How to Renew your Passport online (from Home )

Are you an Irish adult with an expired or expiring passport? You probably want to renew your passport but you don’t know how to go about it. Hey, you are in the right place!

This article contains all details you need to know about the Irish passport renewal. You also get to learn the required documents to renew your passport.

Can You Renew Your Irish Passport Online?

It is quite common for Irish citizens to ask if they can renew their passport online. Of course, the answer is yes. You can now renew your Irish passport online, big thanks to digitalization that has taken over the world.

How to Renew Passport Online In Ireland

The Ireland Department of Foreign Affairs has come up with the guidelines to renew Irish passport online.

To start with, you can renew Irish passport from anywhere in the world. It doesn’t matter if you are living in Ireland or not. Just be sure that your passport has not expired for more than 5 years.

Else, you might need to start your application as a new applicant.

Also, if your most recent passport was isssued more than 15 years ago, the officials will consider your application as a first time applicant. And applicants whose recent passports are not biometric are considered as first time applicants too.

To identify a biometric passport, they’ve got 2 letters and first letter is usually a “P” or “L”. Then 7 numbers usually come after the letters.

Further, Irish citizens looking to renew their passport don’t need to verify their identity. The central server contains your details and you only need to update your information if necessary.

If you are applying for Irish passport renewal online, you must submit your expiring/original passport via post if the passport has more than 12 months validity.

After requesting for Irish passport online, the Passport Office will process your application and deliver it accordingly.

Supported Documents to Renew Irish Passport Online

To renew your Irish passport online, you must submit the following documents:

  • Your current passport
  • A valid email address
  • Credit or Debit Card
  • A digital photograph: You can get digital photo via participating photo provider,

If you are taking Irish passport photo yourself, you should take note of these guidelines:

  • Do not take a selfie. It does not suffice for passport photo
  • Do not use your PC’s webcam
  • Avoid zoomed passport photo
  • Your passport photo should reflect your head to the mid torso

Processing Time for Irish Passport Renewal

It doesn’t take too much time to renew Irish passport. Typically, you can renew in 10-15 working days. Simple renewals usually take about 10 days to process. However, you should be patient for not less than 15 days if there are complexities with your application.

Cost of Passport Renewal Online Ireland

Perhaps you are bothered about how much it costs to renew Irish passport. Well, renewing Irish passport online is quite affordable. With €105, you can apply to get your passport renewed. But applicants that live outside must pay a postage fee of €15.

What Is The Validity Period Of Irish Passport?

If you renew your Irish passport, when exactly will it expire?

Irish passport for adults is valid for 10 years. And this period begins to count from the date of renewal or issuance.

Where to Get a Passport Photo Quick & Cheap

Do you want to renew Irish passport but you don’t know where to look for approved passport photo? Smartphone iD is the alternative you need. The app is fast, cheap and reliable.

In addition to letting you create passport photos from the comfort of your room, there’s AI and biometrics team that will verify your photo.

Here is how to use Smartphone iD:

Step #1: Download the app. It can be downloaded from the Apple of Android store.

Step #2: Select the country for the document. Ex: Ireland

Step #3: Select the document type. Ex: Passport

Step #4: Take the photo using your device and the in-app instructions.

Step #5: Have the photo emailed or printed and shipped to your home.

Smartphone iD is not only easy-to-use, but it also provides expert verification, in-app sizing and editing, and affordable prices! If you want to fastest way to take your passport photo, you should opt to use the Smartphone iD app.

How To Get Your Passport Photo Fast

If you need to renew your Irish passport in a few days, you should apply through the Passport Express service. The system processes your application and your renewed passport will be delivered within 10 working days.

If you want fast and reliable option to get your passport photos for Irish passport renewal, you can place your bet on Smartphone iD.

Smartphone iD is simple to use and also compatible with android and iOS devices.

After downloading the app, you can take a photo and allow the app to do the rest. It takes a few minutes to create verified passport photo on Smartphone iD.


Renewing Irish passport is a piece of cake when you follow the guidelines. It is important to submit all required documents including approved passport photos.

To this end, you shouldn’t hesitate to download and use Smartphone iD for approved passport photo.


How Much Does It Cost To Renew Irish Passport?

You can renew Irish passport for €105

Can I Renew Irish Passport That I Got 15 Years Ago?

No. You will apply for a new passport

Where Can I Get Digital Passport Photo?

Smartphone iD lets you create verified digital passport photo

Can I Zoom Passport Photo?

The Passport Office prohibits zoomed passport photos

How Long Does It Take To Renew Irish Passport?

You can get renewed Irish passport in 10-15 days

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