Where to find a photographer for a baby passport photo?

If you want to travel abroad with your children, it might be that you have to apply for passports for them. To do it, taking official passport photos will be necessary. There are many ways to do it, each has its own pros and cons. But where to find a photographer for a baby passport photo? How much does such a photo cost? You will find answers below.

baby taking a photo

A baby photo – what requirements?

An official baby passport photo is likely to look a bit different than yours. Little children don’t have to look directly at the camera and are not obliged to have their mouths closed. In other fields, the regulations are more or less the same, so the photo has to:

  • have proper sizing (35 x 45 mm, width x height)
  • be taken on a plain, one-colour background
  • be printed on photographic paper, if applicable.

A child cannot wear anything that will make it more difficult to recognise them.

Where to find a photographer for a baby passport photo?

Taking an official passport photo of a baby is more difficult than photographing an adult. Hence not every professional will take them or if so, they will charge an additional fee. However, the most likely is that you can visit such a studio and ask for a photo of a baby. The high chances are you won’t be refused.

Photographer’s studio that will take a photo of your baby can be situated in many places all around the city, such as:

  • busy streets
  • areas visited by tourists
  • near shopping malls.

What to do if I don’t live in a city?

town houses

This is also likely to happen. In such a case, you can just stay at your home, download the Smartphone-iD app and take your time with an unlimited number of tries before taking a perfect passport photo of your baby! Our two-step verification process that employs:

  • qualified staff
  • Artificial Intelligence

will check if your photo meets the official requirements and if so, send you the image by e-mail or post.

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