What is UK Passport Photo Print Size?

Passport Photo Print Size

It is typical for officials to decline passport applications. One of the key causes is that the images were taken wrongly and the passport photo print size was wrong. You must pay a fee each time you submit an application. In order to save money and same your time and cost, you can opt for an online photo app for your passport pictures for online or physical application

UK Passport Photo Print Size

Follow these British passport photo size instructions to ensure that your passport photo satisfies all standards and is properly sized:

  • The picture’s measurements must be 35×45 mm, or 3.5 cm wide & 4.5 cm high. Any photo booth in the UK will provide you with standard-sized images.
  • Your entire head and shoulders must be visible in the shot. Your head should measure 29 to 34 mm from top to bottom.

Other requirements

There are several additional British passport photo criteria to meet. If you don’t want your passport application to be refused, you should pay close attention to the amount and format of your images, as well as the face and backdrop, haircut, and spectacles.

Format and Number

If you apply for a new passport on paper, you must submit two identical printed pictures. A digital picture in JPEG or PNG format is required for online application. The photos must have been shot within the previous month and must correctly depict your current appearance. On printed pictures, no borders, creases, rips, writing, or other imperfections are permitted.


Other colors are not acceptable; choose a basic cream or light grey backdrop. Furthermore, keep in mind that there should be no other persons, patterns, or objects in the backdrop. To minimize shadows behind your head, regulate the lighting – utilize natural light sources, such as facing a window, or appropriately position ceiling lights or electric bulbs.


The face must be in focus, crisp, and sharp, according to UK government passport photo criteria. Close your mouth and face ahead with a neutral look. To avoid facial distortion, don’t grin, frown, or raise your brows. Red eyes are not permitted. Excessive cosmetics and head jewelry should be avoided. Hair should not cover any portion of the face. Tie your hair back if you have a lot of it.

Best UK Passport Photo App That Will Handle it All

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