Can you wear make up in passport photo ?

There are a lot of restrictions when taking a passport photo: no accessories, a neutral expression, a clear face …

With many occasions when passport acts as the only legal identity proof, we always want to look as good as possible in our passport photo.

Follow our simple tips and you will find that fine balance between restrictions and looking good with the right amount of make up.

Tip # 1: Look good – feel good in your passport photo.

The passport photo for documents will accompany you for many years. To increase the chances of liking yourself in the photo, find that make up bag and give a little touch to your face before standing in front of the camera. Here are tips for passport photo make up choice :

  • Too visible makeup is not allowed (red lipstick, pronounced eye liner, dark eye shadow). The goal is to recognize you on the identity photo, so keep it simple!
  • Opt for a “nude” make-up in shades close to your skin tone;
  • Avoid shine on your face and lips, use a light powder to mattify your complexion.

Tip # 2: Practice having a neutral face expression for your passport photo

Keep in mind the following photo standards for face that are necessary for the photo to be approved.

  • Clear your face: tuck your hair behind the ears, or tie it up.
  • For the bangs, put discreet hair clips or put strands on each side of your face.
  • Sit up straight, with your face looking straight at the camera.
  • Keep a neutral face expression with your mouth closed.
  • Do not wear glasses: even though it is not prohibited, it is also not recommended.

Tip # 3: Take your passport photos from home!

Use smartphone iD app to take a passport photo whenever it is convenient for you:

  • You have an unlimited number of tries for the perfect photo.
  • No stress as you can take your time to get a photo that you are satisfied with.
  • Receive your photos by email or post.
  • The photo can be used for any document with identification photo as they strictly comply with ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) standards;
  • No format, lighting, background modification necessary – leave it in our hands.

Now no more excuses, you have all the techniques to achieve the prettiest look in your passport photo!

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