS 1 application form that is available in the postal offices, Garda stations, or a passport office. Besides, 4 passport-size photographs along with the application and documents have to be submitted to the passport office. Out of these 4 photos, 2 will have to be signed by you and a witness.

For more information regarding the details of the application, you can visit their website.

COVID-19 rules and regulations for passport card

You will be required to meet the Passport Services’ Customer Service Hub, in case of emergencies such as the death of an immediate family member or serious illness or for emergency medical treatment. 

How much passport card cost?

The fees of the passport card depend on the passport size. There are 2 types of passport size which rely on the number of pages of the passport:

  • Standard 10-year passport (34 pages)                   

Passport Online – €75
Passport Express – €80

  • Large 10-year passport (66 pages)                      

Passport Online – €105
Passport Express – €110 

  • Passport card – €35
The cost of Passport Photo Card

For additional fee details and charges, head to the passport office’s official website.

For modes of payment, mainly online payment is in use at present, but the following modes are also available.

  • Debit/ Credit card
  • Postal order
  • Bank draft

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Printed Passport Photo format in Ireland

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