A quick guide on driving licence categories and fees in the UK

It may be surprising for you to find out that there are different drivers licence in the UK. These categories include:

  • The moped and the motorcycle categories.
  • The car and light vehicle categories
  • The van and commercial vehicle categories

However, the fees of these drivers licence categories differ, and it will depend on whether you want to:

  • Get a replacement if maybe yours is lost or stolen.
  • Renew the licence.
  • Get your first full or provisional GB licence
  • Add, renew or even remove an entitlement

Different licences allow you to enjoy driving different vehicles. Some of the licences may overlap, thus allowing you to drive more than one type of vehicle. However, there are various drivers licence categories and their associated cost. There is always the need to renew and replace your licence if it’s been lost, defaced, or destroyed.

Driving licence categories in the UK

-Suppose you are interested in the mopeds and motorcycle categories. Under the mopeds category, you will find the AM category that allows you to drive two or three-wheeled vehicles. Under the motorcycles category, you can drive light motorbikes with:
• An engine size up to 125cc
• A power output of up to 11Kw

-Under the category of car and light vehicles, you can drive a motor vehicle with four wheels and up to 400kg unladen or designed to carry goods weighing up to 550kg.

-The van and commercial vehicle categories include the mini-busses and the buses. Under the mini-bus category, you are not allowed to carry more than 16 passengers. For the buses category, you can drive any bus with more than eight passenger seats.

Driving licence fees in the UK

It is free to get the first full drivers licence when you apply online, and it costs 43 pounds when you apply at the post.
The first provisional license is 34 pounds when you apply online and when you apply by post you will have to pay 43 pounds. If you want to renew, exchange, replace a damaged or lost licence, it will cost you 20 pounds. However, you will need to replace your licence if it has been stolen or destroyed.

To learn more about the fees, visit the official website.