Get Better Passport Photo Results With the Best Passport Photo App in 2023

Best Passport Photo App

Thinking about how to choose a passport photo app? Using a passport photo app can be a great way to ensure photo compliance. Just make sure you use a professional service that knows the photo criteria! Read this article to find out how to get better passport photo results with the best passport photo app. Let’s get started!

Best Passport Photo App Android iOS

You may be asking whether you should use a free or paid passport photo app to get your passport photos. Look below to find your answers with our compiled list of different apps with pros & cons.

Passport ID Photo Maker Studio (android & iOS)

The app facilitates the cropping of photographs for passports, Visas, ID documents and driving licenses for a number of countries.


  • Crop feature
  • JPEG and PNG compatibility
  • Add both your name and the date
  • Similarly priced to local photo printing retailers


  • Best features require Pro version
  • Country-specific requirements are not listed

Passport Size Photo Maker

Passport Size Photo Maker includes a wide array of photo editing tools. You can enhance white balance, change the background, adjust brightness and saturation and much more.


  • Pre-defined sizes to choose from
  • Free and paid service
  • Use images from social media
  • Simple and easy to use


  • Advertisements can get in the way
  • No background removal tool

Passport Photo – ID Photo

Among the most user-friendly of all apps, ID Photo Free guides users through the process of taking the perfect photograph. The app features a number of editing tools that allows users to make the required adjustments.


  • Photos reviewed for compliance
  • Print and save photo in color for free
  • Predefined photo sizes
  • Variety of color options


  • Ads can be annoying
  • Not as many editing tools as other apps

Smartphone iD

If you want to create approved passport photos for your passport using your smartphone you can receive them via email or post. Smartphone iD is the first mobile app that allows users to take passport photos directly from a smartphone.


  • Get a conform, verified photo for ID, passport and Visa via email or post
  • Compatible with various countries around the world
  • Quick and convenient, everything’s done for you
  • Simple to use
  • Best price for all-inclusive service


  • No expert check is included in the free photo version

Which App to Print Your Passport Photo?

There are a few ways to print out your passport photo, it can most easily be done by getting a digital copy from a passport photo app and then print it out cheaply at a large convenience store like Walmart. Take a look below at some options for printing out your passport photo.

Which App to Print Your Passport Photo:

  • Walmart Photo Center Printing: Use the Smartphone iD app to get your digital photo, then print at a Walmart Photo Center. Walmart offers a photo printing service for $0.09 USD per printed photo (minimum 30 prints). You can get two United States Passport photos per ‘4 x 6 inch’ printing template.
  • Kodak Moments App: You can print photos directly from your camera roll using a Kodak Moments Kiosk. The Wifi connected self-service photo printing station can easily be used to print photos from your phone.
  • Smartphone iD App Printing: When you choose our printing service, you can get United States Passport photos on professional-grade photographic paper. The app is convenient as you can use it wherever you are.
    • Using ‘Smartphone iD’, get digital copies of pre-approved United States Passport photos for competitive prices, and print them out wherever you like.

What is the Cost of a Passport Photo App?

It really depends on what service you choose to print your passport photo as to what cost you pay. Equally, a professional passport photo app can cost between 7-20$ USD. A cheap option can be to use Smartphone iD to get your digital photo and then print it cheaply at a Walmart Photo Center.

Should I Use a Passport Photo App or Photo Studio?

You may not be sure that a passport photo app can provide the quality required for a passport application. However, there are passport photo apps that guarantee government approval as well as use the ICAO biometric standards to ensure the quality of their photo product. Take a look at the table below to compare passport photo apps & photo studios.

Smartphone iD  Photo Studio  
ICAO biometric expert validation.  Unable to provide all photo formats and requirements for each country.
Get passport photos wherever and whenever it’s convenient.You spend your own time travelling.
Cheap and fast, unlike other passport photo apps.You have to pay to travel, as well as for the service.
Government acceptance guarantee, or your money back.  Customer service is not always available.
  Available 24/7.  Can often be closed when you have free time to get there.
We’ll sort out everything including, format, verification and printingCan be expensive and require lots of time.

Why You Should Opt into the Smartphone iD App

If you haven’t quite decided what app you’re going to use for your passport photo. Take a look at some great reasons why you should use Smartphone iD!

Why You Should Opt into the Smartphone iD App

  • International travel requires government-verified documents. We make sure every passport photo is fully certified to ICAO standards.
  • Using AI and biometrics experts, we format and verify your passport photo so you can have peace of mind for your travel plans.
  • You’ll be happy to know that your passport photo is covered by our government approval guarantee. We’ll give you a full refund if it’s not accepted by the government.
  • Don’t travel when you don’t have to. Just take a photo with our app at home. No appointment required.
  • You can print out your digital copy or get us to print your photo for you!


There are so many passport photo apps to choose from. However, not all passport photo apps can provide the same quality of photo when you use them. Make sure to use a professional passport photo app to get the best chance of having your application successful. With our government approval guarantee, you can be sure your photo will get accepted.

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