What to do with your hair for passport photo?

The exciting time of vacation abroad is approaching, but before embarking on your journey make sure take a quick look at your passport expiry date. You might want to be practical and get your hair done before holidays on the same day when taking your id photo. Here are a few points to consider when deciding on your new vacation hairstyle that will be in line with the mandatory standards. So what exactly should you do with your hair for passport photo?

Suggestion n°1 : Your head must be visible on the photo

One of the standards for passport photo requires to have a bare head, that is, without a hat, scarf, headband or any other decorative object. In other words, you have to let your hair show.

Suggestion n°2 : Do not wear any accessories in your hair

No visible accessories should be noticeable on your official photo. That includes barrettes, elastic bands and other extras. If your hair is bothering you, tie it in a ponytail behind your head. It will not be visible in the passport photo.

Suggestion n°3 : Your face should be in clear sight

You must be recognizable in the passport photo, without hair covering your face. If you have bangs, try dividing them in half and tucking each strand behind your ear. Alternatively, use discreet hair clips so that the bangs not cover your eyes.

Another equally important point regarding your hair for passport photo – both ears are visible. So if you have long hair, adjust it.

Suggestion n°4 : Flatten your hair for the photo

If you have beautiful frizzy, tousled hair, it is advised to pull your hair back with a rubber band to keep your face exposed. The background of the photo around your face must be seen.

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