Should you use Max Spielmann passport photos?

max Spielmann passport photos

Max Spielmann is a well-known name in the world of photography, and it is popular for its excellent services in capturing passport photos. The company offers various photo printing services, including passport photos for babies, children, and adults. In this article, we will discuss Max Spielmann’s passport photo services, their prices, and compare them to Smartphone iD.

Should you use Max Spielmann passport photos?

The answer is YES. But we have a better option for you which is cheaper and saves your time too.

For almost 50 years, Max Spielmann has been generating professional-grade pictures in the United Kingdom. Max Picture locations have cutting-edge technology for quick passport photo printing with EPSON HD printers. But what if you are planning a holiday and need a bunch of passport photos for the family? One passport photo from Max Spielmann cost around £10.99. You’ll also need to visit the store to get your photos done. You can save all this hassle and cut costs by simply taking your passport photos on your phone with the peace of mind that your photos will be accepted by the HMPO’s office.

About Max Spielmann’s photos

The best thing about Max Spielmann photos is that they guarantee your photo will be accepted by the HM passport office and online application. You can get your digital passport photos with a code or printed photos by visiting their stores. Their helpful and skilled shop associates can assist you with a variety of in-store services like digital photo printing, picture gifts, passports, visas, ID photographs, photo albums, and much more. The staff can even help you out with the online passport application process and save you from all the hassle. However, you should have your old passport present with you.

Max Photo personnel receive extensive customer service training to ensure that client happiness is at the forefront of all they do and that passport photo is passed the first time. Their store staff will gladly assist you if you want assistance with their self-service digital photographs for your passport to guarantee you receive the exact outcomes you desire from your photos.

Do Max do Baby Passport Photo?

Yes, Max Spielmann offers passport photo services for babies. They understand the unique challenges of taking photos of babies and ensure that the baby’s head is straight, and their eyes are open. Max Spielmann has a dedicated team of experts who are experienced in taking passport photos of babies. They use specialized equipment and lighting to get the perfect shot of the baby. The team ensures that the photo meets all the ICAO and HMPO requirements, such as size, background, and lighting.

Max Spielmann Passport Photos Price

Max Spielmann’s prices for passport photos are competitive, with standard passport photos starting at £12.99, driving licence photos at £10.99, and visa photos at £14.99. While these prices may be slightly higher than some competitors, Max Spielmann offers additional services such as digital copies, in-store services, and physical copies of the photos, making them a reliable choice if you’re looking for high-quality photos and the convenience of receiving a physical copy of your passport photo.

Comparison between Smartphone iD & Max Spielmann

The Smartphone iD app provides online passport photo services, offering a convenient and affordable way to get your passport photo without leaving the comfort of your home. With our app, you can take your passport photo using your smartphone or tablet and have it delivered to your doorstep or sent directly to your email. The app is user-friendly, making it easy to take your passport photo from anywhere, at any time.

Below is a table that compares the features of Smartphone iD and Max Spielmann passport photos.

FeaturesSmartphone iDMax Spielmann
PriceLow costFrom £12.99
Quality of photosBest qualityHigh-quality
ConvenienceOnline serviceIn-store
Turnaround timeIn minutesSame day
Compliance checkYes AI + expertYes
Digital copiesIncludedIncluded

From the table above, it is clear that Smartphone iD is a more affordable and convenient option for getting passport photos, as it offers a lower price, and online service. On the other hand, Max Spielmann offers in-store services, which can be beneficial for those who prefer to have face-to-face interaction with the service provider. Both services also offer digital copies of the passport photo, for those who want to keep a digital record of their passport photo.

Best UK Passport Photo App That Will Handle it All

With the many passport photo apps online, it may be challenging to know the best option for your needs. One of the best choices is the Smartphone iD app that offers digital passport photos for 4.03£ while the regular passport photo booths offer the same services for double the price, which is often 8£.

For this price, you will not only get a conform passport photo format with a UK photo code for passport application online but also real human photo verification that all ICAO and HM Passport office requirements have been followed.

It is also the easiest app to use, offering a special contour on the screen and only 4 steps to complete the order. You can also order professionally printed photos to be delivered by post. This is among the first mobile apps to take passport photos directly using your smartphone. Whether you want a photo of your driver’s license, identification documents, or passport, you can bank on the Smartphone iD app. It is truly among the best performing passport photo app.


Passport photos are an essential aspect of obtaining travel documents, and it is crucial to ensure that they meet the required standards. Max Spielmann is a trusted provider of passport photo services, and their prices are reasonable. However, Smartphone iD offers additional features at a lower cost, making it an excellent option for those on a budget. When deciding which provider to choose, it is essential to consider your needs and budget and choose the provider that meets your requirements.