Your 2023 Guide to Pro Passport Photo in Canada

If you’re looking to get a passport photo, we have put together a comprehensive guide outlining pro passport photo and how it might compare to other options like Smartphone iD. Learn more about getting your passport photo by reading our full blog below.

Is Pro Passport Photo Service a Good Choice in Canada

Pro Passport Photo can be an excellent choice for getting a passport photo in Canada. They typically have many locations in major cities and can provide a good quality photo with quick turnover time. A downside to Pro Passport Photo is the potential wait times that come with having the photo taken.

The Cost of Pro Passport Photo

The cost of getting a passport photo at a pro passport location is approximately $10 but it may vary based on the store location. For a cheaper option, consider using Smartphone iD an online passport photo app that enables you to take your photo from home.

Cheap Options Other Than Pro Passport Photo in Canada

Pro Passport Photo offers some of the most affordable passport photos compared to the other popular options. Nonetheless, here are a few alternatives with competitive pricing:

  • Costco ($6.99)
  • London Drugs ($9.95)
  • Smartphone iD (Low Cost)

Smartphone iD typically offers the most affordable cost, with the option to take the photo from home and using your smartphone.

Comparison Between Pro Passport Photo & Smartphone ID

Here is a chart that compares some of the important factors between Smartphone iD and Pro Passport Photo:

 Smartphone iDPro Passport Photo
PriceLow Cost$10
Digital PhotosYesNo
SpeedWithin MinutesVaries
AI checkYesNo

Tips to Get an Approved Passport Photo

Getting an approved passport photo means following the guidelines outlined by Passport Canada. Here are a few tips for getting an approved photo:

  • Clear and in focus picture
  • Neutral facial expression
  • No shadow or glare in the photo
  • Represents natural skin tone
  • Taken within 12 months of submission
  • Wear dark coloured clothing that stand out from the white background
  • Remove anything that covers your face

Using Smartphone iD will ensure that all these requirements are met and any other guidelines the government requires for an accepted photo. All you need to do is download the app and let it do the rest!

Can’t Find a Pro Passport Photo Near You? Try the Smartphone iD App

Are you struggling to find an affordable and easy way to take your passport photo? Smartphone iD is a cheap and easy option for taking the perfect ID photo from the comfort of your home. We are compatible with most smartphone devices and verify all photos through a team of experts and AI software. You can be confident your photo will meet all governmental guidelines or money back!


Get your photo today and within minutes using the Smartphone iD app. Save yourself from the excruciating process of waiting in lines or having a photo denied by an inadequate service provider.

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