These Tips Will Perfect Your 2×2 Passport Photo in 2023

Thinking about the warmer weather you could be enjoying? Get that 2×2 passport photo sorted out today! One of the most important things about a passport application is the photo, so make sure to get a compliant photo that satisfies all requirements. Use this article to your advantage to find out how to perfect your 2×2 passport photo. Go go go!

Where to Get a 2×2 Passport Photo?

Have you spent ages trying to find out the best way to get a 2×2 passport photo with no luck? Well, look no further. We’ve compiled some helpful information that you can use to find out where to get a 2×2 passport photo easily and quickly.

  • Try searching online for ” 2×2 passport photo near me”
  • Most pharmacies and convenience stores offer a passport photo service. However, not every location provides this service, so find out online or by phone whether a store near you can offer 2×2 passport photos. See below for examples: 
    • Walmart
    • CVS
    • Walgreens
    • Staples
  • Smartphone iD: It’s easy to take your own 2×2 passport photos with Smartphone iD. Simply download the app and get pre-approved photos from home. Our AI and specialist team will verify your photos quickly and send them straight back via email or delivered to your door! We guarantee government approval or your money back.

How to Print a 2×2 Passport Photo?

If you’ve used an online tool or Smartphone iD to get a digital 2×2 passport photo, you might need to print it out for your passport application. It’s easy to do this by yourself, or you can get your photos printed through our speedy printing service.

One of the requirements for US passport photos is high-grade photographic paper, so make sure you get this if you’re going the DIY route.

How to Print a 2×2 Passport Photo

  • Walmart Photo Center Printing: If you have a Walmart Photo Center nearby, you can use their photo printing service. They charge 9 cents per print, with a minimum of 30 prints per order. You should choose their ‘4 x 6 inch’ printing template, and you’ll get 2, 2×2 passport photos with this option.
  • UPS or FedEx Printing: At a UPS Store or FedEx Office Print & Ship location, you can use their photo service to print out 2×2 passport photos. You will need to ensure that your digital photos are compliant with all government standards before printing and submitting.
  • Smartphone iD App: You can easily print out your 2×2 passport photo when you use our all-in-one app. We’ll guarantee government approval and you’ll get your photo processed and sent to your address in no time at all. All photos are checked with AI and our specialist team, so you’ll rest assured that your passport photo will get accepted.

What is the Cost of a 2×2 Passport Photo?

Getting a 2×2 passport photo doesn’t have to be difficult, in fact, you can make it a whole lot easier by using a passport photo app. Doing this will take care of all the photo requirements, so you’ll need not worry about whether your photo is acceptable.

You can generally expect to pay up to $20 USD for getting a 2×2 passport photo that is fully compliant. It may sound expensive, but in the long run, you’ll save time and money when you avoid delays to your passport application.

Using a professional service, such as Smartphone iD, you can take your photos at home whenever is convenient. Our service is competitively priced for the value you receive, meaning you’ll get professional-quality passport photos at a cheap price. We’ll also guarantee it gets accepted or your money back!

How to Take Your 2×2 Passport Photo?

So, if you’re thinking about taking your own passport photo or even using a passport photo app, you’ll probably be wondering how. So take a look at the tips below which may give you a kick start!

How to Take Your 2×2 Passport Photo?

Check out the steps below to get started!

  1. Make sure to remove your glasses or any accessories covering your face.
  2. Ensure that there are no shadows covering your face (even lighting across your face).
  3. Keep a neutral expression whilst keeping the camera at eye level.
  4. Take your photo then follow the instructions in the Smartphone iD app.


You’re now ready to get your 2×2 passport photo! So don’t wait any longer. Just make sure you follow all the guidelines that are required by the US government for passport photos. Alternatively, use Smartphone iD to get the proper guidance from start to finish so you won’t have to struggle.

Are you going to try using Smartphone iD today?

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