Who is eligible to apply for a UK ID card?

As you probably already know, there is no ID card in the United Kingdom, but you can replace it with a UK citizen card. So, who is eligible to apply for a UK ID card? How to apply for it? Read this article and get your answers!

Apply for a UK ID card or a citizen card?

For a couple of years now UK ID cards have not been issued. That means you have to take with you your:

  • passport
  • or driving license

if you want to prove your age, buy a house, and so on. However, that is not the only way you can do it, because there is something called a citizen card.

UK citizen with a flag

Citizen card – what can I use it for?

You may ask, “Why bother? Will I benefit from it?’. Here is the answer – yes, you will. In many cases, you will be able to leave your passport or driving license safe at home and not be afraid whether you lose it or not. Here is a short list of places and situations when you can use your citizen card:

  • when buying a car
  • when renting or buying a house
  • in a club
  • while travelling across the United Kingdom
  • to start working
  • to apply for a driving license.

These are only a couple of places, you will find it useful in many other situations.

buying a house

Who is eligible to apply for a UK ID card?

UK citizen cards are issued in three categories, for:

  • children (<16 years old)
  • young people (16-18 years old)
  • adults (>18 years old)

So, as you can see, age is not a problem. You only have to be a UK resident, then you will need to create an online account, fill in the application form (and pay for the process), wait until your identity is verified, and get your first UK citizen card!

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