How to Find Your Best Place to Get a Passport Photo in 2023

Best Place to Get a Passport Photo usa

Dreading finding a place for passport photos? We’ve all been there. Getting a passport photo can be stressful, though it doesn’t need to be. There are better ways and places to get a passport photo, so are you going to find them? Just make sure you meet all the government requirements. Use this article to your advantage on how to find your best place to get a passport photo. Go go go!

What is the Best Place to Get Passport Photos?

The best place to get a passport photo is the most convenient option for you! That can differ from person to person, but you should find a service that offers both a professional-quality photo as well as a cheap and competitive price.

  • Smartphone iD: It shouldn’t be difficult to get a high-quality passport photo! With Smartphone iD, you can get your photos verified by our specialist team and our AI software. Government approval is guaranteed or your money back.
  • Walmart: Walmart offers a photo printing service. You can use their photo templates to print out your digital passport photos.
    • Make sure to use the 4×6 inch template to get two passport photos, it costs only a few cents. Ensure your photo meets all the requirements.
  • FedEx/UPS: A FedEx Office location or UPS Store can be used to get printed passport photos. Check out their websites to find out more information.

What is a Cheap Place to Consider?

It’s important to find a place where you can be sure they’ll give you passport photos that will be acceptable to the US government. Smartphone iD can offer professional-quality passport photos for a cheap price. Take a look at the reasons below, why you should consider using our service.

What is a Cheap Place to Consider?

  • Specialist Checks: Don’t take any chances with your passport application! The most common reason passport applications are rejected is because of the photo. Make sure you choose a provider that uses expert checks, like Smartphone iD
  • Quick delivery: We’ll deliver your passport photos to you quickly, whether you need them digitally or printed, we’ve got it covered!
  • Accessibility: Using a professional service, through an easy-to-use app can take the stress away and help you get a photo ready for submission. So why not use Smartphone iD? You don’t need to make any appointments, just download the app today!
  • Approval guarantee: There are so many passport photo services that won’t help if something goes wrong or your photo gets rejected. With Smartphone iD, we’ll guarantee your photo gets approved, or we’ll give you a full refund! Our customer support team are on hand to help from start to finish.

Places to Avoid Getting Your Passport Photo?

Confused about where to go to get your passport photo, or what places you should avoid? Take a look below to shed some light on the issue!

  • Photo Booths: Whilst photo booths have been around for ages, they’re not always the best place to get a passport photo. They might provide a substandard photo that could lead to delays. Not to mention, there’s no customer support if something goes wrong!
  • Un-verified services: There are passport photo services out there that don’t provide guarantees or checks for your passport photo. This means you could experience delays or rejection when you submit your passport photo.
  • Free services: Many free online tools don’t offer checks for passport photos. This means that you won’t know whether your passport photo is acceptable to the government until you submit it and get rejected!


Finding a passport photo service that combines low cost, convenience and high-quality will lead to the best success when applying for a passport. This might sound difficult, but we’ve got you covered! Use Smartphone iD to get high-quality passport photos from home, guaranteed to be accepted. What’s not to like?

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