Where to find a photographer for a baby passport photo in the US?

Looking for a place where to have your baby’s passport picture taken? Right away you can cross out a photo booth as you cannot support your child, nor the height of the eyes will be correct. We have compiled a summary of possible options for baby passport photo in the US.

What are baby US passport photo requirements?

  • Passport photos must have a white background.
  • No other people can be in the photo. Unfortunately, you cannot be holding your baby during the photoshoot.
  • Your baby must be looking towards the camera. This can be tricky if your baby turns their head to the side the moment you put them down on their back.
  • Your baby’s face must not be obscured. This means they cannot have a pacifier in their mouth during the shoot. Also, make sure your baby’s hands are not covering any part of their face.
  • Your baby should have a “neutral” expression. A smile is okay, but if your baby is laughing or crying your passport photo will probably be rejected.
  • The eyes of your child must be open. If you have a newborn child, there is some leniency on the passport photo requirement. “It is fine if an infant’s eyes are not completely open,” according to the State Department’s website. “

Where can you get a US passport photo of your baby?

By taking into account the US passport photo requirements, there are two options how the passport photo can be taken.

Professional baby photographer

You can find a professional photographer in the nearest town. Even though the market is steadily decreasing, there are still few photographers that have their shop, have knowledge about passport requirements and have the proper gear at their disposal. Before making an appointment, be sure to ask if he offers baby passport photos because not all do.

Doing a passport photo of your baby at home by yourself

The phone cameras nowadays are equipped to take a quality photo. The best advantage of taking a photo at home is to do it in a time when baby is calm and relaxed. To ensure that the baby has white background, you can either lay the child on bed that has white sheet underneath, or put the baby in a child seat covered with a white sheet. Please watch the following video for more details:

Use Smartphone iD app for passport photos at home

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