A Detailed Guide to Applying for a New Canadian Passport in 2023

A Canadian passport is one of the strongest in the world, and a great asset to have for those looking to live in this beautiful country. In this article, we will discuss applying for a Canadian passport and the steps you can take to make the process faster and cheaper.

How to Apply for a New Canadian Passport?

Many different people of various ages might be interesting in applying for a Canadian passport. Nonetheless, there are some guidelines that must be met. Here are some of those general guidelines:

  • Be a permanent resident
  • Have lived in Canada for 3 out of the last 5 years
  • Filed your taxes in Canada (If needed)
  • Pass a citizenship test
  • Prove your language competence

With that in mind, your situation may be different based on your situation and age. Please refer to the list below for further requirements:

  • Child/Baby: Does not require language test, does not need to file taxes, does not need to be present in Canada for last 3 years, will need parent signature
  • Adult: Must meet all the requirements listed above
  • New Citizen: Must meet all the requirements above

Please note that these requirements are subject to change and it is important to confirm the information at the official Canadian government website or by calling a representative.

After meeting the requirements, you will need to start the application process, here is a step-by-step guide of how to apply for a new Canadian passport.

Apply for a New Standard Passport (10-20 Days)

Step #1: Complete the form and collect all your supporting documents, including a passport photo.

Step #2: Book an appointment or try a walk-in appointment at a Service Canada Centre or passport office.

Step #3: Apply for your passport through the mail by using a certified courier or traceable mail service to reduce the delivery time of your application and protect your documents.

Step #4: Ensure that you have a guarantor and 2 references for your application.

Step #5: Submit your application and pay any of the outstanding fees.

Step #6: Receive your passport and start travelling!

Apply for New Urgent Passport (end of the next day)

If you need a passport urgently, here are a few steps you will want to follow:

  1. Complete ALL required forms while collecting ANY required documents needed for your passport application.
  2. Find a guarantor and 2 references that will be able to supply the information you need within a quicker timeframe.
  3. Visit a passport office with urgent pick-up services (Which will cost an additional fee)
  4. Don’t book an appointment or visit a regular Service Canada Centre if you need an urgent passport.
  5. Get your passport!

Apply for new express passport (2-9 business day)

For an express passport, you are recommended to follow these steps:

  1. Complete your form and collect all your required documents and passport photos.
  2. Book an appointment or try and get a walk-in service appointment at a local passport office (Avoid going to a Service Canada Centre)
  3. Find your guarantor and references
  4. Pay the required fees and submit your application
  5. Receive your passport within 2-9 business days

What Are the Required Documents to Apply for a New Canadian Passport?

Here are some of the required documents to apply for a Canadian passport:

  • Proof of Canadian citizenship
  • Any valid Canadian passport or travel document
  • 2 Identical passport photos
  • Guarantor signature
  • 2 references

You may be required to submit further documents based on your age and life situation. Please refer to the official Canadian government website for updated information.

What is the Processing Time to Receive a New Canadian Passport?

The processing time to get a Canadian passport photo varies extensively and will also depend on the fee you are willing to pay. For example, an urgent package can have your passport arrive by the end of the following day, an express package has your passport arrive in 2-9 days, and a standard package takes 10 – 20 days for a passport to arrive.

That being said, you can take measures to speed the process, like having your 2 ID photos taken from a reputable and affordable source. Smartphone iD takes passport photos that are verified to meet government requirements and will pass inspection. By submitting an approved document and photo, you will save money and time in getting your new Canadian passport.

What is the Cost of a New Canadian Passport?

You can expect to pay around $200 for your Canadian passport photo with the addition of the 2 identical passport photos. The price is subject to change, so confirm on the official government website. Nonetheless, using Smartphone iD to take your photos can result in a more affordable overall process.

For example, using an express, urgent, or standard plan will increase the cost of your passport:

Standard Passport Package: $20

Urgent Passport Package: $110

Express Passport Package: $50

How to Apply for a New Canadian Passport Online?

Applying for a Canadian passport can happen through visiting the Canadian government website and requesting an application package. You will also need to submit your identical passport photos online. So, make sure to download Smartphone iD and have the photos verified to meet the requirements and delivered to your email inbox.

Where to Get a New Canadian Passport Photo Online? (Cheap & Approved)

Smartphone iD is the most affordable and reputable online passport photo app. It can be downloaded on your mobile phone and allows users to take their passport photo from home. Additionally, it provides Ai verification to ensure that the photo has met all government requirements.

Tips to get a new Canadian passport fast & cheap

If you urgently need your passport photo, there are some tips you can follow to have it completed quicker and cheaper. For example, submitting your supporting documents and passport photo.

If you submit a passport photo that does not properly adhere to the government guidelines, it may be denied by the passport office, resulting in having to reapply and spend more money.

Our reputable Smartphone iD app offers Ai verification by a team of experts to ensure the photo meets all requirements to pass inspection. If the photo is denied, you will receive a full refund. Therefore, using Smartphone iD is the best choice for getting your photo taken quickly and affordably.


Getting your Canadian passport is an exciting event but can be complicated if you don’t follow the right resources and are properly prepared. It can also be a lengthy and expensive process. Nonetheless, Smartphone iD is here to help provide excellent passport for a low price. All you need to do is download the app and let it do the rest!

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