How to Get a Quick India Visa for US Citizens in 2023

Did you know India visas are one of the fastest visas to apply for? When you know what you’re doing of course. If you want to get a quick India visa for US citizens, don’t hesitate to use this article to your advantage. With our careful research, you’ll shortly have everything you need to know. So read on to find out how to get a quick India visa for US citizens in 2023. Start here!

Do US Citizens Require an India Visa

Yes. All US citizens are required to have both a valid Passport and an Indian visa to be able to enter the country and exit the country for any purpose. Regardless of your age, you must be carrying a visa. Make sure you have the correct type of visa for the purpose of your travel to India.

India Visa for US Citizens Eligibility

All persons who are making a journey to India as US citizens will need a visa for their travel. Children and babies will need valid Passports as well as valid individual visas. You can get Indian visas for minors (US citizens), by applying online as well.

There are no special requirements for eligibility if you’re applying as a US Citizen, just make sure you have the correct documents.

When to Apply for an India Visa for US Citizens

You can apply for an India e-visa online which is the best way to gain access to the country. If you are planning to stay in India for less than 60 days, you can apply for an e-visa online at least 4 days before your journey.

If you want more time in the country than 60 days, you will have to apply for a tourist visa for travel for up to 6 months.

Where to Apply for an India Visa for US Citizens

You can easily apply for your India visa online, follow the steps below to find out how. Make sure you have the necessary information before you begin your application.

  1. Find out which type of visa you need:
    1. Tourist e-visa
    1. Medical e-visa
    1. Business e-visa
  2. Start your application through the Indian government’s application website
  3. Pay the visa fee
  4. Complete the application
  5. Wait for visa processing

How to Apply for an India Visa for US Citizens

Make sure you apply for a visa directly from the Indian government’s website, as this is the cheapest and most direct method. There are companies that offer to facilitate your application for you, however, you will pay a premium for these services, when you don’t need to.

How to Apply for an India Visa

  1. Go to the Indian government’s application website
  2. Start your application and include an uploaded Passport quality photo
  3. Pay the India visa fee online
  4. Receive your visa via email
  5. You’ve completed the form and you can now travel to India

What are the Required Documents for an India Visa for US Citizens

When you’re ready to get started with your visa application, you will need to apply using their online application form, and supply the information below.

  • Full name on Passport
  • Date/Place of birth
  • Address and contact information
  • Passport details (Passport Number etc.)
  • Nationality
  • Applicant’s photo
  • Passport personal details scan
  • Last page of your Passport (if applicable)

US Citizens must also provide:

  • Marital status
  • Occupation
  • Your travel itinerary: where you will visit in India with addresses
  • Your port of entry and port of exit (Airport names etc.)
  • Countries you have been to in the last ten years
  • Your religious beliefs
  • Your education (qualifications)

What is the Cost of an India Visa for US Citizens

While there are a number of different visa types and durations, these are the prices if you apply directly from the Indian government’s website.

  • 1 Month (30 day) eVisa With Double Entry (April-June): $10 USD
  • 1 Month (30 day) eVisa With Double Entry (July-March): $25 USD
  • 1-Year (365 days) eVisa With Multiple Entries: $40 USD
  • 5-Year eVisa With Multiple Entries: $80 USD

What is the India Visa for US Citizens Processing Time

When planning your visit to India, take into account the time it will take for processing before you travel.

An India visa takes around 24 hours for the Indian government to process, but you must at least apply 4 days before you travel to India.

The Fastest Way to Get an India Visa

India Visa photo for US citizens with your phone

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